Donetsk declares independence like Crimea on 24th August. Not reported in Western media until 28th.

Press Conference – Formation of a state – 24 Aug 2014.  Only reported on the BBC on the 28th, and then called ‘Russian separatists.’  Donetsk has formed a new state through a democratic vote, as did Crimea, and is not part of Russia..

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Here’s the background.

French volunteers former soldiers fight against the European Union and the NWO

In a 1994 interview, the head of the separatist state of Transnistria in Moldova stated that the state was “an inalienable part of the Russian state’s southern regions” including Odessa, Crimea, and other Ukrainian oblasts, which were collectively part of the historical Novorossiya region.[10] Dmitry Trenin of the Carnegie Moscow Center wrote that in 2003 some Russian academics discussed the idea of a pro-Russia Novorossiya state being formed out of southern Ukraine in response to moves towards bringing Ukraine into NATO.[9]

The term soon came into usage in 2014 among Antimaidan protesters following the Euromaidan Ukrainian Revolution with a Novorossiya account being created onTwitter and gaining thousands of followers in the first weekend.[9] Amidst talks in Geneva on resolving the rising unrest in southern and eastern Ukraine, President Putin noted at a Q&A session that the southern and eastern portions of Ukraine had originally been part of Novorossiya and suggested that it had been a mistake to cede them.[11]


The New Russia Party, founded on 13 May 2014 in DonetskUkraine,[12] declared on its first congress of 22 May 2014 the formation of a new self-declared state named ‘Novorossiya’, inspired by the historical region of the Russian Empire that carried that name. The congress was attended by separatist officials of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Donbass People’s Militia as well as by the Donetsk Republic leader Pavel Gubarev, writer Alexander Prokhanov,[13] political scientist and Eurasia Party leader Aleksandr Dugin, and Valery Korovin (Коровин, Валерий Михайлович (ru)).[14] The state would, according to Dugin, have its capital city in Donetsk, Russian Orthodox Christianity as the state religion, and would nationalize major industries.[3] According to Gubarev the state would also include (the major cities currently not under control of separatists) KharkivKhersonDnipropetrovskMykolaivOdessa and Zaporizhia.[15][16] Two days later, the self-appointed ‘Prime Minister’ of Donetsk Alexander Borodai and Lugansk “head of the Republic”Alexei Koriakin signed a document behind closed doors formalizing their merger into the new confederation.[17]

The status of Novorossiya then came into dispute on 26 May, when according to Bolotov, “none of the agreements have been concluded” but the intention is to form a “Union of People’s Republics”.[18] In an interview on 31 May, Denis Pushilin, head of state of the Donetsk People’s Republic, stated that Novorossiya currently exists as a union of people’s republics, but cooperation could be deepened if more territories were to join.[19]

In July a “Manifesto of National Front of Liberation of Ukraine, Novorossiya and Carpathian Russia” was published in Russian media. The manifesto defines objective of the separatist movement to be “establishing on territory of Ukraine a just, social, national republic without oligarchs and corrupted bureaucracy” and their main enemies being “liberal-fascist ruling elites”. The key subject of the movement is called “the nation” and the main purpose of the movement is to “protect the nation’s interests”
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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Are you man enough ? Have you got the balls to re-post this link or are you a nonce mincer Rothschild bitch like David Cameron ?

    Over a period of 20 years, hundreds of weapons-grade nuclear “pits” were stolen from the US by high ranking government officials and handed out “like candy bars” as bribes, for making terror weapons and generating billions in revenue used to rig American elections.

    Weapons from these demolished the World Trade Center on 9/11, according to the classified Department of Energy report and make up Israel’s entire nuclear arsenal.

  2. Anonymous says:

    A band of perverts and sadists is running this country! Sick men and women the lot of them… emotionally retarded and mentally degraded, with twisted minds and filthy habits! In any sane society and civilisation, the demonic likes of David Cameron and Theresa May along with the Head of State would be strung up and executed without a moment’s hesitation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tap- you posted a video recently about Christine Lagarde’s strange numerology speech to the National Press Club on the 15th January 2014. She talks about the magic number 7 and compressing numbers. I think her speech was code for MH 017 and a possible future false flag on 7 October 2014. This is part of her speech.

    “So 2014 will be a milestone and hopefully a magic year in many respects. It will mark the hundredth anniversary of the First World War back in 1914. It will note the 70th anniversary, drop the zero, seven– of the Breton Woods conference that actually gave birth to the IMF. And it will be the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, 25th, okay.”

    My words … 100th anniversary of WW1 = 1 (drop the zeros), 70th anniversary of Breton Woods = 7 (drop the zero)
    and 25th anniversary of the Berlin Wall (2+5 = 7) Conclusion 1 7 7 date 17 July date of the MH 017 incident.


    “Let me begin by wishing you all a happy New Year. I think this is appropriate, given that we are halfway between western New Year and lunar New Year.” Why the lunar New year?

    Luna 7 (E-6 series) was an unmanned space mission of the Soviet Luna program, also called Lunik 7. The Luna 7 spacecraft was intended to achieve a soft landing on the Moon. However, due to premature retrofire and cutoff of the retrorockets, the spacecraft impacted the lunar surface in Oceanus Procellarum on the 7TH OCTOBER 1965.

    The total lunar eclipse on the night of October 7-8, 2014 is the second of four eclipses in the ongoing lunar tetrad. It’ll be called a BLOOD Moon eclipse.

    She also referred to the G7 conference. At the time of her speech, it was the G8, not the G7. Russia was excluded from the G8 on 24 March 2014.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to add. Lunar 7 crash on the moon – Oceanus Procellarum.

    Procellarum is Latin meaning (plural) meaning storm, hurricane, tempest!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Off Topic: From 1 October, it seems Tax Discs on British cars are to become a thing of the past. They will no longer be issued by your DVLA. I smell a Jew money usurping rat here.

    Such a virtual tax disc will not be transferable when a vehicle is sold. This reads to me that the remaining months of tax disc value will be lost by the seller. Each time a vehicle is sold, the ‘tax disc’ is erased. They must think we are stupid. Actually most Goyim are.

    You don’t get ‘tax discs’ in other European countries but you do get MOT discs I am reliably informed. Is that where UK is heading? MOT discs? The Jews will save a fortune on not having to print their Tax Discs. MOT Discs on the other hand may be a licence to print money to get that sticker on the car windscreen.

  6. shirlz007 says:


    Seriously Tap!
    PLAESE EVERYONE… this is the most serious post I’ve ever done… Im planning on elaborating on it to the fullest… (Il need help from EVERYONE!)



  7. Anonymous says:

    Car tax discs end in six weeks but half the country has no idea
    Tax discs will be abolished on October 1 but of those aware change is ahead, half do not know the exact date

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:

    Dear readers, the police come in for short stick and usually rightly so, but the news last night told of a police initiative to head off summer riots in london. The black gangs such as the Enfield Nigs were sizing up aginst the ex soviet bloc peoples like the Poles, there have been minor skirmishes but thanks to police nothing like the 2010 and 2011 rioting

  10. Anonymous says:

    Anon 8:19pm, thank you for reading my mind.
    It could not happen soon enough.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I live in north London, and this black gang called the enfield Nigs is mostly not from Enfield but mainly from walthamstow and Tottenham, e g areas around Enfield.
    The police have managed to cut down the knockout drop attacks where a gang member would punch passers by and try to knock them out

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