Is Putin working against the NWO, or their agent?

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This article might be of interest for you to put on Tapblog, or just excerpts from it. Its an interesting tool for analysis and awakening, for people at all levels of Awakening

I remember one of your comments a few months ago. You said how youve seen the chemtrails being sprayed over Moscow. That got me thinking , that just via that circumstantial evidence, things in Russia are more complex than i thought.

But there may be NWO factions hidden in the Moscow govt. There might be games of cat and mouse being played. Its possible, that Putin, Lavrov and Medvedev, really are the good guys, acting for the Light.  But theyre fighting factions within.

I like to look for circumstantial evidence for clues, as to whats what.  And the face that Putin and Russia take such an aggressive stance banning GMOs and Monsanto, and goto such pains not importing GMO fed meat, tell me that here, at least, are decent people that demonstrate a measure of care for their population.
So the article below is interesting food for thought
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TAP – I notice that USAID ran Russia’s medical services for decades, which could well explain the tumbling population.  In all countries the NWO controls some parts of the government but not others.   In WW2, for example, the Abwehr was working for the cabal, and working to deceive/mislead German High Command, as was the OSS in London working against British/American interests to ensure the war lasted until 1945 when militarily it could otherwise have been won in 1944 on the Western front, (OSS was later on the CIA).  The regular forces seem to be oblivious to the control of outsiders utilising the secret services for the most part.  The plot to assassinate Hitler by Von Stauffenberg, Rommel and others was based on the suspicion/knowledge that Hitler was working for/being controlled by forces not sympathetic to Germany.  They nearly succeeded into stopping the success of the NWO in completing WW2 according to plan.

The situation surrounding Putin is very hard to read.

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Major New Report by Lada Ray 8-15-14… “Is Putin Part of NWO?”

by kauilapele

putin_enigma_lada_rayThis appears to be a very thoughtful, and carefully written and referenced article by Lada Ray. I am adding the link at the end of this, and will only post the conclusion and predictions. Please go to the article itself to read the entire report. Here are the Conclusion and Predictions.
“[Lada Ray] The important thing to understand once and for all is this:
For NWO to succeed, they have to eliminate the only obstacle they have, Vladimir Putin, and Russia in general.
Do I even need to say that this is a false conspiracy theory. As someone who knows intimately Russia and Russians, I can confidently say that the people who are pushing this have no idea of the Russian realities and aspirations. Moreover, these people think unrealistically highly of NWO. At this time, NWO is losing on all fronts. Or rather, there are desperate attempts by NWO executives to salvage their power, which is slipping between their fingers, like sand.
There are new, emerging powers in town. The US knows this, and this is exactly why they are going crazy, intensifying attacks on Russia and China. They know the tide has turned. The only strategy they have left is trying to delay the inevitable.
In short, this is yet another hoax to sway and confuse the gullible masses. While the author may honestly believe what he writes, someone is obviously using him for their agenda – and you remember what that agenda is: vilifying and destroy Russia and Putin.
There will be no single world currency for the foreseeable future. The next step is regional currencies. Russia and China will dominate their respective regional currencies.
Russia, China and the BRICS are creating the Multipolar World to replace the uni-polar, NWO infested world we have today. The Multipolar world will be a much fairer structure, where multiple currencies and multiple world centers will be used to balance the needs and rights of all continents.
For many centuries, the majority of the earth’s population has been existing as an oppressed, invaded and economically drained appendix to the huge appetites of Western Europe and USA. Centuries old aggression by the West kept the majority of the world poor and stinted.
The current rebalancing of the global players will return the world to a better balance and justice. For that to happen, US must diminish. All Anglo-Saxon countries must diminish. Other regions of the world must rise.
Russia’s move of the EU/US/Canada/Australia/Norway agricultural ban is brilliant on many levels. Not only it will help Russian domestic producers to rise and claim their legitimate place in the Russian market, but it will also help Latin American, Asian, Turkish and South African agriculture to rise and become more influential and competitive. This will eventually aid in the creation of the Multi-Polar World!
Note, the latest news is that EU is trying to put pressure on Latin America and Turkey not to do business with Russia. Their intimidation techniques are quite scary to many countries, so we will have to see how it plays out and who will or won’t succumb to the EU intimidation. Ecuador already announced they won’t bow to the West. Others are more of a question mark. My prediction is that EU won’t succeed; although, they will try to make it difficult.
Africa is a bit behind in the process of reclaiming its power and sovereignty, compared to other continents. Africa’s time will come later. This is a very interesting subject – I did receive this question, when will Africa rise, from a number of readers. I will discuss my predictions in this regard in one of my future special reports.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    The small picture with Vladimar Putin standing in the open doorway with a guard either side reminds me of the Egyptian carving of the God Enki (E.A) standing between the two pillars with priest standing either side. Coincidence??

    I would be very surprised if there were not differing factions trying to influence the direction of Russia’s future.
    The pentagon is full of manipulators peddling deceit, double agents working both sides and covert organisations within covert organisations in every department – so it stands to reason Russia’s government would probably be no different.

    As for GMO’s – if Putin formed a contract with America to accept them into Russia he would be at the mercy of Monsanto for future crops – not a good position to be in if he wants to remain in control of Russia. Plus Putin will have had a full report on the effects of GMO’s which tells me his stance against them is worth taking note of.
    After all Putin has a choice to allow them into his food chain – we the people in the west don’t

  2. Anonymous says:

    If Russia and USofA are co-operating with secret space programmes to ‘protect the planet’ as someone posted the other day, then this is all smoke and mirrors. Ms Ray is Russian so keep that in mind. She also would have us believe that the latest Malaysian plane fiasco was a failed attempt to assassinate Putin due to said assassins failure to identify the plane of the Russian president. No credibility there imo because one has to question how likely is it for Putin to fly across a war zone when he doesn’t have to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Putin’s mother rumoured to be Jewish…
    Putin was KGB, his father NKVD during the war, NKVD largely Jewish. Putin’s father’s father, was a cook for Stalin, he’d previously cooked for Rasputin.
    Going further back the “Putin” name is connected to royalty albeit through a bastardised lineage.
    All this is amazing stuff and as far as can tell true…
    But, do you believe in the tooth fairy, that the Berlin wall fell by itself? That it didn’t really morph into Grampsyism and the EU…
    By deduction, if that’s all false and I believe it is, then so is Putin it about.

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