Is this the voice of common sense?

Shropshire Council finances are in good shape, but what shape will Shropshire be in if they allow the frackers to turn the county into a gas field, now it is licensed for gas extraction?  The first decision on Brooklands Farm will be put before the Council in mid-September.  Which way will they go?  Send the county into oblivion and endless ill-health for its people, or send Dart Energy and I-Gas packing?  

Look below at the place they are proposing to industrialise and destroy.  

The water beneath the ground will be lost permanently if the test drill is permitted to put a hole through the aquifer and allow methane gas to seep its way into this incredibly valuable environmental resource.

Paterson is tweeting how well Barrow has done with the finances at Shropshire Council (and he has done), but when will this politician (Paterson) and his cronies realise that money is not all. The environment gives us our health and well-being, and industrialisation of the wrong kind will deprive us of it.  What will our money and lands be worth if we have no water?

The people of Shropshire North don’t want frackers and gas drillers, and they don’t want Paterson.  He is unlikely to win his seat next May.  Maybe Barrow, the leader of the Council, can stop the madness and the greed from destroying us, and get the result we all want for this beautiful county.

Dart says their one ‘little’ hole through the aquifer will be protected from methane with a steel pipe.  The fields in the pictures below are exactly where the Shropshire aquifer begins, going east and south from here for miles.  One mistake here, and the whole aquifer would be lost permanently.  Once methane’s found its way in, that would be it, and that is what is bound to happen. 

The stream at the foot of the bank, the Bryn Daniel joins the River Dee, and all Dart Energy’s escaping pollutants will join up with that, and threaten Chester’s drinking water.  So no problem there, if you’re a box-ticking planning officer working for Shropshire Council.

Just a little drill for sixty days is all Dart are proposing, and the land will be put back exactly as it is now….they say.

That’s forgetting the steel pipe of course, and the hole drilled through the aquifer linking it to the methane, which will remain unseen underground.  This will be all that remains to stop the methane from rising up and contaminating everything you see in these pictures.  If further development gets the go-ahead (what’s the point of the test drill unless development is intended?), a huge industrial site will result where the tents are sited.  Millions of gallons of toxic radioactive water will be pumped out from old coal mine workings a few hundred feet below.  Some of it will be tankered away to be ‘processed’ far from anyone’s view, but not all will be.

Subsidence is likely as the mines were flooded years ago to stop the subsidence that afflicted the area when the Ifton Pit was operational.  How many residents in nearby St Martins realise their homes will be affected by this, sending values crashing, and making everyone unsafe for miles around?

The government has chosen to ignore all the evidence from around the world that such things and worse are the results of ‘unconventional gas extraction’, wherever it takes place.  This makes their fracking policies entirely illegal.    In addition, their own studies say that gas extraction is not viable in the North Shropshire area due to the complex geology underground (

Blackpool was struck with subsidence and earthquakes after fracking took place at Fylde.  That seems all to have been forgotten in Cameron’s rush to destroy Britain’s water reserves, to bring in the new era of expensive water, a much reduced rural population, and the end of farming.  Fracking is the ideal weapon to achieve these aims of the Agenda for the 21st Century.

Here we see people in small canvas tents prepared to lay their being on the line to stop it all, people classified by the government as ‘domestic extremists’.  The government are the extremists. This lot are the face and voices of common sense, and of great courage. Support them.  They are all that’s left in line to save this landscape, these animals and much else besides, if Shropshire Council doesn’t defend us as it should.  They’re the Shropshire Community Protection Group.

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