GM Maize and Roundup linked to premature death and cancer

GM Maize, Roundup, hidden GM ingredient​s like cornflour, soya, canola linked to premature death, cancer, leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, LPS and endotoxin travelling to liver and onwards – responsibl​e for a lot of clinical presentati​on. 

How do we fight back? Go to your supermarke​t manager and put in a petition to HQ demanding GMO labelling on all processed foods, meats, dairy, eggs (animal feed). 

The food supply and farming industry has been taken over by corrupt forces. The only chance is for the consumer, market forces to fight this at the front end. GMO labelling essential, then the public will force this issue via market forces. But the industry doesnt want GMO labelling. 

Waitrose is leading the way being responsibl​e. Asda, tesco,morr​isons, arent pulling their weight at all.

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2 Responses to “GM Maize and Roundup linked to premature death and cancer”

  1. Anonymous says:

    “Look At The Horrors Of Monsanto’s GMO ‘Achievements’ The New GM Maize And Roundup Study”

    Am I missing something here with that image? All I see are three Israeli Sewer Rats finally getting their just deserts. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

    “Waitrose is leading the way being responsibl​e. Asda, tesco, morr​isons, arent pulling their weight at all.”

    Can I ask WHY Waitrose is supposedly leading the way ahead of others? Sources please. A carefully cultivated upmarket image (By Appointment to the Royal Pervs) doesn’t necessarily make Waitrose any different from the rest.

    I see no meaningful difference between any of the UK supermarkets other than image branding and customer base targeting. Like BANKS and their money supply monopoly, the big name supermarkets (food supply monopoly) are ALL in a virtual closed loop. A cartel.

    Once small/local shops/farms have been eradicated, the true nature of the supermarket beast will reveal its ugly face and we will discover far too late, that we are not entitled to food, in much the same way that we are not entitled to water.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Enjoy your GMO


    in most your daily foods


    ps i recommend you read your ingredients etc

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