Statin Nation. Medical deceptions. Previously undiscovered ancient peoples. Centres of sacrifice in the City of London. Mark Windows.

Justin Smith.  Made film ‘Statin Nation’.

Performance pay for GPs for lowering cholesterol, using statins, which are not effective in lowering heart disease, in reality. Threshold for diagnosing illness is being lowered all the time. Diabetes, for example.  Health Authorities favour pharmaceutical companies.  

Detention under the Mental Health Act.

Police arrest people in their own home when they call out the Police for assistance.

BMI confuses fat/health assessment.  

Psychological stress makes people more likely to get heart disease/attack.  Not assessed by doctors.  Breathing should come first from the stomach so you get more oxygen.  Stressed people only chest breathe.  Covered in Statin Nation 2.

Also Vaccination with Christina England.  Vaccine damaged children.  Her website ‘profitable harm’.   More on MMR damage of children.  Andrew Wakefield.  The people who inflicted MMR on the world knew it would decimate children’s lives, while they feigned caring.  Millions and millions affected across the world.

TAP.  Dr Carley says the brain effects from the MMR are mostly from the measles vaccine.  It’s worth checking her out too.  She says Wakefield advocates separation of the MMR.  She says the individual vaccines are just as dangerous.   Her websites – vaccine induced diseases, and Dr Carley.

NEXT – Bruce Fenton –  evidence of giants, and very old settlements in Peru and Ecuador.  Many thousands of years ago.  Molten stone.  Huge walls.  Giant pyramids.  Locals say the structures of this lost culture glow blue at night.  Locals see UFOs going in and out.  Giant hammers.

Georgia.  Giant bones.  Discarded megalithic building materials. Thousands of years old.  Oversized bones.  People 2.5-3 metres in height.  Odd burials.  Sitting up in chairs, standing, same as giants in the US.  Stone and bone mix, bone fused into stone.

Ancient Aliens In Australia.  His new book.  Pleiadian origins of humanity.

Brien Foerster – Another Star Child type skull, similar to Lloyd Pye’s.  Peru origins.  Found in a graveyard. 

NEXT  Henry 8th sold out Britain to The Vatican.  People burned in pots of oil.  Hanging, drawing and quartering.  Smithfield scene of ritual slaughter. Fabian Society.  The sacrifice of Ann Askew.  Wat Tyler’s stabbed and killed in a church.  William Wallace hung drawn and quartered.  Ghostly night time experiences in the Rotunda Gardens.  St Bartholomews.  Henry 8th burned a priest alive in a church.

The Haberdashers Hall nearby.  The Court’s located right over the places of torture.  The City of London Police get paranoid when people investigate these places.  Helicopters.  People filming you if you go and start looking round.

The Poor Laws were extended across Britain by Henry 8th, destroying the individual sovereignty of the people of this country, selling out to The Vatican.  The worshipful companies – Mercers Hall, The Grocers.  Stone Circle represents a sacrifice area.  Big Freemasonic Centre.  Place of Saturn worship.  Knights of malta. Templars were always administrators.  Symbolism off the charts.  48 Livery companies.  25 Wards.  25 Aldermen.  Territorial Support Group.  

The people running this global financial centre are extremely sensitive and secretive.   Heavy emphasis on Roman Law.  The fraud is off the charts.  148,000 cases of fraud in Britain, with only a few hundred investigated.  Britain’s biggest industry is massive financial fraud. Police won’t investigate fraud.

City Of London is a separate state with its own laws and its own rules.  Every financial deal in the planet goes through the City.  Strongly associated with Rome.

The domed courthouse at Haberdashers is the location exactly of the gallows where the terrible deaths were inflicted.  Useful idiots run the Haberdashers etc, not knowing about the death cults that underlie the ‘worshipful’ companies.  They have connections with Royalty.   The City runs of Roman Law, which protects property and took over from the previous law, which was human-based.  We are merely chattel goods of the state.  The servants of the companies love their own slavery. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I went along to a talk on slavery last night, i was one of few white people there, and i was shocked to discover that the only people with the money to build slave ships were jews, and ina storm at sea slaves were just thrown overboard, the lecturer went on rothschild/oppenheimer etc still use slaves today to mine gold diamonds etc in africa
    and those doing the mining do not have clean drinking water schools or proper hospitals
    i was appalled
    no wonder the world despises the jew

  2. Anonymous says:

    there is some deliberate misrepresentation in this article
    Britian broke with rome and after this the massive tythes stopped.
    But the jews came in with william and mary, and with cromwell they then started the bank of england
    the citys square mile is lord rothschilds feifdom exactly as he explained to the apostles, those dirty homosexual communists who betrayed britian into W W Ii with churchill

  3. Anonymous says:

    henry VIII broke with rome this author has his knickers in a severe twist and should get his facts right the city of london is ruled by jews, got it jews
    mr rothschild is quite clear on this and so should you be

  4. Anonymous says:

    Anonymous at 7.59am and 3.32 is factually accurate regarding Britain’s split with Rome, and then the takeover of the City of London by the Rothschilds at a later time. From their fiefdom in the City of London, the Rothschilds et al are the founders and funders of Israel. Other countries are mere bagatelle, in their psychopathic world view.

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