Are you dying of diesel?

Green plan causes air pollution, may kill thousands in the UK, thanks to dirty diesel

A Greenpeace Bio-diesel Campaign, November 2000
Golly — who would have thought that policies based on a logical fallacy and a pseudo-religion would be a bad idea? It’s not just bad, it’s deadly. For the last ten years environmentalists and greens told Europeans to buy diesel cars, not petrol, because they produce less CO2. So British people, and a lot of Europe too, did exactly that — lured by generous tax breaks, pushed by the guilt trip if they were thinking of buying a petrol car. The car fleet of the EU was transformed. Back in the early nineties, hardly anyone owned a diesel, but now, as many as half of all new cars in the UK are diesel, and some extra 45 million diesel cars have been bought across Europe. But clean energy turned out to be dirty fuel, with diesels producing tons of small dangerous particulates, black carbon, and other real pollutants.
It’s so bad, the UK is not meeting air pollution standards, and more importantly, by at least one estimate, some 7,000 deaths a year can be attributed to diesel pollution from cars.
Diesel pollution is becoming such an issue in London that Boris Johnson is thinking of charging diesel drivers an extra £10 to drive in London – “a measure that could be copied by as many as 18 other cities. “ A debacle all the way down.
h/t to Colin who helped research the story too. As he describes it, it’s the deadly fruits of greenery.
Telegraph– “Diesel car drivers ‘betrayed’ as EU cracks down on Britain over air pollution”
“For more than a decade, motorists buying diesel cars have enjoyed tax breaks because the cars produce lower levels of carbon dioxide and are more fuel efficient.
Now, Britain is being sued by the European Commission for breaching air pollution limits, because emissions from diesel vehicles are contributing to tens of thousands of premature deaths each year.”
Edmund King, the president of the AA, said: “Some drivers will feel betrayed and misled because they were encouraged to go for the dash for diesel. “In the 1990s there was a near hysteria about carbon dioxide, and yet nobody looked at the bigger picture. “The drivers thought they were doing the right thing, diesel causes about 7,000 deaths in the UK each year:

The transformation of the UK car fleet

Environmentalists really did encourage people to buy diesel cars. And with the help of government funded propaganda and taxes, they managed to shift the whole market. Only 7% of the UK car fleet was diesel in 1994, by 2012 it was 32%.

TAP – Never mind 700 annual deaths (underestimate?).  How about millions of people suffering daily health effects?  I can hardly breathe in Central London.

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  2. “Are Diesels More Dangerous than Cigarettes as a Cause of Lung Cancer?”

    Apparently loads of non-smokers who live in cities get lung cancer…

    ” …study which showed that people who inhaled cigarette smoke had less lung cancer than those who didn’t!”

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    PPPRRROOOOOOFFF!!! Would be nice! I don’t doubt some of What you say is right but come on.. Everyone isn’t going to ruin absolutely. EVERYTHING for themselves!, I would love to know exactly wwhat is right, I want to believe but all this isn’t! SIGNED… JOHNNY polaris hawkeye

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