Man’s house taken over by over fifty fake ‘police officers’ using fraudulent documents. Talk about intimidation.

Abuse of the statutory process is a common law offence. 

Solicitors fraudulently representing themselves as courts, using coats of arms. 

People losing their homes based on fraudulent and illegal documents.  People having costs allocated against them via fraudulent documents.

Judges are allowed to ‘amend’ the court record.  You need to record the court case yourself.

Bankruptcy is now a fraudulent law being used to asset strip people since 1976.  People are getting wise to what’s been going on, as it’s affecting more and more people.

Lawyers/Police lying in court lose crown immunity if they’re using fraudulent documentation.  He brought a case against British Gas bailiffs for burglary.   He’s not intimidated by the big corporations and he’s fighting them hard and winning, using the common law.


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  1. sovereigntea says:

    This is real Video footage of what Rothschild mincer Cameron and your stooge occupied government support. Never forget chickens come home to roost ! Ukraine = Gaza … coming your way soon debt slaves ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    When you consider that the very banking/money supply/credit ‘creation out of thin air’ system that we support is essentially a wholly criminal activity, then it should come as no surprise that the justice(sic) system is similarly compromised as well.

    ANYTHING landing on the doormat with one’s name in CAPITAL LETTERS is not relating to you (the human) but the fictitious you (the legal fiction) unwittingly created by one’s parents on birth registration.

    The CREDIT CARDS in all our wallets and purses are not the real you either. Even the BIRTH CERTIFICATE (especially) is not you. It’s an illusion to extract money.

    Meet Your Strawman

    Money As Debt 1: what money is & why we are bankers’ slaves 10:03

    A complicit so called judge never operates under his/her Oath of Office when acting as an administrative money extractor for ‘whoever’. They will attempt to con you (usually successfully) into representing your Strawman by you answering your name(sic). Unfortunately, the NAME in front of him/her is all in CAPITALS and is not the human you. You of course are totally unaware of this in most cases.

    “Sovereign Man” walks out of court, scares off the judge 4:52

  3. Anonymous says:

    Lol..also BBc Tv licence man ..done it to one other day pure magic …Iv been waiting im. not buying tv licence anymore support. a Nonce company nah …

  4. Anonymous says:

    When a relation of mine had a caravan stolen in broad daylight, from her garden.
    The neighbours had telephoned the Police when they saw cutting gear used to remove locks on the property.
    After several hours, enquiries were made to see why the Police had not arrived.
    They were told “since Ethnic minorities were involved, they could not attend”.
    There are people to who the Law does not apply.
    There are other people who the Police like to crack down hard on, like this video shows.

  5. sovereigntea says:

    Can HMRC show you the contract ? where did you sign up to pay their war tax ( income tax ).

    So called national insurance where is the contract where are the terms & conditions of the policy ? If its a contract how come they can rip you off and change the terms without your consent ie move the age goal posts from 65 to 67 without your agreement. Work until you die is their game serfs.

    PS in Greece you pay 16 % VAT why is it 20 % in the UK after all we are one big EU ( a USA slave state ) happy family. Yet again you debt slaves are being cheated by mincing piss takers and child rapists.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Dear TAP your site has been a god send to me

    i believe i & my family have suffered many satanic curses influences since the late 1970s YES that is decades of hell.

    i only have one question

    as clearly savile is known for many thing on this site & else where.

    is there any body familier with maybe DEATHS? poisonings? caused by savile or friends in high places?

    if savile & friends embrace satan then surely this has been over looked?

    if anybody can show how evil & bad the influence of these satanic evil shits can be its me & my family.

    i would share today but ridicule from the shits is too easy & my damaged life is REAL we dont want any more pain.


  7. sovereigntea says:

    The joke of course is on you the taxpayers who are paying plods wages.

    Plod are of course being used for political common purposes in this instance intimdation and suppression of dissent is their game. Last laugh is on plod re their airwave / Tetra radios bankster owned of course see Barry Trower report which their own federaton and bosses concealed from them … 17.6hz pulse suckers.

    We have seen cops act like this before.

    The Gestapo–NKVD conferences were a series of meetings organized in late 1939 and early 1940[1][2] whose purpose was to enable the German and Soviet security forces (the Gestapo and NKVD respectively) to share information regarding their operations in Poland. In spite of their differences on other issues, both Heinrich Himmler and Lavrentiy Beria had common purposes.

    The link international banks .. can you work out the fake dialectic Sherlock plod of the yard. 1212

  8. wasp says:

    Hi Tap, if you ‘mouse click,’ “James Foley’s parents are ‘Crisis’ actors – hoax online” active link, this will lead to the Article in single viewpage, & not as a continuum of articles.

    This will give you access to New & Old Posts, & active video link.

    I just started to look at the Blog, after doing a virus scan, & noticed the fault. I thought it was one of my Tracking Blockers, that was playing up, I use a multitude of Search Engines, as Chrome is a load of Crap, & Firefox isn’t as good as it used to be, as for i.e the least said the better, as it favours, Bing & Yahoo, which I wouldnt touch with a Barge Pole, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to do likewise, unless they know what they are doing, as the resultant will be a Blank Screen. Trackers are a Pain in The Arse, I have taken out about 70,000, & their Bloody Cookies, all this Junk will take over if allowed to.


    The Jesuits are the ones in Control, make no mistake about that, The Jews are Just Puppets, as I have told you on numerous occasions.

    Religion is a deception, which many of you appear not to understand, & are deceived by it, In the same way, Jews are controlled by the Jesuits, not the other way around, as this is the deception. The application of a little common sense, will tell you this, providing you are not gullible.

    I look at things in an entirely different way to most of you, who still stick with your Parameters, which don’t exist in Nature. I have more than enough proof to justify, this statement.

    If you have a knowledge of Quantum Physics, studied the Occult, red some of Jung’s Stuff, & also appreciate the significance of Maxwell’s Equations, which I have mentioned on many occasions, you will appreciate, what I have told you in various Posts.

    It is unfortunate that Einstein takes precedence, over James Clark Maxwell, it should also be noted that Tesla, took over where, Maxwell had done the Ground Work, there were also many Eminent Mathematicians, who should also be mentioned, but never are.

    The only thing that exists, & can never be destroyed is ENERGY, but may exist in different forms.
    Therefore: The Great Architect of The Universe *G* is Energy.

    *G* = Energy

    Anyone who says this is incorrect is a Disinformer.

    I am the only one who has consistently Told you this & that The Jesuits are the Top Controllers for The Illuminate, Councils, who hold the real Power.

    It is also necessary to consider Multi parallel Universes, & the purpose of Sacrificial Offerings related to them, as well as the reason for this. The Top Nazis knew all about this, but don’t think, Hitler was the Top Dog because he wasn’t, which I have also told you before.

    You all need to know what you are talking about, before convincing your selves, what I tell you, is rubbish, & most of you don’t, & never will if all you can do is Chase Jews.

    The only thing I don’t have at present is a great deal of Blogging Time.
    I will continue the story at a later date.

    REGARDS ……….. WASP

  9. Anonymous says:

    Ian Tomlinson killed by PC Simon Harwood at G20 Protest

    The Ultra Pig Harwood had previous violent form – dismissed from the ever corrupt Met that he somehow wormed his way back into – and most certainly wouldn’t have acted the way he did against a Black or Moslem.

    Institutionally anti-White Pig Harwood knew he would get away with wacking a White, even if he didn’t actually mean to kill Ian Tomlinson. I suspect it was Pig Harwood’s worse nightmare – getting caught that is. I would have shot this Harwood bastard without a moment’s hesitation. Justice served.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I cannot understand those who are afraid of those in uniform or of authority. I remember a distressing article some years ago of four young cops getting gunned down in the States while taking a break in some coffee bar that they were encouraged to frequent to ‘mix with the people’.

    A senior police spokesman said that guys like the one they unfortunately took issue with/confronted in the coffee bar are not afraid of cops in any way, shape or form and will always face up to the cop/cops and NEVER allow themselves to be intimidated by them. Drawing a gun and facing up to a cop is as natural as drawing a breath.

    That four armed cops could lose their lives so swiftly and clinically to one armed hoodlum demonstrates the ruthless determination of those who perceive the police and the police state they serve as a bitter enemy. Is that where we are – or are heading – in the UK today?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Isn’t this from the raid back in April? If so, what was the eventual outcome?

  12. Anonymous says:

    i dont beleive in father christmas little green men or wasps ramblings on jesuits.
    But i can tell you the government tells the CBI ( confederation of british industry ) to employ foreign first, the british people are to be financially exploited in order to pay for the new incomers

  13. Anonymous says:

    There are indeed rumours about savile and others like sir anthony blunt having murdered children at their jewish ritual murder events, the queens mother is said by insiders to have attended at least two of these
    Look up the sheer numbers of missing kids that never show up again
    Tesco after they were caught adding horsemeat to beef, had random items tested, they found much kangaroo, horse some chicken and traces of pig in the beef along with some human DNA
    tesco explained that some palestinian bodies had by error not gone into pet food but the human food chain and were sorry and said it wil not happen again

  14. Anonymous says:

    It does not matter what you think of churchill, it is wrong to go to his statue to urinate, this has gone on long enough now for something to have been done about it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    have you noticed its only British people who are harassed and robbed by our government, and BTW i am very proud to say i ama regular oilgrim to piss up the churchill ststue.
    Ian Bormann

  16. Anonymous says:

    hello tap
    I live in Norwich and only been to londona couple of times, and only just heard about the churchill ststue
    but if you look at that great website “england is ours” they cover it quite a bit

  17. Anonymous says:

    Thank you wasps.hand in glove x

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