The big question for each of us is ‘do we want to continue as slaves, or awaken?’

The controllers of the planet are throwing distractions at us – wars, TV, hypnosis of one kind or another, money-making, fear-based thinking.  Let it go. What’s important is the awakening of your soul.  Every soul has a purpose.  Each person must decide – what is my purpose?  Am I able to evolve and become enlightened.  Your heart will lead you to the truth.

She believes she was abducted, and thought of herself a victim. Later she realised she chose that experience and she wasn’t a victim.  The body is just a projection of the mind.  Interesting analysis.  It’s an illusory world.  It’s fun.  Raise your vibration as high as you possibly can.  Live through your heart.  

Find the stillness within you.  Connect to source.  Ask for help.  Surrender your will.  Yield to another way of thinking, not fearful, but being aware of your invulnerability.  You don’t need defensiveness, or guilt.  Align your will with the creator’s will.  If you resist, life will wear you down until you do find the way to drop the fear and the defensiveness.  Then trust in whatever happens to you each day.  It is always for your highest and your best.  You’re coming home.

Drop judgements, anger, fear, stress.  You can then experience love, fulfilment, joy.  Your health will improve.  Lots more detail in the video.  We create our own reality through our thoughts and vibration.  If enough people awaken and raise their vibration, the destruction of the earth as previously destined, will not happen.  As the leaders raise their vibrational level, others will be drawn up to follow them.

Sherry Wilde.  The Forgotten Promise.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Tomorrow morning, gentlemen, we blaze and level the rebellious Goy stronghold of North Shropshire with my personal RAF and annihilate every living thing in it,” began Rothschild Snr. “Here on the historic ground on which we now stand, our faithful and fellow sodomite Churchill ordered the similar destruction of Dresden in February 1945 and its half million men, women and children. I am ecstatic that we can repeat this carnage of the Goy once again in Europe after that in Gaza and be spoken of in the history of Zionism and Talmudic Judaism with both honour and pride.”

    Rothschild Snr stopped for a moment and took out a cigarette. A dozen lighters snapped out smartly. Downing Street seemed to tremble slightly at his words. The glass of the chandeliers tinkled. Rothschild, smiling and well satisfied, looked around at Rothschild Jnr and their minions.

    “Gentlemen, I almost dare to say that it would be a fine thing to meet one’s fate on this historic earth. We have…”

    His words were drowned in the roar of an explosion emanating from beneath the Cabinet table. With a deafening crash, half of the ceilng fell in. Cameron and Clegg ‘bent over’ the mortally wounded Rothschild Snr and then together, carried him to a sofa. A Cabinet table splinter had torn open his back and the duty quack could do nothing to save him.

    “Gentlemen, my father and your father probably [NB Rothschild Crime Family sire many, many secret children out of wedlock] is dead,” said Rothschild Jnr quietly. “Let us take leave of him in a proper manner [seeing] as Satan has ordered his discharge.” All stood with their heads bowed looking sorrowfully at the floor. It was expected of them.

    “As Rothschild Jnr, I mean Rothschild Snr silly me, I must now take over NWO operations and bid you au revoir”. He had difficulty in concealing enormous delight at his father’s death. “Gentlemen, I would just like to say that I would be proud to fall within the hour for Zionism and Talmudic Judaism”. The farewells were solemn. Their leader had fallen and the occasion demanded the employment of tact. Rent boys and the BBC weren’t mentioned.

    The now new Rothschild Snr was driven from Downing Street in his father’s bullet proof glass, armour plated car weighing in at five metric tonnes. He leaned back comfortably and felt he deserved some refreshment. He poured himself a large cognac from the generous mini bar. Poor father, he thought. He never got to lead the New World Order lording it over a 93% de-populated Agenda 21 enslaved world.

    In the same instant, a terrible explosion from within blew the car into a thousand flying pieces. Rothschild and his chauffeur were blown high into the air, the ever loyal chauffeur remaining at the wheel as if he was still dutifully steering it. They both fall screaming from the sky, their arms and legs splaying outwards to splash to an unrecognisable bloody gruel on the ground.

    Tappers are soon to become the convenient prime suspects and the extremists(sic) at Brooklands Farm will have confessions beaten out of them if necessary to to prove their guilt.

  2. salty says:

    Jewish Involvement In Black Slave Trade To The Americas

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