Vaccine-autism fraud finally revealed by whistleblower. Why has it taken so bloody long? 90% of children affected across the globe.

You don’t to be fully autistic to be a vaccine casualty.  IQ, speech, dexterity are all impaired to some extent in nearly every vaccinated child.  As 90% are vaccinated, that’s one mountain of damage inflicted on the human race.  Cancer rates are sky-rocketing.  That too should be laid at the door of vaccination, as the immune system is permanently damaged.  That aspect is best explained by Dr Carley.  Yet her message has yet to get out.  Vaccination is worst public health disaster in history.  At last some of the effects are starting to be aired.  There is far more yet to come.

Use homeo-prophylaxis which is far more effective, and doesn’t do the damage.  That’s what the Royal family does.

Major autism/vaccine link fraud revealed
by CDC whistleblower.

Thousands of children knowingly
damaged when the science sent
a screaming warning.

It’s worse that you can imagine.


– Brasscheck TV

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