Israel is going to cause the death of everyone in Gaza

Depopulation, the Israeli way- from Jim Stone’s Website

“500,000 now homeless in Gaza, 100 square kilometers leveled
Just as I predicted the day MH17/370 got shot down, Gaza is in fact being eradicated. That is the end goal. And if 500,000 are now homeless, it is a laughable thought to believe only a thousand or two died.

A Hard extrapolated FACT about Gaza you will NEVER hear reported:
A little math can tell you the truth about how devastating the Israeli assault on Gaza has been, even if the SCAMMING ZIOPRESS REFUSES TO TELL YOU:
360 square kilometers of land x 500,000 made homeless / total population of 1.8 million equals 100 SQUARE KILOMETERS LEVELED. Gaza is one of the most densely populated places on earth, and almost every square foot is occupied by housing. This makes measuring the destruction in square kilometers accurate.

How much is 100 square kilometers, really?
If city blocks are as long as a football field, which is 300 feet, and you walked down a city street that had nothing but densely packed houses and apartment complexes on it, EVERYTHING would be leveled for 300 feet into the distance on BOTH SIDES OF YOU including all houses and buildings on the blocks you are walking on that are facing THE NEXT STREET OVER for the entire length of a FIVE HUNDRED KILOMETER WALK. Since almost no one can walk 50 kilometers in a day, (and if you did that would be 10 hours of walking at a normal pace) only the most athletic people would be able to walk past the destruction which would be 600 feet across TOTAL, in less than 10 days at 10 hours per day of walking. The destruction is THAT BAD.

Another way of saying it: Many cars only have a 500 kilometer highway range on a full tank of gas. If that street was a highway, and you left with a full tank, you would need to fill up after driving a path of total destruction until the entire tank was gone. Needless to say, the destruction is so bad it is beyond comprehension.

It is OBVIOUS what is going on here, Israel is going to cause the death of everyone in Gaza.

And when these people die, Israelis will sit back and say they did not do it, that they killed NO ONE because the people only died because they were too lazy to build houses and too lazy to keep water infrastructure in place and too lazy to keep the power on, (never mind the fact that everything was fine before the bombs fell and you cannot just wish it all back).

If Egypt will not take the people from Gaza in, (And Israel is highly likely to deny their exit anyway) they are doomed to death, the bombing is not stopping, it is accelerating and the disaster is already so huge that there is no way a massive die off will ever be avoided unless Israel stops bombing RIGHT NOW, and they will not. 500,000 homeless and 100 square kilometers leveled with bombing accelerating tells the future before it happens, this is the END of Gaza and if the gates are not opened to Egypt, it is the END of everyone living there.”

Jim Stone also recommends high strength Vitamin C for ebola because of it’s clinical resemblance to scurvy. 

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4 Responses to “Israel is going to cause the death of everyone in Gaza”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the Palastinians

    only negotiation TOOL

    A Deal on the table.

    their newly found oil?

    30% to any country that will stand by DEFEND help obliterate Israel.



  2. Anonymous says:

    This is really Dresden Mk 2 and the inhumane counterfeit Jews (armed to their rotting teeth by us) will not stop unless they are stopped. The only difference this time is that the Jews themselves are carrying out their own carnage instead of by proxy RAF and USAF stupid goyim ‘carrying out orders’.

    The future of mankind and genuine humanity is at stake and only the total obliteration of the Rothschild Zionist pariah entity called Israel will save us. Anything less and we’re fcuked and will deserve to be. It’s our choice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Come on do a deal B4 Israel ROB it ALL


    OFFER to turkey Maybe?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Drop a neutron bomb over Israel ASAP


    B4 Israel spread ALL the Palesinian’s BLOOD too much all ready, Its got to STOP.

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