Badger cull saboteurs and anti-frackers should join forces. It’s all one game.

An opponent of the badger cull, active in the sabotage of the operations going on in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire, says that the sabotage is proving very successful.

The shooters are accompanied by Police so to find the cull locations merely requires tracking local Police movements.  Once saboteurs are in the field, all shooting has to be stopped.

The main group acting as saboteurs are the local hunt saboteurs, who’re making good money.   If they are arrested, they then sue for wrongful arrest (no charges can be brought as they aren’t breaking any laws), and they receive £500 compensation for each night spent in the local lock-up.  It’s proving to be a serious money-spinner.

One suffered a broken jaw when  Police officer accidentally elbowed him in the face during his arrest, and he received £15,000.  With so much money to be made, more and more people are joining the sabotage effort.

The Government’s target for the cull was a body count of 5500 badgers.  As it is, they’ve only managed 1850, with the sabotage being so effective.

Strangely the badger cull could soon become an important battleground for the anti-fracking struggle.  TB can be contained best by keeping badgers healthy with innoculation, as far as the threat to cattle from badgers goes.  TB is in fact being deliberately spread as part of the campaign against farming coming out of Agenda 21.  Farmers don’t seem to get it yet despite the multiple attacks they come under, but they will.

The primary motivation for the badger cull is to clear the way for planning permissions, and there will be huge housing projects coming in behind the current badger cull in Gloucestershire.  The cull will soon be moving up country from Gloucestershire to other parts like Shropshire where fracking is being held up by objections from Local Badger Groups.  What better thing for the cartel behind the scenes instigating the objectives of Agenda 21 than a badger cull which overpowers the planning objections to fracking. Fracking will clear the countryside of people and animals, as it is intended to do.

This being the case, the anti-fracking protectors should be joining forces with the badger cull saboteurs.  If Middle England would awaken to Agenda 21, and realise that all of us are to be driven off the land and into the cities, that farming is to be stopped, and all property rights are to be ended, then the whole population should be out in the fields, barring the actions of the corporate government as it works towards our enslavement.  Many are doing, but many more are needed.

I see today in The Shropshire Star the energy companies are denying an intention to frack in their first attempt at a drill site in the county, the one at Brooklands Farm, Dudleston.  Coalbed methane extraction, their declared aim, has the same environmental concerns as hydraulic fracturing – pollution of air, water and soil, subsidence, and earthquakes.  Semantics is all they’ve got left. Very few will buy their paltry excuses.  Fracking is the word we all use to cover all the aspects of ‘unconventional gas extraction’ in all its guises.   

Once their drill bits are in the ground, you think anyone has any control over what they do?  They often drill far deeper than they say they will.  Just beneath the coal bed lies the shale where the gas sits.  In other locations they’ve already drilled down to the lower levels ‘by mistake’.  Remember the definition of an oil well, coming from Mark Twain – ‘a hole in the ground owned by a liar’. The Shropshire Star publishes all the corporate lies, and none of the reality.  Plus ca change.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this article tries to demonise hunt sabotuers
    but let me tell you the governmet are the villians here
    the records of the old connaught hospital in east london were siezed under cort order because they showed that TB was not being spread by badgers.
    TB was eliminated in the UK for several years until being re introduced by immigrants
    the proof of this is that the particulat strain is russian TB which is terminal and incurable and is only found in the areas of soviet bloc refugees

  2. Gordon says:

    Defra did all it could to blame badgers as being the prime cause of TB in cattle. In fact the vast majority of TB infections are between cattle, which are often housed in large numbers in sheds and moved around the country (over 13 million a year) with poor biosecurity, control movements and TB testing regimes.

    Here are the real facts about badgers, TB (tuberculosis) and cattle.

    Fact 1: Cattle get TB because they are kept in appallingly crowded conditions. (TB was common among humans in the 19th century because people were kept in appalling crowded conditions.)

    Fact 2: There is no evidence that cattle contract TB from badgers. Farmers say it is so but they don’t actually have any evidence other than them saying it is so. In fact, the evidence shows that cattle don’t get TB from badgers and that a cull of badgers won’t make a damn of difference to the incidence of TB in cattle. Farmers don’t much like scientific evidence and they lie a lot anyway. For example, they say that eating meat is good for you when the evidence proves conclusively that people who eat meat are more likely to develop cancer.

    Fact 3: When cattle are found to have TB they are killed. The farmer is compensated for his sad loss with taxpayers’ money. Heaven knows why. Paying off greedy farmers cost taxpayers £90 million in 2010. Since 25,000 cattle were slaughtered, this means that the cost to the taxpayer is £3,600 per cow. That’s considerably more than a healthy cow is worth. Farmers have a financial interest in blaming badgers for a problem they themselves have caused though bad animal husbandry.

    Fact 4: The nation would be much healthier if the Government organised a cull of cattle farmers. Taxpayers should be licensed to get rid of these venal vermin. The national incidence of cancer would fall by around a third and the country would save billions.

    Fact 5: Farmers blame badgers for their cattle contracting TB for two reasons. First, it means they can claim compensation from unfortunate taxpayers. Second, it means they don’t have to change the appallingly bad farming practices which are actually responsible for the spread of TB among cattle.

    Fact 6: The Government plans to kill at least 95% of all badgers, and farmers hope that this will result in a 16% reduction in the incidence of bovine TB. Why such low expectations? Well, the farmers want to be able to keep claiming huge fees for cattle allegedly killed by taxpayer owned badgers. If anyone seriously thought that badgers, tuberculosis and cows were really linked they would expect that a 95% cull of badgers would damned near wipe out cattle TB.

    Fact 7: The Government claims that the badgers will be shot in the wild by marksmen. Marksmen! The badgers are going to be shot by half-witted farmers who probably couldn’t hit a barn door at 50 paces. Most of the badgers will be wounded and will die in great pain in their dens. The Government is allowing half-witted farmers to shoot the badgers in the wild because it costs a tenth as much as trapping the badgers and then killing them.

    The NFU who are driving these culls are an unelected quango, who only represent 18% of British farmers. They are predominantly City money-men. They have never bothered to ballot their members on this issue – and yet, they are driving government agricultural and environmental policy.

    Farmers who are opposed to badger culling have, however, been routinely threatened by the NFU: with having their milk quotas cut and through intimidation by neighbouring farmers. The majority are simply too afraid to speak out, though most favour vaccination.

  3. Jennifer says:

    Are those police officers making illegal arrests and for illegal assaults upon innocent citizens being sued for their personal assets? Because otherwise it will be the taxpayer picking up the tab and they may feel they can act with impunity. Time to use the laws of tort against them.

  4. Tapestry says:

    Blimey Gordon! I’m a farmer you know. I get nil subsidies as I refuse to fill in any grant forms. TB is spread deliberately onto farms that are targeted. I say that as I’ve seen the way it moves in our locality. The infections are clearly being spread by deliberate contamination.

    Animals from TB suspect herds are moved and sold at market at lower prices. They should be kept in place in quarantine for three months. The disease is being spread deliberately by DEFRA.

    Farmers are not highly bright, Gordon, as a rule. They are frightened of authority, and are pushed around all the time. They work alone for the most part, and very few are passing from father to son. Farmers are targeted for extinction by Agenda 21. Food production is too high and enables a healthy population to survive.

    Don’t believe all that crap about meat’s bad for you. Cancer is a disease caused by a lack of the right nutrients in the modern diet. This is proved over and over by low rates of cancer in rural areas where the people eat/drink B17. Read World Without Cancer by Edward G Griffin. All the other stuff on the net about things that cure cancer, like marijuana is bogus. Meat is great for you, as is cheese, butter, raw milk and so on. Enjoy.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Sorry, forgot to add a word on badgers.
    In Warwickshire at least, badgers who are very shy and wary animals and should have more road sense, yet they do seem to like crossing busy roads at night. But their dead bodies always seem to be at the side of the road though, never in the middle of the lane.
    Maybe the pick-up dumping them is afraid of being charged with the consequences of a serious road traffic accident as well as illegal poisoning by aspirin.
    You’d think farmers would know who their real enemy is by now, and it ain’t badgers.

  6. Gordon says:

    Point Taken Tap but I live in the east side of the Borders and have seen farming practice greatly change over the years from family farming to intensive consortium and cooperative farming with little regard for the soil and wildlife.

    Perhaps three years ago while driving on the A1 to work I counted ten dead badgers at the same location by the side of the road over a period of two weeks but what convinced me this was murder and no coincidence was that one morning there were two dead badgers lying side by side.

    All our migratory geese from the Arctic have been murdered by local farmers. Were once their were thousands now there are none. Not one!
    Adult geese have been showing each young generation of geese the flightpath from the Arctic to feeding grounds here for thousands of years then quite suddenly there is no geese??
    Farmers are compensated for feeding the geese and for any loss of crops but there is more hassle in filling out forms and getting compensation while more profit in the crop so the geese have to go.
    Any day now great skeins of geese will come honking out of the north and I’ll watch the spectacle fly over me a little farther south but overhead they will fly and no more my friends will visit my side.

  7. Tapestry says:

    Dr Rebecca Carley says that the trouble with meat etc is nothing other than artificially injected growth hormone. This is what makes cancers more aggressive, not the meat itself, and dairy products in their natural state.

    In the US, farming has lost control to the corporate cartel. In the UK many family farms still survive, and don’t use growth hormone. You need to check out the source of your own food, and make sure you’re not eating growth hormone.

    Cancer is primarily a disease of deficiency, caused by a lack of B17 in the modern diet. This should be rectified by eating apple cores, getting apricot kernels or taking supplements. The immune system used to cope with cancer pre-vaccination era, but vaccination has made most peoples’ immune system less effective against cancers. Another reason to avoid vaccination wherever possible.

    Cancer only surged after vaccination became a common practice in the late 19th century.

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