Daily Mail Caught in War Hoax

Lining us up for war.  Politicians. Royalty. Media.  Different kit.  Same old game.


EXTRACT –  The war of words between the US and Russia has been fueled, if not orchestrated by media that has gone beyond “slanting” or even censoring the news. Newspapers, in this case the UK Daily Mail, are full-fledged combatants.

If a broader conflict ensues, and this seems to be the goal of a carefully orchestrated media psychological war, the “fourth estate” will have become something much greater than any “fifth column.”

In a story published today in Britain and copied and republished around the world, the impression is given that the United States has authorized a ground attack on Russia based on recent accusations made against Russia. An article in a British newspaper outlines statements made by the top NATO commander indicating he intends to attack Russia and has been given full authority, not just by NATO but by the President of the United States, Joint Chiefs of Staff and Congress.

Not one word of this is true. In fact, the story is filled with bizarre conspiracies, misstatements of fact and systematic deception. Were this story taken in its own context, attributing it as part of a larger psychological warfare operation, as “black propaganda,” is fully supportable.

Note that the old Lord Rothermere bought the land for the Imperial War Museum. Chair of the IWM Foundation is the current Viscount Rothermere do see the information in the picture taken early 2014 by the Imperial War Museum plaque (attached).  Lord and Lady Rothermere with the plaque commemorating the 1st Viscount Rothermere, who donated the museum’s site in 1936. Artcle also has a pic of the royal princling with D Cameron.

I worked as an IT Network Analyst at Associated Newspapers in the late 1990’s until 2000. I had round the clock access to everywhere and all IT systems, even Lord Rothermere’s office, in it you will find Lord Nelsons writing desk and chair from HMS Victory, I once sate there and penned “England Expects … ”  I did not partake in the DMGT pension scheme, I quit for an easier life away from London.

No doubt Daily Mail editors are being pressured to write the pro-war line just as they were in the past.  Rothermere has had several meetings with Cameron.

.. At the time the BBC was bombed supposedly by the Real IRA and not long after the very large docklands bomb went off, I narrowly escaped that one.

Paul Dacre the Editor of the Mail had recieved now seemingly airbrushed threats from the RIRA, as a result the “threat” HQ building Derry Street Kensington had been provided with plain clothes serving military guards some armed. I recognised one of the chaps as special forces ( I used to work as a contractor on their comms ). During one discussion we agreed that it was not possible to defend the building against a bomb attack and that the thing was just for show leading to the question why do it ? Reassurance or a reinforcing a veiled threat ?

In the same time frame I purchased telephone recording equipment to be used by Lord Rothermere and a small number of other senior ranks to record incoming calls, all very hush hush.

I now wonder if the whole threat scenario might have been contrived to bias the editorial team.

In the same time post 2000 frame revenues dropped and people were made redundant , legit revenue at the Mail is derived from advertising, advertising is largely controlled by you know who.   Since that time things have picked up .. hmmm.

One other thing .. late one night I chanced upon a document ( left on a desk in the accounts office ) a very very large money transfer denoted in deutsche marks far in excess of the annual turnover of the DM group ???

Notably Dacre is still the Editor and Rothermere has had several meetings  / functions with Cameron.
One final observation was the low number of hacks  / reporters I encountered on my miles of travels around the building, most of the content seeming to come in from wire feeds such as AP Reuters etc etc.
Oh my what a small world it is
The FT report

Lachlan Murdoch joins forces with DMGT

By Peter Smith in Sydney

Daily Mail & General Trust has sold half of DMG Radio Australia, its Australian radio business, to Illyria, Lachlan Murdoch’s private investment vehicle, for about £63m.
Mr Murdoch, the son of Rupert Murdoch, chairman of News Corp, was once seen as the heir to his father’s empire. However, in 2005 he quit as News Corp’s deputy chief operating officer unexpectedly and moved back to Sydney. He will become chairman of the new joint venture.

DMGT is the Daily Mail’s parent company – director profiles here many links to the world of finance.


Given the supposed stance of the Mail re the EU and on Ken Clarke related issues I found this lady of interest.

Lady Keswick

Independent Non-Executive Director

Appointed to the Board: 2013

Lady Keswick has a background in public policy and international affairs, particularly in Asia. Tessa Keswick is Deputy Chairman of the Centre of Policy Studies. She was a Special Policy Adviser to the Rt. Hon. Kenneth Clarke QC MP working at the Departments for Health and Education and Science and the Home Office and HM Treasury. She had previously worked in advertising and journalism. She has contributed to, commissioned and published over 100 public policy pamphlets on the European Union, the Constitution, law and order, education, health, tax and regulatory affairs and women’s issues. She has an interest in foreign affairs and now travels extensively, particularly in China and the Far East.

( Ken Clarke of the Bilderberg )

regards Ade
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  1. Anonymous says:

    This visit to the IWM was on July 17 2014. What else happened that day?
    Could they be more obvious?
    Read Willie’s and Rothermere’s little speeches.
    Check out the purple gloves.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    Foley video a fake The Times



    A forensic analysis of the Foley video has found many irregularities in the video – making it appear to be fake.

    The analysis, carried out by an international forensic science company, which has worked for police forces across Britain, suggests camera trickery and slick post-production techniques.

    The UK Times

    Major oddities in the video have made the forensic analysts decide that the alleged execution is phony.

    According to the international forensic science company:

    There is no blood shed while ‘several cuts’ are made to the neck of Foley.

    No incision can be seen.

    The sounds made by Foley are not consistent with beheadings.

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Jewish survivors and descendents of survivors of Nazi genocide unequivocally condemn the massacre of Palestinians in Gaza

    New York Times


    Published on 22 Aug 2014

    Members of Jewish Voice for Peace – Chicago (JVP-Chicago) disrupt a Jewish United Fund Stand with Israel fundraiser at the Chicago Hilton on 21 August 2014. Among the speakers are Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and former Israeli ambassador Michael Oren.

  4. Anonymous says:

    te broadcaster moishe solomons
    had regular israelis on his show where the holocaust hoax was exposed as was other false flag attacks such as 9/11
    The daily mail in the 30s told the truth, but since then has just gone downhill like the other papers

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