Kiev TV – ‘1.5 million unnecessary people who should be killed’ for resources. Donetsk Oblast. The most shocking TV broadcast I’ve ever witnessed.

mass killing is fine if big corporations want it.  this man is in full support of the regime that aspires to murder 1.5 people for the crime of being ‘unnecessary’.  THE BBC IS FAILING TO REPORT ANY OF THe real story.  SEE below. The Donetsk area has declared independence from ukraine.  not reported on the bbc.

start the video in order for the icons to appear at the lower right hand side of the screen.   It’s the second from the left – ‘subtitles’.


Dear friends,

There is no overstating the importance of this press conference by by Alexander V. Zakharchenko, Chairman of The Council of Ministers of The Donetsk National Republic.  As as soon as I saw it myself, I asked two of our Teams (Russian and Oceania) to work together on a translation as fast as possible.  They did as stellar job and I can now share this video with you.   
I personally – owe a huge THANK YOU for your fantastic work, professional skills and heroic dedication of those bringing the voice of Novorussia to the rest of the world.  In this “information war” the speed at which you made this crucial press conference available is a major victory against the Empire’s propaganda machine!  The Saker

TAP – This next video shows the awful civilian casualties coming from direct fire, not ‘collateral damage’.  The desire is clearly to create war by carrying out these shocking actions.  The film is showing the casualties in gruesome detail, and making the political point that it’s the NAZI government in Kiev, backed by David Cameron who’s doing it.  

SECOND VIDEO – Novorussia declares a fightback.  It’s all perfectly choreographed to bring war to Ukraine, which will be sacrificed to the greed of the corporations, not requiring the people, but the resources.  How can Novorussia win against a NATO-backed government in Kiev?  Then the most shocking thing I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.

PUBLIC ADMISSION OF INTENT TO COMMIT GENOCIDE ON KIEV TV See just after 1hr 30 seconds of gruesome footage, the young man on Kiev TV saying there are ‘1.5 million unnecessary people’ in Eastern Ukraine who should be killed as soon as possible simply because they are ‘unnecessary’.  The previous 1.5 hours shows you exactly what killing ‘unnecessary people’ looks like on camera.
SAKER – This is the first time that we hear what the new – post Strelkov – commanders have to say about all this.  This is the first time that the Novorussians are going on the offensive.  And this is the first time that we get to hear the views, values and ideas of the people fighting against the Nazi junta.  This is truly a watershed moment.

Many thanks and kind regards,

The Saker


Who in their right mind would tune into the fruitcake pro-Nazi propaganda being blown out of every imperial mouthpiece!? But alas, that benchmark of absurdity, the BBC, is still living in fairytale land with its latest accusation of Russian soldiers invading Ukraine[5]. Planet Neptune sure is a strange place.
A rejection of Federalization
This too late to the party monotonic utterings from the protoplasmic jellies (of Boris Johnson fame) of the EU is categorically rejected with:
“Let me clarify. No federalization can be possible today. There is time for everything. We asked for the federalization 3 months ago, then we asked for a permission to hold a referendum. That time has passed, now we want to live independently.”
Formation of a State
Just when the barrage of counter-Nazi-narrative viewpoints was almost over, the resistance mentioned something that I believe conveys the steadfast resolve of the government. A government that now has a Defense Minister and Army. Notice, how the key role and instrument for protection are the major themes here.
This point is further driven home by the discussion on the death penalty and its reinstatement by the supreme council. The council in the Donetsk National Republic, that is.
This was not just a press conference but a state of affairs; a definition of boundaries, illustration of ground realities, terms of peace, confirmation of hostilities and even a small reference to the genocide for shale gas project in eastern Ukraine[6].

(please press on the ‘cc’ button to enable the English subtitles)  TAP –  where’s the cc button
Marie –  I neglected to say one has to start the video in order for the icons to appear at the lower right hand side of the screen.   It’s the second from the left – ‘subtitles’.

Go through to The Saker for more details.  This is the war the Nazis want (the NAZIs being our ‘leaders’ including David Cameron).  No great cause for celebration about a war starting.  What choice do they have?  Face genocide or fight back)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I see the amn behing the prog “chris cooper inverstiagtes “
    has been forced out of the UK, Chris a phone tap expert, tapped the phones of Tony Blair and relayed that fabulous argument with Tony and Cherie, also netanyahus talking about stopping palestinians at checkpoints and switching mobile phones for booby trapped ones which blow peoples heads off when used
    mad din also foced to live abroad as was whsistleblowers Peter Wright ( spycatcher ) and Moshe Solomons who talked with israeli renegades about the genocide in palestine

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think where it says mad din you mean Maud Dib ?
    anyway Israel is churning out fake videos see this about gaza

  3. Anonymous says:

    these deaths dont really matter because they are non jews, remember that the goyim dont count as they are just primitive animals without a soul

  4. Anonymous says:

    Well surprised you’ve not covered this yet TAP

    1997 to 2013

    it not just the fact that Pakistanis were involved

    FAILED by Police, Councils, social services etc etc

    some 1400 Victims over some decades

    Rotherham etc

    PM 27/08/2014
    Carolyn Quinn presents coverage and analysis of the day’s news.
    BBC R4 first 10 mins


  5. Anonymous says:

    What’s happening in the Ukraine now becomes very clear after you’ve read this on Zen’s site.

    “The Khazarian Jews have taken charge of that ravaged country’s government and finances and intend eventually to make the Ukraine a “second homeland” for the Jews.”

  6. sovereigntea says:

    Rotherham commenter – you should consider why the nonce authorities allowed the brought in for the purpose “pakistanis” to supply the very profitable products of NATO Afghanistan & how the products were extraordinarily renditioned to the UK.
    Rotherham commenter – should also consider why the nonce authorites allowed young girls (especially vulnerable single mothers) to be groomed and have their lives fucked up all under the watchful eye of the child snatchers at the SS Social Services. Engineered to fail the kids were taken into care to supply the establishments rapacious appetite for “units of pleasure” aka your bumfucked kids. Redditch Alms Houses another example FTNWO. Intelligence agencies love nonces becaus they can get them to do anything they want like little treasonous deviant nonce robots.

  7. Anonymous says:

    History repeats itself. Ukraine’s President ousted in the same manner as our own King James by William & Mary. Independence movements violently suppressed. Religion used as a means to divide and conquer. Funding and support from outside actors to ensure alliances are broken, the use of sanctions, foreign soldiers/troops fighting under the flags of others. Everything changes, nothing changes.

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