Fathers in Britain free to rape their own children

Vicky Haigh says “Now it may becoming more and more clear what I stated 2 years ago when I was released from prison that “peodophilia was (and still is) State controlled” After the huge “peodophiliagate” that has gone on a mad frenzy since I was released from prison, I was probably slightly premature in my letter to The Tap about State run peodophilia, for the people to actually understand what I was talking about. 

 You will now see that “whistleblowers of sexual abuse of children, be it in children’s homes, by family members, or MP’s, it is the person who reports, who will be attacked, and put in prison, where I met many many women. I am referring to Jimmy Saville, Cyril Smith and all of their victims who are ignored by the law enforcers (police) who should be renamed as “system protectors”. 

There is currently a woman in Peterborough prison who has whistleblown on a Nottingham Children’s home, where she was abused as a child. The crime of sexually abusing children, is indeed a crime within criminal law, but it depends on WHO commits the crime in the UK, as to whether they get prosecuted or not. Fathers, step fathers, grandfathers and MP’s seem to be excluded from prosecution. 

This is why we have the Sheffield and Swindon incest cases where the State refuse point blank to prosecute fathers, that is until there are several babies born and then the damage is done to the children. Young boys cannot have babies!! The evidence is easier to conceal. it is easier to gag mothers after accusing them of coaching, then separating them from their children forever, breaching several Human Rights along the way, than bothering to prosecute a father. 

Who cares? 

 I believe that the UK Government are very inconvenienced that the Sheffield incest case came to light, and instead of their promises to never let this happen again, what they actually mean is that next time, this will never get into the public domain! Just take a look at my case. 

Joseph Fritzel from Austria should have moved to the UK with his daughter. He would never had have to hide her in the cellar, but could have waltzed around town with total State protection, just like my ex husband who rapes and abuses our daughter, whilst I get all the injunctions against me for trying to protect her. It is an absolute disgrace. 

Have your own children, peodophiles, and you will be protected, we will try our very hardest!! Message from the Government to fathers. 

So where do I stand as a protective mother? It has become increasingly clear that the UK courts have severed my relationship with my daughter, to prevent me and her ever reporting any other abuse. Why else would they have breached our rights as a mother and a child? So there you go, you all now know, how the system works to protect the peodophiles and to put the innocents and the victims in the prisons. I am looking for mothers (and some fathers) with cases similar to mine. I have many, many already. 

 Kind regards Vicky Haigh

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Icke can give verifiable evidence as he’s a member of IoW Lodge. It’s getting pretty sick on the ‘pedo gravy train to fame’ and overcrowded with shills.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I agree with above ..DI ..Pedophiles gatekeeper i think so ..Sadly Our Government is run by Nonceies ..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Good act vicky.

    Jailed: Ex-racehorse trainer Vicky Haigh locked up for three years


    Published on the 17 December

    A FORMER racehorse trainer who breached a court order by accusing her ex-husband of abusing their daughter in front of customers at a Doncaster petrol station has been locked up for three years.

    Vicky Haigh, aged 41, of Denbigh Avenue, Worksop, shouted ‘horrendous verbal abuse’ at David Tune when he stopped to buy a newspaper at the Corner Garage in Bawtry.

    Haigh has been embroiled in a long dispute with Mr Tune, repeatedly accusing of him of being a paedophile and abusing a child.

    Judge Peter Kelson QC told Sheffield Crown Court that Haigh had been spying on her daughter before the ‘grotesque episode’ last March, and could have been trying to abduct the youngster.

    She had recently applied for a fresh passport for the child.

    “In your case it’s completely unrealistic that you will ever comply with any order the court makes,” Judge Kelson told her.

    Haigh first started making abuse allegations about Mr Tune, a Doncaster runner, in 2006.

    Despite numerous investigations by Social Services, no evidence of abuse was ever found.

    Jurors convicted Haigh of breaching a High Court non-molestation order following a trial during which she represented herself.

    “It’s one more horrendous episode in a young child’s life,” Judge Kelson said.

    “What she’s been through for years doesn’t bear thinking about.”

    Haigh now has a six-month-old child with a new partner, and planned to move to Ireland and rebuild her equestrian career if she’d been spared jail.


    Says it all really ‘Jurors convicted Haigh’ jugded by her equals?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Your story is boring haigh no one listens to you lies anymore, crawl back under your rock

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