Direct Action stops a man being thrown out of his Manchester home. People are wakening, but the main channels are all penetrated.

Wearechange in Manchester.

It seems a lot of these ‘direct action’ events are carefully organised controlled opposition.  Watch out for retired Police officers being involved.  There is no such thing as an ex-Police officer.

All are penetrated.  Occupy.  Anonymous.  Wearechange.  The aim of the elites is always to manage their own opposition.

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8 Responses to “Direct Action stops a man being thrown out of his Manchester home. People are wakening, but the main channels are all penetrated.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Inspiring… More communities like that and we can win the battles thrown at us

    Good to see the police are waking up to too

  2. Anonymous says:

    Re post the video – spread the word !

  3. Anonymous says:

    My grandfather would never talk about W W 2, but before he died i saw him in hospital crying and asking for a preist, he insited we all leave the room but we could hear from the doorway that he flew lancaster bombing runs and was desperate;y ashed, he begged the preist for forgiveness, he was told to target schools hospitals and homes
    and he was guilt ridden.
    we never knew about this and had we known we would have shunned him
    no one likes a war criminal

  4. Anonymous says:

    my family too harboured a war criminal, our uncle harry was also a bomber pilot, his diaries after his death showed the hatred the men had for churchill

  5. Anonymous says:

    churchilld bodyguard walter thompson said churchill feared more from being assassinated by his own people than the enemy
    because he had betrrayed his own people into 2 world wars needlessly
    churchill was seen by many insiders as a drunken joke

  6. Anonymous says:

    if Peter tachell says boy-nobbing is ok and does no lasting harm thats ok for me,
    lets go get a few boys lads !!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Update on this story: The Bailiffs supported by approx 50 police officers came back a week later in the early hours of the morning, with no warning, broke the door down and took possession of the property…as they always do. Fortunately the owner and his family were not there that night. The owner has never received any official court documentation with regard to this re-possession, only letters from the solicitors. It’s the bank protocol….they lend no physical money as they are not allowed to do anyway, on a credit raised by the borrowers signature then turn it into a tangible asset…..They also sell the ‘note’ for 9/10ths it’s value……so in effect, the borrower unknowingly raises his own funds with his signature, which is then taken to the bank. The bank deposit these funds, which then transfers them over to the seller. The bank sell the note, and charges nearly 3 times the value to the borrower in interest. If the borrower defaults by three missed payments, the bank starts the process for repossession of a house which they have never paid for. hidden in the small print of the ‘agreement’ is a carefully worded sentence that gives the bank full power of attorney over the property. ALL mortgages are based on this facts. No-one ever ‘owns’ their house, even after it is paid for, you only have rights to stay there, to sell to another or to pass it down to the next tenant…your family.

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