Was Mike Smith a target of the Illuminati?

Mike Smith and Sarah Green have both slipped out of the limelight, whereas they were once very famous faces and continually in the public eye.

He died of complications from heart surgery, we are told.  What was that to do with?  Arythmia?  Not normally a fatal condition, and 59 is no age.

Cast your mind back.  Both he and Sarah Green were in a helicopter crash a few years ago, in which the accident investigation report could find no cause for the loss of rotor speed. Both were badly hurt and lucky to survive.

Their removal from the public eye might indicate that they were becoming aware of the system that controls the media, and they wanted to speak out.  I wonder if there are any other clues that readers know about.


Smith was a key figure in the early years of Comic Relief but largely stayed away from the limelight after a helicopter crash which injured both himself and Ms Greene in 1988. The qualified pilot and his then-girlfriend Ms Greene were injured when the helicopter he was piloting crashed in Gloucestershire.
Both passengers survived, although Ms Greene broke both legs and an arm, and Smith suffered a broken back and ankle. The Air Accidents Investigation Branch concluded that “… examination of the helicopter (including flight control, fuel, engine control, dynamic systems and the engine itself) revealed no failure or unserviceability that could have resulted in a loss of rotor speed”.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    the keys to this lie with DJ Tony Blackburn and Noel Edmonds who were so noticeable silent when the truthseeker exposed the jimmy saville affair the day after his death.
    Both these men were close to the BBC apparatus which governed Jimmy saville and the others.
    Sarah GReene a beautiful girl knewa lot about goings on, but said she was too afaraid to speak, Tony Blackburn who always pretends to be an idiot is actually an astute businessman
    who was on the ships who played pop music and knew the intimate details of what went on

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mick Dickens, Talksport Radio presenter killed in car crash 18/12/06.

  3. Anonymous says:

    DJ and TV presenter killed in a murder to silence
    see here-


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