Same journalists who ‘proved’ Iraq had WMD now assure the world Russia is invading Ukraine

“Russian Invasion” Of Ukraine, Turns Out to Have Been a Translation Error
After all major news-entities repeated the “invasion” claim and the public damage is done they simply take it back.

By Moon Of Alabama

August 29, 2014 “ICH” –The authors of this NYT piece, Ukraine Reports Russian Invasion on a New Front, are not really convincing when presenting these reports by the Ukrainian government as truthful:

The latest incursion, which Ukraine’s military said included five armored personnel carriers, was at least the third movement of troops and weapons from Russia across the southeast part of the border this week, further bluntingthe momentum Ukrainian forces have made in weakening the insurgents in their redoubts of Donetsk and Luhansk farther north. Evidence of a possible turn was seen in the panicky retreat of Ukrainian soldiers on Tuesday from a force they said had come over the Russian border.

Andriy Lysenko (lie senko), a spokesman for the Ukrainian military in Kiev, said the Russian armored column entered the town of Amvrosiyivka, south of Donetsk, expanding what Western and Ukrainian officials have described as one of the main fronts in a multipronged counteroffensive directed by Russia.

The “momentum” the Ukrainian troops had was never as big as the Ukrainian government had claimed. A few motorized brigades ran through open territory held by few insurgents and when coming to a halt at their primary target were immediately cut off and surrounded. Their morale is bad, their equipment old, ammunition is low and the entire aim of their campaign is dubious. Now even a few weak counterattacks, the “counteroffensive”, have them on the run.

While the piece repeats the Ukrainian claim that Russian material, including ammunition, passed over the border the third picture shows some 20+ wooden boxes of RPGs and the caption says:
“A villager opened a box of rocket-propelled grenades left by the Ukrainian Army in Starobecheve, southeast of Donetsk. Pro-Russia rebels took over the town after the military withdrew.”
Obviously the fleeing Ukrainian troops are leaving a lot of goodies behind.
Then there is this:

The separatists have asserted that they are using captured Ukrainian equipment. But American officials say they are confident that the artillery in the Krasnodon area of Ukraine is Russia’s since Ukrainian forces have not penetrated that deeply into that separatist-controlled region. American officials also say the separatists have no experience in using such weaponry.

That bold part is of course utter bullshit. The Donetsk miners and volunteers from Russia all have had regular military service. They surely will be able to handle Grad systems, little evolved from World War II, and other artillery.

The United States has photographs that show the Russian artillery moved into Ukraine, American officials say. One photo dated last Thursday, shown to a New York Times reporter, shows Russian military units moving self-propelled artillery into Ukraine. Another photo, dated Saturday, shows the artillery in firing positions in Ukraine.

“Shown to one NYT reporter” who likely can not differentiate a Grad system from a pipe organ is hardly any proof. Why doesn’t the U.S. publish the picture?

On the highway in Novoazovsk on Tuesday, Sgt. Ihor Sharapov, a soldier with the Ukrainian border patrol unit, said he had seen tanks drive across the border, although they were marked with flags of the Donetsk People’s Republic. Others suggested the flags were a ruse.“I tell you they are Russians, but this is what proof I have,” said Sgt. Aleksei Panko, holding up his thumb and index finger to form a zero.

Zero proof – indeed. I have absolutely no doubt that Russian volunteers are fighting on the insurgency side. I have no doubt that some ammunition is coming from Russia. But judging from pictures of equipment and ammunition the insurgents use nearly all of it seems to be the same Soviet era stuff the Ukrainian army is using. I have yet to see and big updated Russian equipment in their hands. The big Russian invasion the Ukrainian government claims is very unlikely to have happened.
This is a quite amazing “information operation” without doubt of U.S. origin.
Consider: The Ukrainian President talks about Russian affiliated insurgents in east-Ukraine and Reuters and others distribute this as “invasion”. After all major news-entities repeated the “invasion” claim and the public damage is done they simply take it back.
Consider this from Tagesschau, the highest rated German TV news show:

On #Ukraine there was a translation error by the agency Reuters: According to the correction Poroshenko did not talk of an invasion.

So there was an “invasion”, distributed by major news agencies, which then turns out to have been a translation error or anintentional Poroshenko ‘screw up’.
Notice that one author of the NYT piece above is Michael Gordon, who, together with Judith Miller, wrote sensational reports about proof of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. The current head of NATO who is promoting war against Russia, Fogh-of-war Rassmussen, said 11 years ago: “Iraq has WMDs. It is not something we think, it is something we know”.
These folks and the western news agencies that promoted the WMD in Iraq claims are now claiming a Russian “invasion” in Ukraine only to retract it when the damage is done. Warmongers. All of them.

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6 Responses to “Same journalists who ‘proved’ Iraq had WMD now assure the world Russia is invading Ukraine”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It’s not Russia that’s invading.

    The west will not start a war against Russia as that is a war the west cannot win, apart from Russia being allies to the west Russia is an integral part of the World Government.
    There will always be certain factions try to start conflict between countries but America will NOT go against Russia.

    The media sensationalize, it’s just fearmongering. Take no notice and the media will move on to another subject

  2. Tapestry says:

    That assessment is unfortunately clearly wrong. The NWO/NATO is hungry to get war with Russia started. They are planning a nuclear war. Many European cities will be targeted by Russia, our railway system, infrastructure and so on. The idiots in Washington believe they can win a nuclear war.

  3. Anonymous says:

    29 August 2014 Last updated at 14:03

    UK terrorist threat level raised to ‘severe’, Theresa May says
    Breaking news

    The UK international terror threat level has been raised to “severe”, Home Secretary Theresa May has said.

    The new alert level means an attack is “highly likely”. It is the fourth highest of five possible threat levels.

    Mrs May said there was no intelligence to suggest an attack was “imminent” but that the level had been raised in response to events in Iraq and Syria.

    The threat level in the UK last changed in July 2011 when it was reduced to “substantial”.


  4. Gordon says:

    This morning Obama was on TV spouting off the usual anti Russian rhetoric. It seems to Obama that Russia instigated the Ukrainian crisis, (no proof) but was the west, that Russia was responsible for shooting down Malaysian flight H17 (no proof) it was the Ukraine (probably Ukrainian or Polish fighter jets.) Russian forces invaded Ukraine (no proof.) The Russian aid convoy was a Trojan Horse (no proof) and of late Russian forces have amassed to invaded Ukraine.

    Truth of the matter is that Obama has been proved wrong on every account, that he is a renowned liar and is desperate to start a war with Russia.

    Truth of the matter is that Obama knows that the Ukrainian government and economy is in tatters and that Ukrainian forces are daily defecting to East Ukrainian forces or defecting to Russia.

    Truth of the matter is that Putin knows full well he mustn’t get involved in the Ukrainian civil war and refrain his forces from entering Ukraine.

    Truth is, Obama is screwed and is in panic mode! IMF considering a 1.6 Billion loan to Ukraine which they can’t afford to pay back and their assets will be stripped and given to US and western corporations.

    Re HETT:

    Teresa May doesn’t know her arse from her elbow and is fearmongering the British people. Satanists must tell us what they are doing or about to do so when the event happens they come in as the heroes but the reality is that they instigated the event. So yes, expect an event to take place on British soil but know that the only terrorist group carrying it out is through the orders of your own government and not Iran, Syria, ISIS, Christians, Islamists, Mickey Mouse or Santa Clause.

    See Here:

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sadly Cheers Gordon & TAP as always on the money.


    its all immanent

  6. Anonymous says:


    WOW what a treat!!!!

    Guess who fronted the Radio 4 news friday 10pm? today

    Not only the x sex Caroline Wyatt?

    Whyat the fcuk?

    adams apple free

    whats down the rat hole

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