UKIP to have its first MP? – Douglas Carswell defects.

LEADING backbencher Douglas Carswell has defected from the Conservative Party to Ukip, it has just been announced.

THE OLD PARTIES RESPOND – Carswell: The Old Parties Respond Tories: “This is a regrettable and frankly counterproductive decision. As Douglas Carswell said, the only way to get a referendum on the EU is to return a majority Conservative government. The Conservative party will contest the forthcoming by-election vigorously to make sure the people in Clacton have a strong conservative voice in this parliament and the next.” ‘The Conservative Party will contest the by-election vigorously, to ensure that the people of Clacton have a strong Conservative voice in this Parliament and the next.’ Labour: “Douglas Carswell’s defection is a hammer blow to David Cameron. Confidence in David Cameron is collapsing inside a Conservative party which is divided and running scared of UKIP. David Cameron’s weak leadership has seen him abandon the centre ground, repeatedly trying to pander to his own right-wing backbenchers rather than concentrate on the needs of the country. Now even his own side are abandoning him.” Panic stations.

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7 Responses to “UKIP to have its first MP? – Douglas Carswell defects.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    From one set of controlled crooks to one less obvious but still …

  2. Tapestry says:

    Move from 100% certainty of sell-out to 80%. The confusion should throw up some play in the system somewhere. Play it for all it’s worth. It’s the only angle we’ve got.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Actually, Carswell is NOT UKIP’s first MP by a Tory (or any other party) defection, though UKIP have still not had an elected MP as such. There was a defection in April 2008 by MP Bob Spink who subsequently lost his seat to the Tories (retained by the Tories in effect) in the 2010 GE with a comfortable majority of 7,632.

    Mr Spink either misread the situation and didn’t take the sheeple ‘serial voter’ factor into account OR he was a man of integrity who knew he would lose his seat by defecting to UKIP OR he had just about had enough of the corrupt Westminster Village.

    This latest defection may be far more interesting and with fixed term parliaments now in place by law and the next GE taking place 7th May 2015 – if one takes place at all – we won’t have that long to find out.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The government has been promoting homosexuality in colleges and schools, and claim it is increasing in the UK at 5% per year
    this article in the indian newspapers claim Britian has 72000
    male rapes each year from babies to frail OAPs
    so this shoots the so called need for bumboys out of the water

  5. Anonymous says:

    there is hypocrisy here, if an MP is caught with some delicious woman living in a flat as his mistress nothing is said except ho-ho jolly good chap, but if that MP has a teenage bumboy shacked up in a flat like david laws MP then everyone is against him

  6. Anonymous says:

    Re post at 1:40 pm

    Apologies to Tap and All 🙁 I never read the headline properly or the article/links at all until just now, as I was on my way out and should have gone to Specsavers while in town. It is interesting though how one can misread such a headline when in a hurry.

    I’ve posted either here on Tap or possibly elsewhere how the malevolent Zio press often publishes a very misleading attention grabbing headline (not on here in this case obviously or ever for that matter) only for the actual truth of the piece to be buried amongst the story (fable) near the end which most readers won’t often get to.

    Just a thought.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ 4:23 pm

    Perhaps because having a mistress is perfectly normal – even though it is cheating on one’s wife and there is usually a Karma price to pay in the end – whereas having a ‘teenage bumboy’ is perfectly abnormal, objectionable and sickening in the extreme to any normal person whose mind has not been infected by Frankfurt School of Marxism filth.

    Sexual Bolshevism

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