400,000 told not to drink tap water. Frack me!

State of emergency in Ohio as over 400,000 warned to not drink toxic tap water

The state emergency operations center has been activated in response to the water contamination issue affecting the Toledo area.

Comment: “Frack me, I am surprised.”



The state government is dropping hints it could be an algae causing the toxins to be present in the water, but is not saying so with certainty.

Can’t they filter the water before distributing it?

Are they aware of any other theories?

Getting people used to paying big money for water?

The mainstream media blames algae, saying the poison is caused by “algal blooms.” But what’s causing the algal blooms in Lake Erie?
The root cause, it turns out, is chemical agriculture. It’s the chemicals being dumped on the farms that are causing the water to turn to poison. And it’s yet another warning sign of the ecological collapse caused by widespread agricultural poisoning:

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