I’ve got sickly grandchildren

This commenter speaks for many.

Easier said than done? The Goyim are totally brainwashed. I’ve got sickly grandchildren because they were injected with this Jewish pharmaceutical shit. I tried to warn the parents/my children but they dismissed me and even called me a crank. They chose the Jew lie and had their kids injected with alien animal extracts and mercurial-like poisons. The children’s immune system was sabotaged. I tried my best. I failed.

More people should listen to this from Dr Rebecca Carley


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  1. Anonymous says:

    State of emergency in Ohio as over 400,000 warned to not drink toxic tap water

    The state emergency operations center has been activated in response to the water contamination issue affecting the Toledo area.

    Comment: “Frack me, I am surprised.”


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