Shrewsbury Flower Show hijacked by militarism

We stayed at the Flower Show til late to catch the fireworks for the kids to see.  Here they are, video by Craig Painter.

The fireworks were excellent, but not set to marshal music.  They used to be a great joy to watch, but this year, they’d been entirely hijacked by the military propaganda department, and we were consigned to celebrate fireworks accompanied by misery in music.  We heard Land of Hope and Glory about six times.  Enigma Variations no less, and Jerusalem.  The fireworks were coordinated with these Albert Hall perennials, along with gloomy renditions of The Last Post as the firework equivalent of poppies filled the sky overhead, and war death was celebrated by a generation that has never got even close to knowing what war actually consists of.

As far as I was concerned, the music and the military propaganda ruined a good night out.  Is this really the best that Britain can do? Are we totally unable to leave behind the mass slaughters of the past, and continually re-celebrate the manipulation of the minds of earlier generations, who had no idea that bankers and their secret societies and agendas lie behind all these so-called wars?

Can’t we have musical joy, youthful and energetic performances that lift the spirits, and make us sure that we are not locked into a never-ending nightmare of wars and more wars.  The most depressing thing of all was that the Shropshire sheeple all dutifully clapped and cheered at this military takeover of their brains.  Have they learned nothing in a hundred years?

Don’t cheer anthems of war with your children sat upon your knee.   Can’t you see that they are the ones who will be asked to keep paying the price of the war economy, to keep the munitions traders and money lenders supreme at the top of our society and economy, controlling everything we are and are ever able to be.  It seems not.

The Welsh national anthem isn’t too bad, and gets a spirited sing from the Welsh in attendance, and doesn’t refer to any Royalty or other elite.  The British dirge God Save The Queen, especially now we know what Jimmy Savile was up to round at the Palace every week, and the conviction of The Queen for genocide at the International Tribunal for Crimes of Church and State for her personal involvement in the slaughter of Canadian children, is really a bit much to take.

The British are surely the dumbest race on the planet, trusting their newspapers and politicians, and still believing, despite all the evidence, in Santa Claus and the good fairy.  War is killing.  It should not be celebrated at all, ever.  Period.   The clapping crowd at the Shrewsbury Flower Show in 2014 are the dumbest collection of humanity I’ve yet come across, buying back into the mass deception of a century before. 

What is it about the British that stops them from realising what goes on.  It’s like living amongst a sea of highly programmed robots, whose minds are manipulated from the cradle to the grave, and they just love the experience of having their thoughts arranged neatly for them.  I doubt even one person saw that it was a diet of intensive war propaganda that was being trowelled on tonight.  The flowers have been hijacked.  The sheeple are being made nicely ready for the next war.  It was horrible to witness.

I couldn’t put it better myself than the headline in The Shropshire Star today.

Shrewsbury Flower Show ‘that really is’ a vibrant tribute to war

One hundred years ago the Shrewsbury Flower Show became an early casualty of the First World War.
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This year in stark contrast to “the show that never was”, the 127th event has was hailed as “the show that really is”.
However, those those dark days of conflict were reflected in the words of The Reverend Canon Mark Oakley of St Paul’s Cathedral .
He opened the festivities by reminding everyone of the sacrifices made by men, women and children in 1914.
TAP – no mention of the people being killed by current CIA ‘wars’ every day in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Libya, all done with the covert backing of our own dear British government  Another gathering the same day below was given no media prominence.

and of course no mention of the secret war being waged against human population everywhere, as poisons are silently fed into our air, food, water, medicines, and toothpastes.

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  1. Paul says:

    Not all British people are sucked in, though the programming of the indoctrination system does take some time to break down. The thing is they need to be aware of it to start the deprogramming. It takes a lot of time to come to see all that you have been brought up on is total lies… and many do not want to or refuse to see it, as to do so you have to admit you have been lied to since birth.

    Many of us now though have made that jump, and over the last decade many of us, in our own way, have been talking to as many people as we can, either online or in person, some even have blogs and post many things on the pedononces in power.

    Slowly, but surely, people are getting there… you can tell that the establishment knows this to, they are accelerating their attack run, they need to pull a big one and fast, so keep eyes peeled for the false flags more and more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well said Henry
    and yes, HM, many resent how she and the rest lord it over, when the ITCCS shows clearly whats what
    Im a voice of one, on an island, in my family.
    Ive been silenced and beaten back, because of the reactions and argumentsand troubles when ive mentioned Colemanexp, Woolwich, ITCCS and queenie, etc etc. Agenda 21 etc
    Deaf ears and or im told to fuck off
    To keep the peace and not put prents BP up i now hold my tongue
    Is it worth ruining the relationship with my parents i have, who i care for.
    Nevertheless i domy best outside the home, i try and awaken and pass the baton on,in my own small ways.
    But Tapblog and Colemanexperience are doingmuch more than i, you havemy admiration Henry
    I did wonder whether Colemanexp was a Royal House outfit like Ben Fulford, cleverly acknowledging Royal involvement, but ultimately acting as red herrings, pushing blame all on Nazionist jew isarelis
    But no. I think Colemans targets are all encompassing. He takes aim at royalty so i feel hes bona fide. I dont feel the same about ben Fulford though
    Anyway, if it wernt for sites like Tapblog, and a rare few ppli talk to, i feel on an island of one and that im going insane and theres no hope
    Your fight against Agneda 21 and Fracking is excellent.
    what morecan i say
    i hope were all going to be alright and going to make it through this, without having to buy our water and air via nestle and Monsanto

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well said Adam. I too am pleased to be amongst the awake and they are growing in numbers now, Ive had my share of insults from people who are in disbelief and say “well they haven’t said that on the news” Nor will they ever. We have to keep at them no matter as the shock is going to hit them very soon. Henry keep up the brave work and keep us all informed of their Evil plots and let them sweat and experience fear.

  4. Anonymous says:

    OTOH: On The Other Hand – one of these really obscure acronyms meaning ALTERNATIVELY/MEANWHILE/HOWEVER or similar – that really passes me off, especially as I had to luok(sic) it up to know what it means!

    BTW LibLabConUkip (Bustard Twit Wonkers LibLabConUkip) we have to be careful about using these ‘initialisms’ in language as it conveys the wrong impression, especially when misinterpreted.

    Seriously, the self-loathing British amongst us cannot be saved (nor should they be) and I have it on good authority.

    I recently tried to rationally explain (with lots of printed evidence) to a German-hating, ageing brainwashed bigot, that while hundreds of thousands of German men, women and children had died in the deliberate and systematic carpet bombing and firestorms of Germany, British losses OTOH in TARGETED bombings of UK weapons factories by Germany was relatively minor.

    For a full five minutes or more they stood like a stone statue looking at me in cold, blind hatred before exploding into a long wailing scream, throwing the evidence of papers I had shown them at my head.

    This is the depth of brainwashing we are dealing with! And I have seen active service whereas they haven’t even seen a day in uniform!

  5. Anonymous says:

    DAVE the tap is known best by totally useless tom wen tapping use a random bit not 1mm smaller, also stop believing everything on here, some may be right like it is right that polluting SINKING exhaust gasses are been made by the mixture of light aircraft aviation fuel, no one will believe that will they, We know its true though because was online

  6. BCIYA says:

    Mankind has never ever had a better opportunity to pass on information than today, but people seem to think that the Net is for Soccer news, what celebrity is doing, or what the official propaganda machines tell them is true or not. Maybe those in power despise these people because they are so fu**ing stupid, and follow just because they believe they should without even questioning.
    I have to admit that I have on occasion thought about ‘the elite’…..who could blame them for doing what they do?
    I have noticed in the last 12 months more and more instances of Military related activity in public spaces, whether that’s Recruiting drives, or so called ‘Veterans’ charities or ‘Help for Heroes’ types, so you just know what’s on it’s way down the pipe.
    Just try to enlighten those you love, if they don’t listen there is nothing you can do (Regardless of how much you love them, or care).
    I do still live in hope, and actively do what I can to educate people, but there’s only so much you can do.

  7. Anonymous says:

    @ 10:21 pm
    With Respect, You (and many like YOU/US) are dangerously mistaken imho. While I empathise with the thrust of your comment, the notion that people are going to break ranks from the ‘sheeple norm’ and risk life and livelihood is fanciful.

    Even amongst my own aware ‘coterie’, they comply with the norms they have been set by the ZOG because they are afraid and have pensions and families to consider. You cannot count on these people to make any difference whatsoever. When push comes to shove, they may even turn against you because their pensions/families are threatened.

    Perhaps the political ideology of FREEDOMISM needs to be infinitely more unforgiving than Talmudic Judaism /Communism which has butchered millions upon millions and counting.

    The choice is simple: victory or defeat. We take on and destroy every malevolent Jew on the planet who is seriously trying to destroy us, or we can submit and let them destroy us.

  8. Anonymous says:

    BCIYA (and the person alone tonight because people are in mablethorpe). its true never has there been a better time than now to express feelings, but a statement adds to a feeling agianst a untrusted party and weather the feeling or the statement is true the soul believes both even if 1 or both isn’t true

  9. Anonymous says:

    military bands playing in my local park the other day horrible noise a new thing.

    you wanna tap into the tavistock listen to radio 5 live.
    mark forest show help the hero type crap every night.
    ww1 for the next 4 years so much money and psychology being spent on military memory mostly fake.
    rob sharp late at night is ore chatham house zion a look into the crystal ball of future rothschild wars.

  10. Anonymous says:

    3.00mins in on BBC’s 5 live.


    Da Da, The BBC Have arrived

    You simply have to hear this for yourself

    3.00mins in on BBC’s 5 live.

    1pm 10 Aug 2014 on “Up all night”

    my thanks go out to the WISE “Dr Ben Atkins”


    such a delightful tip?

    more of same to come?


    Daily GEM Diamond tip of thr day!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I woke 3 years ago, had cancer,researched changes at cellular level,found alternative cancer doctors in US being murdered.Ive got one friend who is awake, met at AA meeting 11 yrs ago, both clean and sober since.Glad to be alive, glad to be awake. I bought zeolites for family for heavy metal detox, they laughed behind my back. Cant collect my pension till im 66,still slaving away.I can spot the advanced guard of the Spetznas now living in our community, i wonder what they will do to my family. What do i do? the telly went,every spare minute im researching, buying books, i hardly went to school, beaten so badly i lost my mind for a year at 7yrs old. Someone once said I never let my schooling interfeer with my education. Blessings to all.

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