NPP’s lengthy list of historical hoaxes

Germar Rudolf on the Ethnic Cleansing of Germans Post WWII and his own persecution:

15 million Germans were ethnically cleansed at the end of WW2.  2 million were murdered by the Russians.  Millions more by the Americans.  History does not record or take note.  The victors decide what gets into history books.

At Auschwitz more Catholics died than Jews.  Mostly Polish Catholics.  Around 30,000 Jews died at Auschwitz.

German opponents of the NAZIs died in the camps.

Zyklon B was used for delousing prisoners.  Typhus was a big killer in East Europe in the 1940s.  It was transferred by lice. Hygienic measures collapsed in wartime, and disinfesting was necessary for soldiers as well as prisoners.

Zyklon B was the pest control agent of its day, sold in the USA as well.  Delousing centres were everywhere during the war.  People were shaved in the camps.  Showers, and delousing chemical.  There was always a shortage of Zyklon B.  The gas chambers were delousing chambers, not killing chambers.  The shortage of Zyklon B lead to great loss of life in typhus outbreaks.

The walls in the gas chambers were blue from the chemicals.  The alleged homicidal gas chambers have no cyanide detectable, in numerous laboratories.  They were delousing chambers.

Germar was imprisoned for reaching these conclusions.  

The Americans had ten nuclear bombs ready for WW2.  They were intended for Germany, not Japan.  The Allies intended to kill up to 50 million Germans at the end of the war, if they could have done so.

The German economy overtook Britain’s pre-WW1, and was set to dwarf Britain by the 1930s.  Britain was losing the game, and needed to get rid of the Germans.

During Versailles negotiations, Germany was still being attacked by Poland, and was put in a situation which was bound to lead to another war.

Six million Jews were more likely one million. 

Art 5 Para 1 German Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.  Para 2 says this freedom can be restricted! Germar’s PhD was withheld and he was sent to jail for fourteen months.  His trial was in1994.  He was about to publish a book when his house was broken into, and his work removed.

Police continued to confiscate his work with house searches of the publishers, all the people who bought the books, and small magazines who published his articles.  His work was totally suppressed to ensure his books never saw the light of day.

He left Germany.  He thought about Spain, but there too, ‘holocaust denial’ was becoming illegal under German pressure.  Germar doesn’t deny many people died.  He denies that Zyklon B was used to kill people, and one or two other facts.  He chose England which was not planning to introduce an HD law.  He calls himself a revisionist historian, not a denier of anything.

He set up a small publishing company.  But was still pursued by German legal authorities.  In 1999 he left England for the USA, with the UK government calling him ‘a new breed of NAZI’ on TV.

He applied for political asylum in the USA, but ended up in jail in Germany again.  After spending $250,000 in legal costs. He’s still publishing on the holocaust, but people who receive the book or download, are committing a crime.  They can’t possibly allow people to find out the revision of their ‘official history’. All the wars need to build on the accumulated ‘history’ to produce new propaganda, and Hitler and Germans provide the propagandists with their number one historical horror show.  It can’t be allowed to be questioned.

He gave a lecture on the corruption of the German judicial system in the court, the right to resist, when facing the threat of 25 years in jail.  The judge was benevolent.  He read Germar’s book.  He got a two and a half year sentence, and was able to return after 44 months in jail.   Released in 2009, and left Germany a second time..  The persecution ripped his first family apart.  He was ripped away from a second family by jail, but his second wife waited and they were back together by 2011.

Other revisionists that lead Robert Forrestal(?), Paul Racinier.
You cannot stop a bird from singing.   Unjust treatment forces him to keep going.

This works as I post:
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Full Ry Dawson David Cole interview:

Ry Dawson feels questioning Sandy Hook is a waste of time for idiots… oops. I have questions about Sandy Hook.
Why is Wolfgang Halbig having such a difficult time having questions answered?

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Alex Jones taken to the woodshed by Ry Dawson:

But, Alex Jones gives an interesting break down of what we call ISIS, Turks refer to as ISIL. InfoWars is among the biggest circulation alternative media and Alex Jones often criticised for his brash ‘American Texan’ style, but he a damn sight more informative than our dumfukistani BBC:
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Elie Wiesel: Hamas Child Sacrifice: can you believe this shit?

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What? You work 9-5 with kids and supper to prepare and no time for internet interviews about bloody Hitler? 
I know, it’s a choice. keep buying those poppies eh!

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6 Responses to “NPP’s lengthy list of historical hoaxes”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well said, that Man.
    Alex Jones is married to a Jewess, so he is hardly going to attack Israel.
    Alex is controlled opposition, he does some good and lot’s of harm.
    When he starts to shout, you know you have hit his soft spot.
    Take Alex with a very large pinch of salt.
    Never seen this video before, let’s have more.

  2. NPP says:

    I assume you made these notes on Germar Rudolf. Thank you. I’d only watched / listened through while watching paint dry.
    Interesting stuff.
    This persistent imprisonment of individuals for expressing conclusions, ‘thoughts’,’words’ is surely exactly what ‘we’ fought for; freddom of thought and action so long as you do not encouch upon another’s personal sovereignty.
    Even if Germar and others are perceived as talking inaccuracies, to invite ‘offence’ and acquiesce to victim mode by forcing incareration upon that person is paramount to, well, to use Mark Passio’s definition, evil action.

    Cheers. The notes are welcome to look over this morning.

    Alex Jones? He presents information where the BBC fails. Labels such as controlled opposition are sweeping tags. I call for the views of Alex Jones to be brought to the BBC, public broadasting table, so the information can be shared, analysed and at least addressed.

    Ry Dawson is a great source of information and ideas and then sometimes draws conclusions I remain open on. Keep sharing the ideas TAP.

    PS The Tesco UK Communications Director called me yesterday in response to a couple of lengthy written protests about Tesco removing the magazine What Doctors Don’t Tell You from their shelves. I’m not suggesting the magazine will return, but my concerns have been passed onto the buying department and we had a pleasant chat. My ‘fracking’ MP has at least 3 letters currently sitting within his office.

    Keep expressing yourself. Numbers will count. Doing nothing will also count by maintaining the status quo. Yes, it is like pissing in the wind. Keep pissing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hitler – Greatest story never told video not available to view in France 🙁 and Germar Rudolf video cut out half way thru fro no good reason. However I still got access to hidden history of ww1 website 😉 🙂

  4. shirlz007 says:

    If you want to know the TRUTH regarding Israel, Zionism… Rothschild and co… you gotta look at the TRILLIONS (valued in 1927!) in untapped mineral wealth, in and around The Dead Sea (this goes back to 1927, before)…
    (I will continue to update this over the next two days)…

    I’VE KNOWN ABOUT IT SINCE 09… not a SINGLE other person ever talks about it!!!




    JUDAISM AND ZIONISM… ACCURATLEY PUT!… ‘the facts are the facts’



  5. shirlz007 says:

    ONE other person talked about it… HE’S NOW DEAD!

    (this is why I get soooo pissed at the ‘Truther Movement’)

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