Ukraine. Shocking video of attacks on civilians. Peace moves. Syria. British ask enemy Assad to help against ISIS.

Recently met some Ukrainians on a Greek island drank a lot with them advised young lady not to return. Ukranians much heartened to hear many of us regard the cabal as despotic criminals, they get it that we get it – no animosity.

Ukraine Footage perhaps worth publishing.

see here

regards Ade FTNWO


Today, the British raised the bar on yesterday’s US surprise. Their retired chief of the General Staff Richard Dannatt said that Britain had to work with Assad to defeat ISIS and that any airstrikes should have his approval. And later in the afternoon the senior MP head of the Intel and security committee, Sir Malcolm Rifkind said that Britain “must” work with Assad if they are going to defeat ISIS.

That folks, is code talk that the coalition of the willing in Syria, is becoming unwilling to continue. Maybe they are reading my articles about how this regime destabilization plan they thought was such a smart low-cost way to play offense has had not only hidden costs, but hidden risks. Cross your fingers and hope my instincts are right, because I feel change in the air. ENDS

This saga reached a milestone after all the road blocks. But it seems the Red Cross is staying in the East now, so that might dampen down the indiscriminate shelling as killing Red Cross workers does not go over very well in the PR domain.

The winds are shifting with more statements today that the Ukraine fighting must be stopped, Kiev has to accept some type of federation agreement (German pushing this very publicly). And the Minsk meeting next week looks like an unofficial peace conference.


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3 Responses to “Ukraine. Shocking video of attacks on civilians. Peace moves. Syria. British ask enemy Assad to help against ISIS.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    Daily Mail Busted for stoking the fires

    Daily Mail Caught in War Hoax

    The war of words between the US and Russia has been fueled, if not orchestrated by media that has gone beyond “slanting” or even censoring the news. Newspapers, in this case the UK Daily Mail, are full-fledged combatants.

    If a broader conflict ensues, and this seems to be the goal of a carefully orchestrated media psychological war, the “fourth estate” will have become something much greater than any “fifth column.”

    In a story published today in Britain and copied and republished around the world, the impression is given that the United States has authorized a ground attack on Russia based on recent accusations made against Russia. An article in a British newspaper outlines statements made by the top NATO commander indicating he intends to attack Russia and has been given full authority, not just by NATO but by the President of the United States, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Congress.

    Not one word of this is true. In fact, the story is filled with bizarre conspiracies, misstatements of fact and systematic deception. Were this story taken in its own context, attributing it as part of a larger psychological warfare operation, as “black propaganda,” is fully supportable.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    We’re all in it together” – david cameron

    Cameron The Royal Princeling an Lord Rothermere ( Daily Mail Owner and Chair of The Imperial War Museum Foundation ) A Picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hope Assad says to Rifkind and the rest of the idiot stooges “Eff off you tw@ts”

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