The 100% cure for ebola

The treatment for ebola, along with accompanying MOA has been sent to this web site.

Jim Stone, August 1, 2014

This is a lengthy article, DO NOT SURFACE READ. The actual treatment for ebola which will virtually eliminate fatalities, as revealed by a doctor who has worked with ebola, is below.

Consider this: The elite would never release a plague without an easy cure, and along with this ebola outbreak an American biowarfare firm has been working in Sierra Leon for the last five years. Google that. Sierra Leon has actually identified them as the perpetrators of this outbreak and kicked them out of the country. There is absolutely no doubt this outbreak was intentionally caused by the U.S. war department.

And if it is intentional, a cure is known. There would simply be no other way to do business.

Here is the treatment, complete with MOA. This is a treatment and not a cure, your immune system wipes out the virus, and the treatment gives your immune system time to do it. Here is what Ebola does that is fatal: It causes the complete removal of all vitamin C from the body. No one actually knows what mechanism is involved in doing this, other than a malfunction that is not permanently destructive to whatever is triggered to remove all vitamin C. All the researchers know is that vitamin C drops to zero and all the symptoms of ebola are consistent with a complete loss of vitamin C.

How do I know this? A doctor who has remained anonymous and has worked with ebola victims has discovered this and sent it to this web site, at last check this cannot be googled which confirms this doctor did not just copy paste, SO POST IT EVERYWHERE; GET THIS OUT THERE, THE TREATMENT FOR EBOLA WHICH WILL PREVENT DEATH IS KNOWN AND THIS IS AN EMERGENCY REQUEST FOR MY READERS TO SPREAD THIS INFO AND STOP THIS EBOLA ATTACK IN ITS TRACKS.

“The very first symptoms of ebola are exactly the same as scurvy, which is caused by inadequate vitamin C. Though scurvy is seldom fatal as a primary condition, scurvy also represents only a partial deficiency of vitamin C, the body still has a LOT of vitamin C compared to zero, which ebola causes. Absent ANY vitamin C, blood vessels become very weak and start to lose blood, and platelets become ineffective and unable to trigger clots. So death by ebola is caused by massive internal bleeding and loss of blood, which can be stopped simply by taking enormous doses of vitamin C until the immune system succeeds in killing off the virus.”

Take 20,000 milligrams of Vitamin C an hour.

That is about 3,000 milligrams every six minutes.

Colloidal silver is useless against viruses.

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  1. Paul says:

    3,000mg every 6 mins is 30,000mg an hour.

    Also, it is coming very clear, after much research on my part, that many people in this world are seriously lacking in the Vitamin dept. This is by design and it’s making people sicker and sicker in general.

    I have used diet and vitamins to turn my life around in the past 5 years.

    there is a wealth of information on this website and I suggest you all take a look at it:–

  2. Anonymous says:

    There is a huge lie in this article colloidal silver kills all viruses dead. Make no mistake about it, it can save your life

  3. Anonymous says:

    nano-colloidal silver created for just pennies per quart with one’s own home generator allows one to generously share same with others; we’ve considered same ministry 4 many yrs., finding it most effective in boosting one’s immunity & fighting many attacks on one’s temple. we got ours via mailorder, but much info now available at:

    Blessings to ALL in all ways and 4 always- freemom7 😀

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is this story about the ebola outbreak more scaremongering on the part of TPTB? It’s starting to appear very much that way. Take a look at:

  5. Tapestry says:

    Colloidal silver helps with bacteria, not viruses, I believe.

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