Anti-fracking community protection camps are presented as loonies by main media. Journalists cheering on the criminals in government.

There will of course be people trying to penetrate anti-fracking camps who will be there purely to make trouble or feed information to the Police.  That said, Ian Crane of UK Column TV is certainly not one of them, as suggested by Paul Staines on  

It’s not surprising to find that Guido on his struggling blog is pushing a ‘protectors are loonies’ line to build his ratings.  He wants to keep attention onto Westminster where he and his cronies can best rake in a share of the take from lobbyists, lobbyists with their fat cheque books pushing dodgy dossiers that do incredible damage.  

If you’re going to talk about fracking, eh Guido aka Paul Staines, why not address the real issues?  

I guess you don’t do real anything when I think about it.

Would you fancy a quick breath of methane, for example?  That’s real. It could be amusing don’t you think, and a quick way to connect to what this is all about?  I’ll drop you off a bottle.

I’d suggest camping out in order to stop people and animals being killed by corporate greed is a very laudable way to pass one’s time. These people are far from loonies.  They are very well informed and unbelievably motivated to give up the comforts of home life to abide in fields through all weathers.  I suspect that the penny hasn’t dropped yet in Westminster where the suits seek cash and little else, that something else might be at stake here –  


65% of Britain has been licensed for fracking.  Ian Crane has a lot of valuable knowledge as to how that’s affected communities in Pennsylvania in the US, and Queensland in Australia, and how the same will happen here, unless it’s stopped. 

A lot of people could lose their lives, yet the main media refuses to address such issues.   They won’t touch the real story of this environmental catastrophe, Guido included.  Cut the crap, Guido.  Get into the game of discussing the real issue, or get out of the way.  Fracking is a weapon.  People die.

Here’s Ian Crane a year ago.  Why don’t you just shut up and listen just for once.

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4 Responses to “Anti-fracking community protection camps are presented as loonies by main media. Journalists cheering on the criminals in government.”

  1. The situation is probably worse than most people think. A list of fracking activity per country can be found here:

    The loonies are the ones ignoring the warnings of those who investigated the situation. The ones who caused it to exist are downright criminals.

  2. Tapestry says:

    Let’s hope Guido replies and we can inform him he’s siding with a bunch of criminals then. As if he doesn’t already know.

  3. jeff3 says:

    nestles are rubbing their hands at this poisening of the water system ready to sell you that bottled water at that high price

  4. Tapestry says:

    all you water, and will it be clean? Unlikely.

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