Jordan Maxwell. This is worth watching.

Stephen Holding of Sinclair Oil (left) accused of child torture and murder in video below

 It’s very long-winded, and a bit wandery.  I’m not sold.   In fact I’ve deleted it.  If he’d got some amazing revelation to make, it’s not exactly hitting you between the eyes.  The usual health warnings about Project Camelot apply.  Why are they always running the life on Mars thing?  Just get out the pictures next time, and save us all a lot of time.  Don’t you have any?  I wonder why. I apologise to readers for putting them through this drivel.

Watch this instead and learn something worth knowing.

A must see.

Child sacrifice takes place every month in various locations in Montreal and Dublin under the auspices of The Ninth Circle.

The ITCCS takes down the people organising the ritual in a private basement at Outremont near Montreal.

Two small prison cells.  A sound-proof chamber. Metallic torture devices.  Sacrificial swords.  Children’s clothing. Child Pornography.  Film equipment.  Bloodstains on an altar.

A woman detained starts talking and named a local Catholic bishop from Montreal.  Also named Kerry Brick from Minneapolis, a corporate executive of Cargill.  


Robert Earl Holding (right), owner of Sinclair Oil, is seen during a 2008 press conference before a groundbreaking at the company’s Tulsa facility. At left is his son, Stephen Holding. The elder Holding died Friday at age 86. 

Another named participant is Steven Holding from Sun Valley, Idaho –  from Sinclair Oil Ltd.  These names were already listed as suspected participants in child ritual killings.

The two children to be killed were being held at McGill University.  Normally they were drugged and then brought to the sacrifice at the last minute.  Nobody turned up, as the action was clearly tipped off.

The let the security guard go.   Others were arrested and are under questioning.

In Dublin they did a similar action at the same time.  Damian O’Reilly was identified as being involved in the child sacrifice ceremony, an assistant to the head of the Church in Ireland, a suspected member of the Ninth Circle.  In Dublin cathedrals are/were being used for child torture and sacrifice.

St Patricks, Dublin.  The Catholic Church’s days are numbered all over the world.  You don’t need buildings to pray, and certainly not buildings contaminated by the greatest evil imaginable.

In Montreal, there are police involved in the Ninth Circle, so there is no police action to stop and investigate the ritual torture and sacrifice of children.  They are very active in Montreal, as well as elsewhere across the world.

Q.  In the UK, the Queen claims sovereign immunity as do the two Popes, even though they also have engaged in genocide.  Is that valid?

A.  Sovereign immunity is meaningless.  In Quebec, they’re happy for the Queen to be deposed, and be put on trial for genocide.

Citizen’s arrest laws in Canada permit arrest based on suspicion now.  Formerly it was necessary to witness the crime to carry out citizen’s arrest.  More consequences will flow.

The participants were arrested and interviewed.  Hopefully a domino effect will happen.

Annett has 6000 members in his organisation, though he needs much more support.  They have verdicts against the Queen and the current Pope at the ITCCS, and they need more people to support.

Interesting side details about the Pope visiting the USA.  The Vatican is putting money into Russia and China, and the Queen and the western bankers are frantically trying to stop the Vatican from splitting its loyalties across other countries.

TAP – I’ll need to listen to this again later when there’s not so much noise in the house.  My wife asks me why I don’t want to attend Church each week – like today.  I tell her that the priests are involved in child sacrifice and torture and I can’t bear looking at them posing around in their long frocks fronting a severely criminal organisation.  I pray to God quite nicely without these evil institutions getting in the way.  She looks puzzled and does not believe me.  I am sure she eventually will do.  But after a lifetime of believing the Pope’s a great guy and her saviour, it will be very difficult for her to take all this in.

Step past fear.   The resistance must strengthen.  Children are being tortured and sacrificed on a monthly basis all over the world.  It must stop.  Contact

ITCCS is expanding into multiple new cities, including in Germany. Even in Rome, people are coming forward, and in Milan and showing determined support.  The Common Law movement is being attacked financially, however.  The command structure within the Tribunal is hidden, as are its funds. The Coventry common law court is active in the UK.

The direct action teams as arrested people in Montreal, and are operating in Dublin, have serious funding from within Europe. They will be pushing ahead with citizen’s arrests, and pushing the on-the-ground organisations, workshops, spreading the word and getting the community involved.  ITCCS is active in 31 states in the USA.   By necessity in the beginning, the operation has to be underground.  Solid community involvement is needed everywhere.  Maybe Damian McBride should be interviewed, for example.


Facebook is penetrated but it’s a great place to gather for community groups.  But better still is real action.  Take ITCCS leaflets into your local banks, and local churches and start talking to people.  That’s how to build the momentum this movement needs to become fully effective.

Crown authority is a fiction.  People need to occupy their assets, by working as a community.

In the US, restore the Republic is growing fast.  The militias are very organised.  They need to arrest crooked judges.  In the US they need to reclaim their country from the corporate government.  The de jure versus the de facto governments are at war in the USA.  Ask your conscience.  Know your history.  Many sherriffs are working for the common law movement, and are working to reclaim their lands from the illegal federal corporate government.

A lot more detail.  You must watch this.  Canada has a republican movement spreading across the country.  The organising committee is working from Winnipeg.  Regional councils are being set up.  A constitution is being hammered out.  Republic of Canata? dot com is on the internet.

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  1. shirlz007 says:

    EVERYONE wants to know how CIA/Mossad/US Special Ops, managed to get $160 billion of gold bullion from beneath the WTC4, and out of New York in the aftermath of the Sept 11 attacks…



  2. NPP says:

    I had listened/watched this before, but enjoyed doing so again while working…

    Jordan mentions:
    Preston Nichols (2014 VIDEO INTERVIEW):
    … a ‘layman’ watching this might easily deem him bat shit crazy, which is why it is so easy for these people to be ‘allowed’ to talk, since even if it was accurate evidence, most would not believe it.

    William Henry:

  3. Tapestry says:

    So much talk and hype and so little information. I couldn’t take it. I deleted the video which went viral all over the place for some reason. Anything that informs people gets cut off. Anything to bamboozle them with tripe gets given wings. The internet is well managed to stop news from getting out, and false information propagated.

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