Attack the monster at its head

Dear Tap
Your website is great and you’re doing a top job as editor, pushing through stories that need exposure
A few observations in my drunken state, but drunken doesnt mean i have nothing to offer, as mind is sharp
– This article about russia and Putin with ships and fleets expanding. Its all very well.  But , and i understand russia must be complicit in the free energy cover up, but what about free energy?  

Anyone who watches dr paul laviolettes 1hr 20 min youtube lecture Secrets of antigravity propulsion,
that bloody hell, forget antigravity… energy is possible.
That makes the entire geopolitics going on in todays world asbullshit.  It makes the leaders and governments as bullshitters.  I could say much worse about them.

They’re deliberately witholding the technologies of free energy, via iron hand control,  that could alleviate so many problems in the world and transform our world

This feeds into Agenda 21 and the free Energy cover up is evidence and smo0king gun of the evil nature of these sqines….that want to keep things as they are, as the alternative will mean a massive equalising Buckminster Fuller Geodesic Dome style, for the entire world.
The whole things outrageous. Its not acceptable. I cannot accept the Control over energy, food prices, society, everything, by these bastards, Gary Mckinnon in his project camelotinterview said, it was the Free Energy that motivated him to hack into US computers, not so much for UFO info, He said why should old pensioners die of cold as they cant [pay bills,   when free energy exists?

Asked in a wider context, why the allowing of starvation in Africa and everywhere?

Its truly the case, the hidden technologies could solve everything, but the Elites wont allowit.   And ill just add, Hilary Clinton is one of these
Despite this being a drunken email Tap, please post it as i think it will help Awaken.

One more thing……..where you used to put at your Tapblog headline, dont drive diesel cars……i think you should replace it with  ‘look up the Queen, Kamloops, ITCCS abductions’.  SOmething so every visitior to Tapblog always sees at top of the page, what queenie is indicted of by the ITCCS. It will start to penetrate and filter in.  Its attacking the monster at its head Tap.
Best wishes Adam
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  1. Anonymous says:

    There is an allowing of starvation in africa, and despair, etc etc, only for the West, to provide their solutions

    Its a manufactured problem , where they provide solutions., See david icke problem reaction solution

    this is how the world wars happened, and lo and behold, out of the chaos, the UN emerged.

    As much as i like Tapblog, all this isnt enough, as it doesnt reach a wkide enough audience,but more crucially,doesnt penetrate thick fucking skulls of the brainwashed
    I really feelmore and more, some kind ofmassexposure of technology, either proper G Force defying antigravity tech, or free energy
    I think the UFO antigravity tech flitting about at incredibleG Forces, wotnessed by about 70000 footballsupporters should do the trick. Since the mainstream media wouldnt report it, it has to be the Public themselves witnessing something undeniable, clear,broad daylight.
    Something with a McDonalds logo on underneath, so the public will seeinstantly this isnt the war of the worlds
    We need White hats in the security services and brains to help bring this mass exposure of free enervgy and antigravity superfast technology, out for4 all to see. This will undercut and short circuit the entire rotten cover up- possibly going on 2000 or more years

  2. Anonymous says:

    Whats your poison Adam

    Ill buy you a pint!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Something for wasp?

    The Vatican UFO Satanic Connection Jesuits Black Pope


  4. Anonymous says:

    I like Timothy taylors Landlord Real Ale, cheers HETT 🙂

  5. NPP says:

    Enjoyed reading.

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