Brave paedophile victim speaks out

My father, the Earl who raped me as a boy: In a harrowing interview, writer reveals why he’s risked wrath of his aristocratic brother and sisters by exposing him

  • Robert Montagu was abused by his father, the 10th Earl of Sandwich
  • Abuse took place on an almost daily basis from the age of seven until 11
  • The 64-year-old knows of ten other victims, but suspects there are more
  • His brother, the 11th Earl, and his sisters do not know he is going public
Dark secret: Robert Montagu, 64, was abused by his father Victor, the 10th Earl of Sandwich, on an almost daily basis from the age of seven until he was 11


Dark secret: Robert Montagu, 64, was abused by his father Victor, the 10th Earl of Sandwich, on an almost daily basis from the age of seven until he was 11
When Robert Montagu, younger brother of the Earl of Sandwich, first decided to publish his memoir, he thought he’d present it as fiction, using a pseudonym, such was the painful nature of the story that was about to unfold.
His was a disturbing tale about an innocent seven-year-old boy whose father confused love with lust and abused him on an almost daily basis until he was 11. 
Yet Robert, son of the 10th Earl of Sandwich, knew all too well this was not fiction. 
And when A Humour Of Love is published next month, it will be under his own name.
In making that choice, he knows he is risking everything, not only his family name but his good relations with his sisters and his brother John, the 11th Earl, none of whom know of his decision to expose their father, who Robert believes abused up to 20 boys.
A charming, gentle, articulate, man, Robert is not doing this out of vengeance but a belief that this is a story that must be told.
In 2000, he qualified as a family therapist after many years running a successful import business and this, too, is one of the reasons he wishes to be honest now. 
Speaking from his Dorset home a few miles from the family house, Mapperton, where the abuse took place, Robert, 64, says: ‘There’s a huge amount of shame and a huge will not to cause damage within your family.
‘I wrote the first draft when I was 16 and I’ve probably done ten versions since then. 
‘I always intended it to be written as a novel but then I came to realise in the last three months it had to be done as a memoir.
‘If you want the message to come across that people should be brave enough to speak out, you really have to put your name to it and write it with people’s names as they are.

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7 Responses to “Brave paedophile victim speaks out”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am so pleased more men are speaking out about homosexual abuse
    and to think parliament wants to lower the age for boys again…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Admiration indeed is due. It would be interesting to hear what this man knows of ritual and/or satanic abuse as well – in for a penny …

  3. Anonymous says:

    I spent some years at Barnabus house where homosexuals were allowed into the dormitories to choose a boy, the fear the cries the misery still live with me all these years after, and the revuslion and hatred i feel for those perverts like greville janner know no bounds
    may they all rot in hell for what they did to us

  4. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, I think this is just more controlled release of revelations (and a book advertisement to boot) regarding establishment paedophiles. The Daily Chimp is on the side of the enemy within.

    “The British government plans to strictly control the release of ‘establishment’ paedophile revelations over a period of decades in order to avoid mass civil unrest. It is further claimed that many cases will never be disclosed due to the severity of the offences that took place, and also the high profile status of those involved. Even politicians such as Simon Danczuk and Tom Watson, who have pushed for transparency, are all too aware of the dangers that mass disclosure may bring. A ‘total disclosure event’ would see citizens of the United Kingdom take to the streets in their hundreds of thousands, if not millions, as the extent of the crimes are revealed. The offences include the rape, torture and murder of children.”

    Of course the dead cannot be libelled or defend themselves and I am increasingly suspicious of the dead or virtually dead being named and shamed, leaving present day and probably rampant paedophiles free to roam and indulge in their predatory behaviour. We can also be certain that the higher/highest echelons of establishment paedophiles – living or dead – will never be named and shamed by the complicit msm as they have been named and shamed in the alternative media.

  5. Anonymous says:

    1.27 thankyou for eloquently putting this, but we can make a start by asking government to make homosexuality ilegal again
    young boys protection must come first

  6. Anonymous says:

    Close all the dirty carehomes down. Gove was calling for more because of the poverty they have inflicted on societies…perpetual poverty is a constant supply chain for the real idle men in tights. Time is running out and I thank Heaven that i will die knowing tne truth about this evil Earth and who runs it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It humbles me to think that this man is so very brave. He was a child, abused. Now he is a man, telling the truth as he knows it.
    His bravery will liberate others.
    God bless him, and give him strength to persevere.

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