Boris Johnson just another Mossad-backed pro-Israel Conservative. Cameron part 2.

sovereigntea said…
According to the Jerusalem Post

Pro-Israel Conservative sworn in as London mayor

Now fancy that another compromised puppet propelled into high office.

sovereigntea said…

Boris Johnson liar traitor enemy propagandist.

quote re Ukraine a Zionist Oligarch project being funded by UK taxpayers via israeli agent Cameron.

sovereigntea said…

Follow the money !

Why should UK taxpayers foot the bill for Ukrainian oligarchs’ military adventures?

This week the PM, who is valued at a comparably modest £4 million, pledged £1 billion from UK taxpayers to the President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko – worth the considerably higher figure of $1.3 billion. Cameron is considered an aristocrat in Britain but his Ukrainian counterpart is known as an oligarch. Poroshenko has amassed this fortune in a country with an average monthly salary which is 1/15th that of the UK.

Anonymous said…
All roads lead to Israel !

Step forward Ihor Kolomoisky, who fancies himself as the new Poroshenko (who was the new Tymoshenko, who was the new… repeat ad infinitum). Proud patriot Kolomoisky, a citizen of no less than three countries – Cyprus, Israel and Ukraine – has adroitly used his emergency appointment as governor of Dnepropetrovsk to position himself as a staunch advocate of Ukrainian nationalism.

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Pope speaks out against torture and ongoing ww3

    The Pope said “today, torture is one of the most – I’d say – ordinary methods of behavior of the intelligence services, of judicial process. And torture is a sin against humanity; it is a crime against humanity. And to Catholics, I say: to torture a person is a mortal sin; it is a grave sin!”


    the Pope added, “I try to think of my sins and my mistakes so as to not believe that [….], “because I know that this will not last long, two or three years, and then, to the House of the Father.”

    Road crash tragedy for Pope’s relatives, 3 killed
    The car Emanuel was driving collided with a truck in the Córdoba-Rosario highway.

    A nephew of Argentine Pope Francis got involved in a tragic road accident today’s early morning with his wife and two children resulting killed. Emanuel Horacio Bergoglio, the son of the pontiff’s late brother, Alberto Bergoglio, suffered serious injuries.

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