4 Responses to “Your car can be taken over by someone working from a laptop”

  1. Eric says:

    We’ve known that this goes on for years and have seen many examples of “brake failure” etc.
    This merely confirms what we’ve suspected

  2. Anonymous says:



  3. Anonymous says:

    as more info is coming out about the involvement of the israelis in the missing malaysian aircraft,
    experts are again talking about the israeli stuxnet virus designed by them to attack iran, which went viral and smashed the japanese nuclear industry releasing huge amounts of radiation into the world

  4. Anonymous says:

    Have not looked at the videos yet. However, I think Icke understands the Alien issue very well. It is aid by those who have had ET contact that negative aliens, out of our sight and in an off vibration dimension, took over the earth thousands of years ago with a Negative Alien Agenda. The negative aliens view us as farm animals. They operate from a hierarchical structure. They feed off our negative energy. They hold power through our so called elite power structures on earth. Hence satanic ritual abuse. Think Savile etc as suppliers.They have reportedly interfered with our earths energy grids and star gates, putting them int reverse, eg Stonehenge being known as reptile central. Therefore as God Humans we cannot connect to higher spiritual energies which fire up our pineal and kundalini function. Why the Chemtrails? Blocking strategy. Humanity awakening is the biggest threat to them and the planets power holders. The hologram has had disruptive programmes inserted into it, for example patriarchal domination and Armageddon agenda. Social, financial, medical educational and food agendas, the consumptive model are degrading the human race. It is important not go into fear, but to reclaim our lives , our consciousness and our spirituality, in other words our power. Detach from the 3D world as much as possible. There is amazing info out there as to why we should be optimistic. There are positive ETs engaged in supporting humanity. Change is coming as the old system is decaying but bringing chaos whilst it does so.

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