Ground level social destruction programs afflict small communities across Britain

DWR offering time credits, desperate for Useful idiots. (manipulating, lying and cheating people to destroy their own environment)
Time credit Quote,

Engaging Communities

Time Credits transform the way public and voluntary sector agencies engage with communities by mobilising individuals and social networks as the core agents of change
People are thanked with time credits for contributing time to their community (putting ‘Time In’). People use credits to access events, training and leisure services, or to trade time with neighbours (getting ‘Time Out’). Transaction costs are minimal as it is coordinated by existing community facing staff, and because the redemption menu uses under-used community resources as well as direct (unmediated) exchanges between citizens. The result is engagement of the many rather than the few, and more cooperative public and community services.

This is as I explained previously, the second part of Saul Alinksy community organising. They build civic groups to send out to cause disorder, to gain the consent to change road structures etc. I now know for a fact, they are targeting people who run small businesses, people who are bringing money into the area and land owners.
Cardiff University working paper..Quote page 5-
“Much like social action, community organising is about people in communities coming
together into an organisation that acts in their self-interest. There have been some
criticisms of this approach given founder Saul Alinsky’s radical ethos, which references
community organisations as ‘conflict groups’ dedicated to an ‘eternal war’ and asserting
that power must be ‘taken’ (Alinsky 1946)
This is what is known as Agenda 21 in action. To completely destroy ALL Rural and Urban infrastructure and to depopulate.


TAP – I’ll read some more of that Cardiff paper later.  Tim’s seeing a lot of strange goings-on in his community in Wales, over a long period.  Individuals are targeted for ‘treatment’, including the destruction of their businesses and property.  He says he will provide more information when he’s out of the situation he’s currently in.  He believes there is a fifth column acting to take over leadership of communities with a set agenda to make the communities unable to resist.  Interesting stuff.  But we need more information, Tim, to be able to follow your story.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Common Purpose or one of its tentacles.

    Communistic fifth column.

    Has many links to Wales, dont forget the fat bastard with two Jags was heavily involved with its inception, and although a scouser by birth, lived in Wales along with his mafiaesque family, bending the law to suit themselves.

  2. NPP says:

    Brian Gerish of UK Column warns us of Saul Alinksy, Common Purpose…

    TAP, leaving this here should you fancy…

    The kind of interview you think oh Jesus, may be I follow too much internet stuff! However, I’ve come across Simon Parkes before being interviewed by AMMACH. The chap is apparently a working councillor, with ET parents/wife?!


    I don’t have time to transcribe segments, except this bit had me put my paint brushes to one side for a few moments… 54 mins onward they discuss Ukraine.

    MH17 which crashed within the Ukraine was destined to crash into a major Russian city.
    The Russians shot it down under Putin’s orders.
    The plane was carrying a virus.
    Mossad played a role. The contents of the cargo bay were meant for a Russian city.

    A group of about 20 Chinese scientists working on stealth technology. Their demise left the patent to Jacob Rothschild
    NPP: Hey BBC, do us a favour and check it out! Yeah right, no probs!
    There was another group of genetic biological warfare scientists were also on the plane.
    A number of the bodies found by ‘rebels’ on the ground had been tortured.
    Blood supplies were also on board containing very nasty virus.
    Mossad had a bomb in the hold, the objective being detonation to spread the contents far and wide.
    This is why it was not brought down by a missile in mid air, but by cannon fire aimed at the cockpit to bring it down in one piece to contain the contamination in a much smaller area.
    NPP: Oh please 21st Century Wire investigate to at least eliminate this version of events….

    … and it goes on; Kerry goes on. I have a soft spot for her, but she does use many words where a few won’t be enough!
    Russians and Americans working together on some level anyway…. oh and Simon’s Jewish too!

    1.08:30 mins
    Photo of wings from Iranian Persian site / times looks like Nazi emblem.
    Simon does not agree to a hollow earth, but does agree to caverns and places where cities exist in the 3rd and 4th dimensions held within the planet…

    1.24 mins
    There’s an energetic war going for and around earth…

  3. NPP says:

    BBC 1pm news: police search home of Cliff Richard…

  4. sovereigntea says:

    The Bolshevik 5th Columnists at work Cameron = Blair = Whores of Bolshevik former Soviet sattelite Israel last resting place of the Rothschild KGB. Victor Rothschild subversive nonce links to Boothby Philby & BBC & Cambridge nonces also Krays Saville Israel’s Burak and Jenner. Cliff Richard long believed to be an Elm House muppet working for nonce protecting MI5 associated himself with Boothby. All work for their “Satanic Majesties” the Khazar poisoners of humanity. Cliff once had a single released “dont forget to catch me”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    14 August 2014


    Sir Cliff Richard’s Berkshire property search warrented by S Yorks x8 police x5 cars convoy

    A Barrymore moment?

    many well known visitors like

    many long term visitors like Anthony Charles Lynton Blair at Bow Street Magistrates Court (search)


  6. Extant says:

    Lets do an interview Henry.


  7. Anonymous says: A bit of interesting history on Bliar and Brown

  8. Anonymous says:

    Obtaining credits for community work –

    This is very like the tv series ..’Continuem’ which is set in the future..
    People obtain credits for work and these credits can be taken away in the way of purchases or fines etc.
    When a person commits a crime overspends or does no work to obtain credits that person is taken to a lab and their RFID chip is updated to ‘terminated’, the brain is destroyed and the RFID chip keeps the body funtioning. The person then becomes a mindless robot in a human body on a production line making RFID chips.
    The chip can be deactivated at any time and the body is cremated.

    There is also a company manufacturing viruses and food poisons in the series called…’Sonmanto’ – obviously a play on letters of the name of Monsanto.

    Although the series is a syfy programme the reality of the storyline is too close to truth and a frightening thought for the future.

    Npp…Americans and Russians working together on some level…

    America and Russia work together very closely on the space programme. That’s why war on this planet between the two countries is unlikely ( Putin himself has stipulated this publicly in his official report)- their intentions and attentions are far more reaching.
    Russia and America are too busy working towards advancing the space programme, space defence weapons and defending the planet ‘TOGETHER’

  9. NPP says:

    Re: Russia and America are too busy working towards advancing the space programme, space defence weapons and defending the planet ‘TOGETHER’

    I guess that’s good. It is a pity saving our planet involves so much unpleasantness between the planet’s terrestrial community members, but then I cannot expect to understand all the machinations going on… can but put me own best foot forward.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  10. Anonymous says:

    NPP.. I agree. The amount of funding and resources needed for the intense space projects is stripping mankind of the most important element of all…’humanity’.

    There is another ball in play out of public view – so to speak – and that’s the one the real game players have their eyes firmly fixed on. Everything else is a ‘kick about’ to divert and occupy the populations attention.

    As you say – ‘defending the planet is a good thing’ and as always sacrifices have to be made for progress. At what point will mankind say ‘the sacrifices are too high a price to pay? Or could the alternative be worse?

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