Cool chick goes viral doing conspiracy. Mark Windows interviews Cloe George.

A sample of one of her videos below.  She’s happier now she knows the system is fake.  Under less pressure and more empowered.  It makes her jaw drop that people still don’t realise the system is rigged.  We are slaves to them.

At 20 minutes good stuff about the Swiss Templars from Sean Hross.  The Swiss Cross is the Templar’s Cross.  Switzerland was founded by the Templars.  The Templars founded the Freemasons. They were the aristocracy of the Old World Order.  The world was ruled by primogeniture.  The oldest son got everything.  The second and third sons wanted the privileges too so founded organisations to get even with the king/eldest son.  The Old World Order didn’t want to yield power to The New World Order.  Sean was given death threats if he kept talking about the Templars.  I need to listen to that again.

Switzerland has instigated and controlled much of our known history.  He hasn’t been able to leave home for three years, facing the death threats of the Swiss Police.  He has videos on Youtube?  The world is going down the drain.  We have to do something.  Sean was a military man and wants people to contact him who can help achieve change.  Interesting idea about the word aristocracy deriving from a= pregnant ri=sun.  Same as the word Aryan.  The aristocracy have the Pharaonic genetics, passed through rape of our women, from droit de seigneur.  

The Police protect the lies, the pedophiles.  Alex Jones doesn’t talk about Switzerland.  Yet it is the base of all evil.  The NGOs.  The WTO.  The Red Cross.  The Bank of International Settlements – the BIS, also known as Hitler’s Bank, founded just months after the Wall Street Crash in Sept 29th 1929.  Savings of honest Americans were stolen, and were transferred to the BIS, used to finance the NAZI war industry, creating the Hitler miracle.  President Hoover (Huber in Swiss) was a Swiss sleeper agent.  Dwight Eisenhower.  Edgar Hoover of the FBI another.  Even Obama has Swiss ancestry.  Gen Custer was of Swiss decent.  Albert Pike’s captain was Phileas Valder (Swiss descent).  Hitler never attacked Switzerland.  Europe was pillaged and all the loot was taken to Switzerland.
Why were the NAZIs so interested in The Templars?
The NAZIs are the Templars.

Hitler’s medical minister was Swiss – General Konti? – executed in 1945/6, known as the Swiss Sadist.  Murdered half a million people, used people as guinea pigs.  The Swiss are the allemanic tribe, which was the first to cooperate with the Roman Empire. Dr Mengele was allemanic.  

1618-1648 the 30 years war killed two thirds of the German population of 20 million, mostly starved to death.  Swiss mercenaries killed, raped all over Europe.  They cleared out the population of the Rhinelands and settled their own people there.  In Alsace they speak Allemanic, like Switzerland.  After the war, Mengele who murdered 400,000 Jewish people, tortured children, was offered total protection by Switzerland.   He was the head doctor of gypsy affairs.  He sterilised tens of thousands of gipsy children at Auschwitz.  He was called The Angel Of Death.  His son went to a Swiss boarding school.

They have Pharoanic symbols.  Mengele was Swiss.  The mercenaries were paid by Catholic gold, much from South America.  The Dutch sank the Spanish ships and stopped the supply of gold which financed the 30 years war, saving the Germans.  The 30 Years War was a genocide on the Germans.

In 1648 the King of Holland took over the Swiss mercenaries, and used them to found South Africa.  150,000 Swiss mercenaries worked in the Dutch Army, and their language is still spoken in South Africa.  Another Swiss idea was also the burning of witches – basically women.

Christine England talks about the dangers of vaccination, how her child was damaged and how she was accused of mistreating her child to cover up the damage done. 

Excellent stuff from the Gaza demonstration.  Calling for an arms embargo on Israel.  End the military occupation of Palestinian lands, and the siege of Gaza.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    mengele never murdered that amount of people, how many have the jews murdered ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    hello tap please put this up its john kominskis latest and its excellant
    a quick word, just buzz off wasp

  3. Anonymous says:

    I want to compliment this girl for her courage in going onto camera when so many are scared
    I actually found her very atractive and liked her message.
    russell brand hass ome sort of ADHD or similar but i dont want to judge him just say i hope we see more of this girl and her views

  4. Anonymous says:

    Wish more of her age would see this total takeover of their lives. She can appeal to a wider audience and show the youth how dangerous this is, they are not clever, she is !! to work out whay and how they are doing means she is a step ahead of them. Keep it up girl the youth are being mind controlled and societies are paying a very high price. There is no future unless they listen to sheer common sense. They are losing if the kids of today stop this following of ^FASHION*

  5. Chloe George’s youtube channel:

    ‘Dear The Queen’ is very funny. 🙂

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