Be arrested on a frack site. Kick out Paterson.

Brooklands Farm Camp.  Come along and be arrested.

For those who want to demonstrate their feelings about fracking, and gas-drilling in the beautiful Shropshire countryside, destroying water, soil and poisoning the air, this might soon be only way left to do so.   

The planning decision will be taken around mid-September, according to the schedule.  After that, mayhem could ensue.

Yesterday a lady in her seventies arrived at Brooklands Farm with a card thanking the campers for trying to protect our beautiful countryside.  She asked if she could be arrested as she wants to be arrested to show how strongly she feels, and the answer is of course that she can be, if Dart Energy try to occupy the site.  They will first have to remove all people who wish to block their efforts to drill the ground.

If there are people in their seventies willing to fill up local police vans and jails, then there must surely be others waiting to demonstrate the strength of their feelings against the program that our own MP has foisted upon us with the greatest of enthusiasm.

Who will be voting for him at the next election?  He says he wants to make a big noise from the back benches.   He might first give thought to the possibility that he could be losing his seat, and have no benches to sit on.  And rightly so.  Those who betray the trust of their constituents are rightly booted out.

Maybe he should be in that field right now, joining the camp, and preparing to have himself arrested, camping for weeks in the drizzle and rain?  Can you imagine the notion?  Would he abandon his chauffeur-driven lifestyle and eat his words?  No chance.  He’s sold his soul to the devil.

The campers need tarpaulins, barbecues, building materials and pallets, firelighters and ropes/cords.  Do you have any?  Drop them off at the Brooklands Farm camp, SY12 next to the electricity pylon.  See you there.  2000 pallets would build a nice fort, for example.  If you’re willing to put yourself in front of Police lines, and show that you really don’t believe that such illegal destruction should be permitted, come and see us.

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  1. NPP says:

    Good luck from afar.

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