The Mathematics Of Rule

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Summary:We have been and are in an eternal war 
between the productive (those who produce more 
than they consume) and the greedy (those who 
consume more than they produce). Civilizations rise 
(honesty in control) and fall (predators in control).

Appendix C: The Mathematics of Rule

Originally published at Strike the Root. Reformatted to enhance 
Division of Labor versus Division of Spoils …
What this really means:
When you strip the rhetoric and educational subversions away, 
all of history is REALLY about:
We have been and are in an eternal war between the productive 
(those who produce more than they consume) and the greedy 
(those who consume more than they produce). Civilizations rise 
(honesty in control) and fall (predators in control). The reader 
should be able to determine the current state of affairs.
A mathematical proof of the relationship between productive 
activity and survival of society is derived. This is the most basic 
law of economics and civilization, which is suppressed and 
strategically denied by the economics “profession” worldwide, in 
a futile attempt to obscure the truth and defraud mankind of 
any possibility of freedom or survival.
  • Ruler: One who does not participate in productive economic 
  • activities or do any work that directly contributes to creation of 
  • social wealth. For instance, government, people on social 
  • services, police, military, lawyers …
  • Prey: Those who actually do create wealth by engaging in 
  • productive activities. For instance, farmers, industrial workers, 
  • service industries …
  • NR = Total number of rulers
  • NP = Total number of prey
  • NT = NR + Np = Population of Society
  • WP = Average Work output per worker (prey)
  • RT = Total social resources available
  • RAR = Resources consumed by average Ruler
  • RAP = Resources consumed by average Prey
TAP – I would only add that the takedown of civilisations must be 
deliberate.  The top of the pyramid sucks its money out in time.
And moves on to the next empire.  Trouble is.  They’re running out
of places to go, as so many are aware of them being there now.  At
one time, no one knew.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    MUST SEE! World War 3 is upon us!

  2. Tapestry says:

    I can’t watch videos of items like Obama Bush talking. They don’t exist actually, as anything real. They are purely delivery vehicles of a programme, a programme which is defunct and fighting for its very survival. WW3 was meant to be between nations, but will be fought by the higher levels of the pyramid amongst themselves. They are losing control not gaining it. Don’t encourage them by watching their nonsense.

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