Ukraine military using white phosphorus on civilian targets

If it looks like white phosphorus,
burns like it, and smells like
it than it probably is.

Of course, since the Ukrainian
military are the “good guys”
no news of this in the US news


– Brasscheck TV

Two countries use white phosphorous: The US and Israel. It is a banned weapon and it’s horrible. If it gets on you, it will burn straight down to the bone. It also creates fires than can’t easily be put out. Where was it used? In Slavyansk, an industrial city of about 100,000. Who used it? The Ukrainian military which is being advised and supported by the US. – See more at:

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3 Responses to “Ukraine military using white phosphorus on civilian targets”

  1. Anonymous says:

    News coming in that Ukraine has destroyed Russian light armoured vehicles which crossed into Ukraine.
    Obama has called it an invasion and Cameron is right up his arse while both have given absolutely no proof.

    America and Britain are itching for a fight with Russia and this latest attempt is a no goer reminiscent of Assyrian leader Assad using gas on his own people.

    Like Assad what kind of fool does Obama and Cameron take Putin to be to send Russian light military vehicles and personnel across the border into Ukraine. This would be nothing less than a suicide mission.

    Be assured that if Putin was going to “invade” Ukraine he would send the might of the Russian Army and air force in first with nuclear subs sitting in the Black and Aegean Seas.

    What kind of fool does Obama and Cameron think we are to believe such a stupid story which only confirms that the two have little between their ears coming out with such a story without proof and expect us to believe them.


  2. Anonymous says:

    AYE AYE Captain Gordon



  3. Anonymous says:

    Spot on Gordon.
    It’s also possible that Obama and Cameron are being fed lies – after all they are both nothing more than ‘Persona’s’ to represent their respective countries – neither of them actually have any power to implement real changes.
    Their actions and words come from the minds of men far more powerful and influential than Obama and Cameron themselves – Those ‘men’ who can and do implement change.

    Much of what’s going on regarding warring between countries is distraction for the public (often to distract leaders too) while the organ grinders get on with the job uninterupted behind the political veil.

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