George Osborne, the Chancellor, making a killing

The ‘cool chick’ hair stylist mum of two Chloe George. She’s new to me TAP.
Boy, she uses the ‘rudest’ word in the English language and she’s laying into Harman, Hewitt…
While working, I just heard her say during:

Dear George Osborne (Chancellor) 

4mins in

Osbourne & Brown soft furnishings
‘Gideon’ owns half the company.
Mr. Brown is chairman of one of the companies fracking Britain… did you know this?

TAP – while I don’t doubt there are reasons to suspect self-interest on the part of senior politicians, as with Cameron’s father-in-law picking up million pound grants for wind farms, I wonder if the Mr Brown in Osborne’s family business is really the same as Lord Brown, formerly Chairman of BP.

Ian Crane points out that Lord Brown set up the modern BP by acquiring assets all over the world, and that his team was in control at the time of the highly suspect event Deepwater Horizon.  Brown was subsequently appointed by Cameron to take control of fracking across Britain.  The common theme running between Deepwater Horizon and fracking is nothing less than they are both deliberately engineered depopulation events.  

Ian Crane’s video Fracktured Future tells the Lord Brown story very well, whereby Brown became Owen Paterson’s controller at Defra, when Paterson was pushing the fracking agenda, along with other depopulation devices such as GMOs and neonicotinoids.

The ultra wealthy who own everything have little interest in making yet more money.  Their agenda is to depopulate the planet and control the remaining human population in cities, whereby their power and position can never be challenged or lost.   WW3 beckons.  This and their other agendas are all targeted on removing human freedoms, and placing those of us who remain into the position of slaves.  They are so confident that their plans will be put into practice that they don’t really care about the details becoming known any more.  How will anyone stop them?  We have to work as one in huge numbers to reverse their killing fields back into growing fields.     

Osborne might be making a killing on the quiet, as Chloe thinks.   Or are he and his colleagues actually making a killing in the more literal sense of the word?  I believe so.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, We are indeed entering interesting dangerous times.
    Whilst Cloe George, Chris Spivey and others are giving upto date information. There is something we need to do ouselves in our own locations.
    It’s important that we need to know where our Local and County Politicians live, so we can ask them questions in times of crisis. Make it one of your priorities to find out.
    It may be more of a problem in the U.S. as they are allowed to use false names, like Actors.
    Above all, False Flags are coming to a place near you, be aware, Wellaware.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Harriet Harmon

    Due to PIE & & &

    again & again she has made clear her abusive values

    send the social services round

    to protect her chilren? into care?

    Dear Harriet Harman
    Chloe George


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