Putin is too smart to spoil his diplomatic assets on a war that is already lost by Kiev

“Russian Invasion” – Screaming ‘Wolf!’ Strategy of Deception. Lies Repeated Umpteen Times. What is the Endgame?

Global Research, August 30, 2014

“The separatists are backed, trained, armed, financed by Russia. Russia determined that it had to be a little more overt in what it had already been doing, but it’s not really a shift.”Obama, 29 August 2014.

”If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.” – Joseph Goebbels (Hitler’s Propaganda Minister)

Interestingly, most of us who are seeking the truth are primarily attempting to undo the lies – lies umpteen times repeated, lies about “Russian invasions”, first proclaimed by Poroshenko, Ukraine’s oligarch leader (sic), lies of Russia “not respecting Ukraine’s sovereignty”, demonization directed against President Putin, Malaysian airliners downed by Russia – and-so-on.

The latest accusation is that JP Morgan and four other Wall Street banks have been hacked. And the culprit is…. Of, course Russia, according to the presstitute MSM.
It doesn’t matter whether what Poroshenko said and is repeated the world over was based on a translation error (according to the German Tagesschau, the German mainstream TV news) – or whether it is just a conventional lie continuously repeated until it becomes the truth à la Goebbels – the western bought propaganda machine takes full advantage of this hundreds of years old simple strategy of deception.

The interesting part, however, is that hardly anyone on that very occasion is presenting the counter-weight, so to speak, namely to what extent Kiev is assisted by US paid mercenaries, CIA military and strategic advisers and their equipment, all paid for in one way or another by the State Department, CIA, or NATO. And these are facts. Not inventions for deception.

There is enough proof about who caused the 22 February 2014 coup (Maidan) – Madame Nuland, Kerry’s assistant, bragged about it at the Washington Press club – remember the US$ 5 billion “investment” in Ukraine’s regime change that cannot be let go down the drain because of the f….ing Europeans. She was caught hot-handed or hot-voiced on the phone with the US Ambassador in Kiev.

Ever since that infamous coup, the US / NATO and the EU have had their dirty hands in Kiev’s Nazi killer junta – otherwise the Kiev thugs would have never had either the courage or the military knowledge to advance to the Donbas area of Ukraine, where they were literally ordered to kill their brothers. Some of them with some conscience defected early on; then they were accompanied under threats to life by CIA ‘advisers’. Eventually they defected by the thousands because of lack of food and ammunition and the resulting low-low morale.

It is actually irrelevant whether Russia has troops and armory in East Ukraine. In fact it would be well justified for Russia to defend her countrymen from savage slaughter, as many Donbas citizens are originally Russians. But – they don’t, as Mr. Putin is too smart to spoil his diplomatic assets on a war that is already lost by Kiev.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    BTW Goebells did not say that i have all his speeches, and readers may not know this but he was prohibted from lying
    a bit different to our politicians eh ?

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Buggering British Children expected to continue as usual. War to be promoted.

    New BBC Appointee Rona Fairhead CBE only expect her to tow the Common Purpose line and protect the BBC nonces.



    The Orwell Prize is administered by the Orwell Trust, the board of The Political Quarterly, and the Media Standards Trust.

    Sir David Bell – Chair, MST Board

    Chairman, Financial Times
    In addition to this, he is a Non-Executive Director of The Economist, the Vitec Group plc and The Windmill Partnership, Chairman of Common Purpose International

    Sir David Bell became a Director of Pearson in March 1996. He is Chairman of the Financial Times Group, having been Chief Executive of the Financial Times since 1993. In July 1998 he was appointed Pearson’s Director for People with responsibility for the recruitment, motivation, development and reward of employees across the Pearson Group. http://lifeinthemix.org.uk/media_standards_trus.html

    Rona Fairhead

    Career assoc conslt Bain & Co 1983-87, analyst Morgan Stanley Int 1988, mangr Bain & Co 1989-90, ind conslt British Aerospace plc 1991; Bombardier Inc/Shorts Brothers plc: joined 1991, vice-pres corp strategy and public affrs 1994-95, vice-pres UK Aerospace Servs 1995-96; ICI plc: dir of planning & acquisitions 1996-97, exec vice-pres for planning and communications 1997-98, exec vice-pres strategy and control 1998-2001 (also memb Exec Mgmnt Team); chief financial offr Pearson plc 2002-06 (dep finance dir 2001-02), chief exec FT Gp 2006-; non-exec dir: Laganside Corp Belfast 1994-2000, Harvard Business School Publishing 2002-, HSBC Holdings plc 2004-

  3. Nollidge says:

    The “Goebbels” quote was first attributed to Lenin.When Hitler – allegedly – spoke/wrote of “the big lie”,he in fact meant “those people,they always tell a lie over & over until we think/accept it as the truth”,meaning Jews.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    UK Terror Threat Level Changed To Severe In Preparation For The False Flag Event
    Read more at http://investmentwatchblog.com/uk-terror-threat-level-changed-to-severe-in-preparation-for-the-false-flag-event/

    Illegal Israeli drone operations over Iran are part of a regional destabilization, coordinated through Israel, Georgia and Turkey, an “Axis” that not only has put dangerous intelligence operations illegally on Iran’s northern border but is also working directly with ISIS, channeling Takfiri extremists into Syria and Iraq, providing trained advisors and delivering “platform based” intelligence as well.

  5. Gordon says:

    My concern is the up and coming NATO meeting in Wales next weekend. Ukraine is in attendance and will be seeking NATO membership. If full membership is granted and Russian troops enter the country by mistake or otherwise Kiev will have the right to call on NATO forces for assistance.
    I feel Kiev will create the lie that Russian troops have entered eastern Ukraine and the use of NATO support to push into eastern Ukraine to take control only to return it to the puppet regime in Kiev. Meanwhile, Putin has the right to protect his Russian people in eastern Ukraine and a full blown NATO – Russian conflict may well erupt.

  6. Tapestry says:

    The Ukraine military has worked it out – better to surrender/lose battles quickly to Eastern Ukrainians, now the independent state of Novorussia – than take part in a massacre of civilians and then become cannon fodder to get WW3 started. Kiev has already lost the war with the new state, and is desperate to get NATO to stem further advances of the Novorussians, by building up forces in Romania. Putin can sit on his hands and allow the military catastrophe brought about by the EU in Ukraine to move to its inevitable conclusion. The accusations of Russian invasion are already hollow. The repeating of them will make them seem even more daft.

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