9 Year Old Girl Kills Instructor With Uzi – Complete Hoax- Plot To Further Gun Grab

N.Morgan) In yet another attempt by this regime, the little 9 year old who supposedly killed her gun instructor with a Uzi, may be a complete hoax! Another scheme to try to take our 2nd Amendment right away and in doing so, disarming the masses.These tactics have been an ongoing theme with this regime and it’s counterparts.  Red Pill Revolution brings us this startling revelation shortly after this tragic accident occurred. Apparently, Red Pill Revolution has gotten a lot of flack for this video, so here’s the context they put this False Flag under:


So let’s recap:


1.) The gun (without even comparing clips) sounds ABSOLUTELY 100% like a airsoft/toy gun. Definitely not a real gun.


2.) Wife deleting her digital life in hours by morning because of “media coverage”, which didn’t even start yet. Liars and no one would be worried about shutting your internet life down hours after your husband got blasted.


3.) The bombardment of trolls, their relentless attack and blatant lies on my first video which went viral on this, proves I am right here and this story is bull. Vacca had no kids. There’s many other trolls I could show you guys I took screen shots, but you guys get the point.

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9 Responses to “9 Year Old Girl Kills Instructor With Uzi – Complete Hoax- Plot To Further Gun Grab”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well done, beforeitsnews.com
    Thought it was a little strange myself.
    Fit’s in with all the other lies we are being told.
    The question is, why are the Elite doing it.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    why are the Elite doing it ?

    Ans to keep the criminals in power and allow them to continue to work towards their goals of exploitment enslavement and depopulation.

    Hitler disarmed the German people. civillian Britain has been progressively disarmedsince WW1, who gained from that ?

    Henry Kissinger and Wall Street Journal call for a ‘New World Order’
    Editor’s note: this is an article written by wanted war criminal and the elites gopher Henry Kissinger. The article is titled: ‘Henry Kissinger on the Assembly of a New World Order‘ and appeared in the Wall Street Journal 29th Aug, 2014.




  3. sovereigntea says:

    why are the Elite doing it ?

    Well you’ll work harder with a gun in your back
    For a bowl of rice a day
    Slave for soldiers till you starve
    Then your head is skewered on a stake

    Now you can go where people are one
    Now you can go where they get things done
    What you need, my son
    What you need, my son

    Is a holiday in Cambodia
    Where people dress in black
    A holiday in Cambodia
    Where you’ll kiss ass or crack

    Pol Pot
    Pol Pot
    Pol Pot

    And it’s a holiday in Cambodia
    Where you’ll do what you’re told
    A holiday in Cambodia
    Where the slums got so much soul

    Pol Pot

    Read more: Dead Kennedys – Holiday In Cambodia Lyrics | MetroLyrics


    Cambodia: The Secret Bombing

    Kissinger in the Nixon White House

    by Seymour M. Hersh


  4. sovereigntea says:

    “why are the elite doing it” ?

    Zbigniew Brzezinski: It Is Infinitely Easier to Kill a Million People than it is to Control Them


    Efficiency and progress is ours once more
    Now that we have the Neutron bomb
    It’s nice and quick and clean
    And gets things done

    Away with excess enemy
    But no less value to property
    No sense in war but perfect sense at home

    The sun beams down on a brand new day
    No more welfare tax to pay
    Unsightly slums gone up in flashing light

    Jobless millions whisked away
    At last we have more room to play
    All systems go to kill the poor tonight

    Gonna kill kill kill, kill kill the poor
    Kill kill kill, kill kill the poor
    Kill kill kill, kill kill the poor, tonight

    Behold the sparkle of champagne
    The crime rate’s gone feel free again
    Life’s a dream with you, Miss Lily White

    Jane Fonda on the screen today
    Convinced the liberals, it’s okay
    So let’s get dressed and dance away the night

    While they, kill kill kill, kill kill the poor
    Kill kill kill, kill kill the poor
    Kill kill kill, kill kill the poor, tonight

    Read more: Dead Kennedys – Kill The Poor Lyrics | MetroLyrics


  5. Anonymous says:

    I thought it wasa hoax, when you look into it it does not ring true
    to many hoaxs just now, they are playing with us like a cat plays witha mouse before the kill, except this time our soldiers are saying NO to W W 3

  6. Anonymous says:

    Looks real to me, the shots are kicking up sand which an airsoft would not do. The sound comparison is not valid as the 9mm comparison is close to the machine pistol and the shooting range footage is far away, and might be farther than it looks due to the lens/zoom. Wind direction would also lessen the sound if it is blowing towards the target.
    Having said that the Government will use this accident as an excuse to interfere with the constitutional rights of citizens.
    I have used a 9mm machine pistol myself. This video may be fake but I don’t think it is, it looks like an accident. Children should be taught to shoot with a light target pistol and not a machine pistol which is heavy, has strong recoil and it shouldn’t have been held by a feeble girl nor fired on fully automatic except by an experienced person.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I haven`t thought for a second that it`s true . Very strange recording , we don`t see faces . Bullshit . Bullshit .Bullshit.

  8. Anonymous says:

    hitler did not dosarm the german people, once he reaslied churchill was intent on war no matter what he encouraged people to learn to shoot in clubs and ranges.

  9. It is probably a real gun but a fake scenario – If it was real the video would show the gruesome blood and body and be plastered all over the MSM – they would have loved something like this to be real.
    No trainer would allow a frail girl to hold a gun like this with powerful recoil – in fact even the untrained adult would not do this.

    The “sound” differences might be a straw man intel plot to lead the AN down the wrong rabbit hole

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