Kevin Annett webcam interview. Mark Windows.

The precedent of the conviction of King Charles 1 was used to prosecute current Royal Family members. 

Common Law courts are mushrooming all over England.

ITCCS are organising Conventions to become a Republic in Canada. The same is planned in England.  He’s visiting England soon (September).  Now is the time to reclaim the law so get in touch if you can see the law is lost.


There are people all over England now getting going on Common Law courts.  Kevin will put you in touch with people local to you.

Fukushima.  Mark Heley interview.

What’s the real story?

Reactor 4 was offline at the time of the accident, yet there was a major explosion in that building.  What could have caused that explosion?

The big issue now is containment of contaminated water.  The tanks are leaking.  Large amounts escaping into the ground.  Water is moving from the ground to the ocean.  Contamination is getting worse as time goes on.

Fukushima so far is smaller than Cernobyl.  Children’s health in Japan is the greatest area of human health risk.  Wide ranging effects can come from caesium contamination at quite low levels. Japanese fish are giving high readings.  Playgrounds in Japan have unsafe levels.  No action being taken by Japanese authorities.

Children need radioprotective diets, and aren’t getting them.  The culture of denial means no action is being taken on the ground.  The people in Japan are not being informed of what they need to do.  The risk is so far lower than Cernobyl, but still serious enough to be worth

His Book –  Fukushima.  What you need to know.  Has it all there.  North Atlantic Books.  As an e-book.  Too.  Coming very shortly.

Max Bliss.  Agenda 21.

Horizon 2020 is coming in.  A massive European programme. A Human brain project.  Transforming our society through technology to prepare for one world government, to bring in consent to OWG.  Facilitators and change agents, social entrepreneurs are being placed into communities, skilled in networking and developing community interest groups.  They will remove rights of property, transport and choice.

There is also an EU society-based programme, designed to radically restructure society, and reset priorities.  A Communist state.

Horizon 2020 is about a neural interface with technology.  Introducing technology into our actual bodies.  Nanotechnology, and neuroscience will merge.  ‘Smart’ means in constant communication, to Police you.  Smart meters will control what you do in your own homes.

High density flats in super cities.  

A group of architects has come together in a sowing! group in Mark’s area.  They are monitoring the community at every level.  You cannot own these flats which are interfaced with the Police and the local authority, totally surveilled with cameras.  Face recognition on CCTV.  Remote access to your webcam.  Black boxes in cars will monitor your every movement.   Orwellian.  Why do people tolerate this?

Our freedoms are disappearing rapidly.  Stop cooperating with these ‘communitarian’ local authorities.  The Big Society means total surveillance.

There will be fewer and fewer jobs, leaving people dependent on the state.  The monitoring will ultimately be automated, and carried out by computers.  The free range slaves we are now will become lockdown serfs.

No one will be allowed to live in the rural areas.  People will be moved into ‘Smart’ cities, which will be called convenient, but are good for control.  Land and property will be grabbed.  Countryside is being closed off, called areas of biodiversity.  Rural areas are being depopulated.  You will need a special pass to get into them.

The elites are building a system which will ensure they can never be challenged ever again.  They are mentally unstable.  They’ve got despotic ideas.  Two thirds of the world’s countries are in population decline.  We are at less than 2.1 fertility rate.  We are being made infertile.  In France male sperm counts dropped 33% in ten years.  Since the 1950s, male sperm count is down 70%.

Diseases like cancer etc are seeing big increases.  These are manmade increases.  One in three is expected to die from Alzheimers, which is linked to aluminium exposure.

A few hundred people control all the corporations.  They are terrified of being pushed out.  A system of tyranny is being devised.

The term ‘domestic terrorist’ under the Terrorism Act 2000 include political activism of all kinds.  911, the false terror event, was the excuse they used to bring in these laws.

Part of Agenda 21 is to stop people growing food at home.  People can be imprisoned in the United States for growing food.  It’s now coming to the UK.  The change agents are everywhere.

The green agenda was set up after WW2, in the 1950s onwards. They considered melting the polar icecaps to terrify people.  Other techniques have been used to change peoples’ perceptions of things like climate change.  The more people understand, the more we become empowered.   We need to reach the people within the establishment – TAP – people like Owen Paterson.

This is being implemented through your local councils, parish councils, local authorities, a network of facilitators, change agents to take over your local community.  Get active.  Go for local democracy, and other methods of fighting back.  Above all, don’t go quiet.  Talk.

Print our own money.  Don’t watch TV.  Apart from Windows On The World!

Hitlery Clinton,  mentioned by MW!  


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10 Responses to “Kevin Annett webcam interview. Mark Windows.”

  1. shirlz007 says:


    Tap commentators (enlightened ones)… I am attempting to put together a timeline of the history of ‘The Illuminati’ (I believe the term has been stolen, and needs taking back)…

    Please feel free to contribute (retards will be disregarded… no abuse)… some of you know more about this stuff than me, or my associates (Calism, Occultic societies etc.)


  2. Anonymous says: Snowden, Greenwald, Assange all CIA assets part 1

  3. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Hi Shirlz
    Have you looked at the Armageddon Conspiracy do co dot uk website for stuff on Illuminati? There is days worth of reading there. Also citizen pariah dot com – though he sometimes duplicates AC.

    Also Mike Hockney?

  4. shirlz007 says:

    Well… CIA and ‘motivations’ aside… Mr Snowden (and Greenwald… who’s Jewish… and gay) just shit right on Israel! 😀 RIGHT ON TEL AVIV!


    ‘Somewhere in Europe’… I’ve noted it down thankyou. 🙂
    much appreciated x



    ISRAEL… A ROTHSCHILD ‘RESOURCE AND FOSSIL FUEL’ THEFT! (plain and simple… ‘the facts are the facts’)

    ISRAEL – ROTHSCHILDS’ FRANKENSTEINS MONSTER (loving the term use) – 9/11 and Israel

    JUDAISM AND ZIONISM… ACCURATLEY PUT!… ‘the facts are the facts’


    I’ve sat on this since 09, waiting to see if anyone else would be brave enough to talk about it… THIS IS THE MAIN MOTIVE FOR ISRAEL/ZIONISM AND ROTHSCHILD!
    (I can’t believe no-one else talks mentions it, or researches it… or brings it up regarding Palestine? or The Rothschild family? Creation of Israel or Zionism)



    Ah well… guess we’re on our own boys!
    (good, way we like it)

    Thanks again Somewhere in Europe! 😉

    The Pierces new song – Creation XD

  5. shirlz007 says:

    estimated to be $5 trillion in 77… we’re calculated it today to be anywhere between $50 – 200 trillion! (possibly more)

    The mineral is continually replenishing itself… and IT WILL be vital for the global food supply of mankind!
    (much like areas of Sahara desert)… POTASH!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Economic Collapse Death Spiral Has Begun

  7. Anonymous says:

    Some people love the sound off their keys tapping to know who you are!!..Please wasps come back ..yr missed ..

  8. Anonymous says:

    Shirlz – try Wes Penre – he spent years researching Illuminate.

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