Attacks on Ian Crane’s credibility should be taken with a pinch of salt

John Bull said…
Sorry to burst your bubble but Ian R Crane is a disso deliberately causing trouble amongst genuine fracking protestors along with all his buddies at UK 5th Column.

So here is a bunch you can definitely add to your list of controlled opposition muppets.

Blogger Tapestry said…
I wouldn’t be sure that Ian Crane is other than what he claims to be. The website attacking him is very weak with nothing but waffle. The Crawberry Hill castle was lost when campers went shopping, and someone put a call out to the Police to move in while the numbers were down. The controllers of sites say it is usually better to have ten people who you know for sure are on your side than a hundred that you are not sure about. The way they attack Ian Crane in the video and stop him replying by chanting over his speaking so you can’t hear his reply tells you what kind of people they are. He’s trying to hold up a Police van while they’re attacking him. What are they doing?

Given the punch he is having in the anti-fracking movement he is bound to come under attack, and have many attempts made to discredit him. This one does not convince.

Blogger Tapestry said…

That said fracking is clearly in play politically, and the opposition to it could well have elements within it that are put in place to stir up trouble – agents provocateurs.

Blogger Tapestry said…

The man behind the attack on Ian Crane in the video is a gentleman called Blackman, who Ian Crane says was responsible for Raithlin getting control back of the Newton site. Ian Crane says he will make a substantive reply at some point giving the full details of the events that took place.  (I called him just now)

The problem at Crawberry Hill was that the road was cut off by the authorities depriving the camp of ‘passing trade’. That said the battle is not yet lost even though the castle has been dismantled and removed.

Blackman put a ludicrous post on beforeitsnews on 26th June saying he was the equivalent of a Snowden in the fracking movement revealing fifth column etc. You will soon get the measure of this person if you read his output (he claims it as his output anyway). Ian Crane wins this hands-down in my opinion.  Let his work speak for itself.   Those that know him speak highly of him.  So do I.

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  1. NPP says:

    Thanks for this TAP. I had not even checked the website…

    You’ve mentioned, others have referred to ‘gut’ feeling. My gut feeling is Ian R. Crane is doing sterling work and at the very least, let’s put such voices on the BBC among the public debate on fracking. I do not expect that anytime soon because Ian does appear sincere and his arguement strong. He seems to have dedicated his life to this particular issue and for one want to hear his point of view within the debate.

    PS BBCR5: UK PM Camoron just asked Russia “… to behave like any other civilised country and allow the Ukraine to choose it’s own future…”

    Can you believe the chutzpah of these people.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    By an odd co-incidence David Icke has just issued an extended waffle entitled

    What is the Community Press Group and why does it have it in for David Icke and the UKColumn?

    Bizzare that as Neil Foster editor of the sovereignindependentuk website and founder of the Community Press Group is in regular contact with Brian G of the ukcolumn LOL. As far as I am aware they are still speaking.

    How do I know this ? I used to be the webmaster of
    and authored much of the content.

    Are we seeing a juvenile attempt by “controlled opposition” to divide the dissenters ?

    Whilst I could not be bothered to criticize the lizard king in print regarding it as a waste of valuable time Neil did and we always saw an uptick in traffic as a result …. thanks for the hits Icke. 🙂

    PS I watched you in goal for Coventry City FC on too many occasions too Dave I you were crap. LOL

  3. Anonymous says:

    Look at what they are saying about Ian R Crane, that he is a liar homosexual and a fake
    this is just what they said about Chris Spivey, Maud Dib, Kevin Field, Christopher Bollyn,Cathi Morgan Trevor Stokes and Ben Fellowes, its just dirt throwing by a small minority of morons, ignore it, just all thes epeople by their works

  4. John Bull says:

    You’re not thinking TAP, but then someone who continues to give the one dimensional disso WASP so much air time, what can we expect? And he’s not even a WASP. LOL

    As for Crane you can judge him alone by the company he keeps let alone the campsite behaviour i.e. all the dissos at UK Column who sabotaged ALL their Jewtube videos VOLUNTARILY when some two bit powerless quango called ATVOD said jump. Instead of Gerrish saying piss off he said “How high do you want me to jump?” That makes him either spineless or controlled opposition.

    Wake up Tap you’ll then enjoy your coffee as well as the aroma and become a real AM Blog.

    As for Spivey he’s a Jew, and displays it via his rabid anti-monarchy rants, (and I know they are no angels i.e. wicked) but anti-monarchy is standard Jewish fare, Charles 1 – Louis XVI – Czar Nicholas to name but a few, so go figure and start using your brains instead of just your emotions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hi Tap, we are indeed entering interesting times.
    Try not to fight on too many fronts.
    You have wavered away from exposing the Paedophiles in the UK Government.
    It’s Paedophiles that leave the Country open to blackmail and corruption.
    How come 65% of the UK already have planning permission for Fracking, it never happened by chance.
    The blackmailed Paedophiles had a hand in it.
    How come we , or our Government, are giving Billions of pounds of our money to Ukrainian and Israeli Terrorists.
    Because they are blackmailed Paedophiles.

  6. NPP says:

    In case it hasn’t come your way…
    Frack The Fed
    Keiser Report: Saudi America (E642)
    In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert ask why, if fracking is so great, is it a state secret? A UK government report looking at the economic consequences in rural Britain is so heavily redacted that none are allowed to know the third “major social impact” the fracking process may cause. They also discuss one energy analyst’s call for fracking as the ‘dotcom bubble’ of our age. In the second half, Max interviews an activist from Germany, Lars Maehrholz, who has seen tens of thousands across Germany attend his weekly Stop the Fed rallies.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I think they are all great. Hope dissers are getting off their own arses before pointing the finger.

    Ian Crane got a bit carried away on the 2012 Olympics but look at the work he’s done spreading the word. 10 out of 10 for Ian’s hard work from me.

    Brian Gerrish and UKC – I think they’re top people. How can Lou Collins and BG be controlled opp? They go after the Satanists! 10 out of 10 for UKC from me.

    And as for Icke – he’s the man.

    Let him….cast the first stone and all that.

  8. Anonymous says:

    the gold standard to unmask disnifo agents is the bolocaust.
    The whole of the jew programme hinges on this one event
    The bolocaust has bene proved many times to have been fake and exposed british files from the period back this up.
    David icke and henry makow
    still trumpet the bolocuast
    rense does not

  9. Chris Jones says:

    Whoever these people who filmed this video are using the name ‘Metropolitan.Peace’ name, they shoot themselves in the foot by coming across as horrible bullying idiots. They could have have this discussion via a civilised conversation. Whoever the stupid woman is on this video shouting inanities at Ian Crane, the anti fracking movement should ditch her immediately as she and her giggling/faux radical types are very harmful to the credibility of any such movement. She showed utter lack of courage by giggling and pitching in like a horrible bully creature. Does anyone have her name? If they can’t act in a civil way and put their concerns over in a rational way they also deserve to be confronted and bullied by random strangers. I’m guessing she also calls herself a feminist, a marxist and an anarchist. I’d simply call her an idiot

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