Science is fraud whenever you meet it – fraud with an agenda

TAP – Once you realise that all science, like politics and history is fraud, the world gets a lot easier to understand.  The purpose of all these supposedly separate activities, is to maintain power over others (The victors write the history, remember).  That is ultimately achieved by reducing numbers of those who might challenge you, reducing their IQ and physical capabilities, keeping them ignorant, and not in possession of key technologies and resources.  The fraud described below is nothing exceptional, but the norm.  Be aware.

History was made today as CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson publicly confessed to an insidious CDC conspiracy to alter study data and commit scientific fraud:
Hours before this happened, the science journal Translational Neurodegeneration censored Brian Hooker’s analysis re-analysis of CDC data regarding MMR vaccines and autism:
The Venezuelan government announced that they would require citizens to carry a “biometric card” that limits food purchases through the use of electronic scanners and government databases:
Due to the Ebola outbreak, West African locals are being quarantined at gunpoint. They are growing desperate for food rations:
If you or someone you know just took a round of antibiotics, here is what you need to know to restore your intestinal flora:
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Tap, im a long time reader, first time commenter. Natural News is important as an activist outlet, however, to corroborate these assertions, primary data should also accompany these types of news events, if possible. Mike Adams and the crew over there do great work, but to increase the impact of information, they might do well to include better referencing. Thanks for your efforts, regardless.

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