Ebola. WHO doesn’t know what or why?

Is this really why Ebola health workers are collapsing?

Ebola health workers in boiling hot suits, toxic chemical

By Jon Rappoport
August 5, 1014
In recent articles, I stated it’s a mistake to jump to a conclusion about what’s really making doctors and nurses sick in African Ebola clinics.
Here’s a missing factor in understanding what is happening to some of those doctors and nurses.
I’m not talking about Ebola.  I’m talking about physiological shock, huge and sudden dehydration, and more.
On top of that, factor in a falsely positive diagnostic Ebola test for a few of those health workers, and what do you have?  A nightmare.

From the Daily Mail, August 5, an article headlined, “In boiling hot suits…”: “Doctor Hannah Spencer revealed how she wills herself to feel safe inside a boiling hot air-sealed Hazmat suit…”

“Boiling: Doctors and nurses lose up to five litres in sweat during an hour-long shift in the suits and have to spend two hours rehydrating after…”
“To minimise the risk of infection they have to wear thick rubber boots that come up to their knees, an impermeable body suit, gloves, a face mask, a
hood and goggles to ensure no air at all can touch their skin.”
“Dr. Spencer, 27, and her colleagues lose up to five litres of sweat during a shift treating victims and have to spend two hours rehydrating afterwards.”

“At their camp they go through multiple decontaminations which includes spraying chlorine on their shoes.”
Dr. Spencer: ‘We would like to keep a [patient] visit between 45 minutes and one hour, but now, we’re stretching it to almost two hours. We put ourselves through
a very strong physiological stress when we’re using personal protection gear.

‘We sweat, we’re losing water; we’re getting hotter and it wreaks havoc on the body. Our own endurance starts to wear down.’
From another Daily Mail article, Dr. Oliver Johnson describes working in protective gear: ‘The heat of the suits is quickly overwhelming, as your goggles steam up and
you feel the sweat dripping underneath. And the smell of chlorine is intense.’

Getting the picture?  Imagine losing five quarts of water from your body in an hour.
 While you’re trapped inside a bulky hazmat suit.  While you’re treating a patient who, for example, wants to do everything he can to escape the clinic.
Imagine needing two hours after you climb out of your suit to
rehydrate.  Then you go back for more.  Of course you also decontaminate yourself with toxic chemicals,
including chlorine.

And as one doctor mentioned above, you’re also inhaling chlorine, a highly toxic compound, while you’re inside the hazmat suit, and while you’re approaching shock
from loss of all those body fluids.

And then, imagine, because you want to treat as many patients as possible, you don’t do just one hour at a time inside the hazmat torture, you expand the time to two
 hours.  How many quarts of body fluid do you then lose in one shift? But of course, this has absolutely nothing to do with why you might fall ill.  No.

 If you fall ill, or collapse, or suddenly die, it’s Ebola.

Sure it is.

No need to wonder.  Don’t ask questions.  Believe the World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control.  They always tell the truth.

Jon Rappoport

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  1. Anonymous says:

    read this

  2. Anonymous says:

    Q. What dubious jabs have these workers been given to work in Africa and with this disease?

    It reminds me a lot of the way troops became ill before, during and after the despicable Zionist engineered Gulf Wars due to the concoction of preventative medication/jabs they were forced to have to combat diseases and the imaginary Weapons of Mass Destruction such as nerve and chemical agents. Then there is the separate issue of Depleted Uranium poisoning. The immune system takes an enormous and usually permanently damaging hit just like with the multiple MMR vaccine which in my opinion is meant to cause Big Pharma harm to the infant and its developing immune system.

    Fears of ‘Gulf War II syndrome’ after British soldiers given multiple vaccinations fall ill
    By Charles Arthur
    26 May 2003

    Four soldiers vaccinated before the war in Iraq have triggered fears of a “Gulf War II syndrome” after exhibiting symptoms similar to those suffered by hundreds of troops who fought in the 1991 conflict.

    Veterans’ organisations are demanding that Geoff Hoon, the Defence Secretary, explain why he told the Commons in January that soldiers would not be given multiple vaccinations over a short timeframe because of “lessons learnt” from the previous Gulf conflict, They claim he then allowed the armed forces to follow the 1991 procedures for vaccinations.

    The new syndrome became apparent when two men vaccinated before the Iraq conflict became so ill that they were unable to fly to the Gulf. One, Stephen Cartwright, was admitted to Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge because he developed a serious rash after he was inoculated. He had had five vaccinations, including two against anthrax, in a single day. The other, Tony Barker, also became too ill to travel to join his unit after the vaccinations.

    Two other soldiers, based in Germany, who served in Iraq have fallen ill, according to the National Gulf Veterans and Families Association, which has 4,500 members who say they are suffering from Gulf War syndrome. Charles Plumridge, a senior co-ordinator for the association, said: “Wives of present servicemen are concerned about whether their husbands will get ill too. It’s only a small number so far but we fear it will get bigger.”

    The group blames the original syndrome on the powerful cocktail of vaccinations against diseases and germ agents that was given to troops over a short period in 1991. The symptoms include skin disorders, hair loss, headaches, muscular pain, nervous system disorders and sleep disturbances.

    The group says promises made by Mr Hoon were broken. On 7 January 2003 he was asked by Paul Keetch MP whether the Government was confident that “vaccines issued to servicemen today will not make them ill in the future”. Mr Hoon replied that “a key lesson learnt from the Gulf conflict was the importance of ensuring that members of the armed forces should not undergo in a short time a series of different vaccinations. That was identified as a particular cause of difficulty, and the lesson has been learnt and acted upon, so that there is now a process whereby individual members do not receive a number of vaccinations in a short timeframe”.


    Bill Gates Vaccine



  3. Anonymous says:

    Oh is that you mr pope … our take on this all ebola shit : http://americankabuki.blogspot.co.uk/2014/08/the-phoenix-that-wouldnt-rise.html#more

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