Who was the greatest politician of the last hundred years?


this man was the greatest politican of his age, and was asked to lead both tory and labour parties, hear him speak here and remember this was 50 years ago
and ask yourself
well was he right ?
you bet your goddam socks he was.

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18 Responses to “Who was the greatest politician of the last hundred years?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Have heard of Mosley, never heard him speak before.
    He is my brother, he speaks like I speak, thinks like I think.
    He is truly a forgotten Politician, a Statesman.

  2. Anonymous says:

    And a fascist.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Oswald Mosley Was a great man and if he was in power today we would not find ourselves ruled today by USERY.

    He would have done away with the moneylenders the true rulers of UK who rule us with an Iron fist and Peadophilia.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I am 87 years old, i can remember asa young girl my mother like many women whose husbands were away fighting the war for the jews, and mum fell behind with what she owed the jewish moneylenders who held many in an iron grip of ever escalating interest charges, she asked mosley
    for help from the English fund, this wonderful man cleared our debts as he did for many, he wanted to set up a fund without interest for our own people who got into the grip of the jews.
    While the men were away the jews and the communists took control of london, east london was the worst and thank god for moseley and the help he gave us all
    Margaret Huntingford aged 87

  5. Anonymous says:

    The jew who owned Marks and Spenser was named Sieff, during W W II he ran a group of people who worked against Britian for the soviet cause, one information runner and part time prostitute called Flora Solomons was interviewed by MI5, she told that rabble rousers, trouble makers etc would be paid by him to use violence to break up Oswald Moseleys rallies.
    Our family fasa radio and the sret would all cram into our little front room to hear Mosely speak, and also the wonderful truth given by William Joyce
    The book “twilight over England “
    is available through opublic libraries and this could have been writen yesterday everything he said would happen has happened
    and back then many people knew the jews were out to strip britain and now they have done so

  6. Anonymous says:

    The popular hit series MASH is again being shown on British TV
    one of the main characters is a jew called Klinger who is in every episode trying to get out of the army.
    In W W II jews in the UK went to the jewish doctor and got signed off military service with short sight flat feet etc.
    The fact that London was awash with jews meant loan sharking, fencing, spivving black marketeering and skim loaning was very common. Places like Petticoat lane were jewish enclaves where stolen goods were sold from bombed homes and shops
    the Krays comrade Mad frankie Fraser has said that under cover of the bombing jewish gangs would break into shops burgle them then burn them out and say it wasa stray german bomb
    So many jews were in London that one of Winston Churchills occcult team Dennis Wheatley asked churchill to make an army just of jews, churchill and his handlers refused.
    Thank God for Mosely and his blackshirts who worked hard to protect our familes

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mad Frankie Fraser, says it all really.

  8. sovereigntea says:

    Mosley has of course been labelled a baddie by the bankster controlled and owned media leading to the label of “fascist” LOL. Ironically the same label that they attached to Musolini a former newspaper man who was funded by bankster errand boys MI6.

    Anonymous above has clearly fallen for the false and misleading dialectic. Idiotically anonymous also probably believes that todays problems are manifest as a result of unbridaled capitalism and free markets. The root of evil is usury and monopoly capitalism RED Rupert Murdoch and his poisonous media monopoly being an example of such. The failed Soviet system was of course an example of monopoly capitalism areas of commerce and industry being divided up and handed out as thiefdoms to senior party members. in the speech Mosley is bang on the nail. Behind every form of socialism is a bankster.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Communism was formed as a way to strip the money from the masses into the hands ofa few elite bankers which is why rothschild wanted in brought to britian and the USA, the writer above mistakes capitalism as comunism
    and BTW rupert murdoch is financed
    by rothschild and oppenheimer to peddle their shit to the people

  10. Anonymous says:

    William Joyce was one of those like Oswald Mosely who wanted no wayr with Germany
    he would make his bids for peace from germany and at wars end the British to appease the jews hung him for treason, they broke the law because as an Irish/american he cant commit treason against the crown
    The hangman Pierrepoint said he was the bravest man he ever met.
    he was lizstened to all over london which during W W II was savaged by jewish gangs who forced young mothers into protitution for borrowing money from them to feed the children

  11. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather often used to speak fondly of William Joyce, and Oswald Mossely for that matter
    we lived in Cable St stepney and the problems with jews wa sreally bad there, the family dashed offa quick letter to Mosely and he came round and sat in our little parlour and spoke kindly to my old Gran,
    what other politician would do that ?
    today they would come round to nob your kids
    Nixon Scraypes

  12. Anonymous says:

    we are hoping that just as Oswald Mosely spoke for the ordinary British masses, UKIP will do the same
    We must insist no dual passport holders to be MPs
    no keepers on bumboys
    they put this country first
    OK ?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I want to secong this at 12 -50
    No jewish lobby secret candiate MPs who put this country second

    no keepers of bumboys like david laws etc

    This country and its people must come before the jewish banks

    no bankster funded MPS

  14. Anonymous says:

    watch this vid of another great truthteller


  15. Anonymous says:

    gosh not one voice against in these comments that tells you how we the rightful owners of this country feel

  16. Anonymous says:

    No more Man please ..They have proven useless not one off them have been any good at running this Country …Oh and the one women that did was just like her Pedophile Man ..Sick of all the old Cock and ball and old fanny. we people have to put up with …just telling the truth …

  17. Anonymous says:

    hello 3–45 listen to his speeches, talk to people who knew him, read up on his written word
    and you like us will say please
    “give the mana chance “
    but no vested interesrs bought that drunken toerage churchill to crush him

  18. Anonymous says:

    When i was an apprentice during tea breaks the old men would talk about Mosely as a wonderful missed opportunity, the jewish gangs communists and paid thugs would break up his meetings, no one wanted to be there when this happened, we all wanted democrasy to vote for whom we wanted e g mosely they said
    but the thugs put a stop to it

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