Young American Jew stands up for Palestine

Germany and Arsenal superstar Mesut Ozil’s representative has denied claims that the star was set to donate his £350,000 [$600,000] World Cup winnings to the children of Gaza following his country’s triumph in the global spectacle…..

C’mon Mesut. Do it!

Is it true over 82% UK Conservative MP’s are Friends of Israel?
Can anyone name them?
Both Camoron and Silliband have recently given speeches declaring their allegiances to Israel:

If so, these are the type of people they support…
Naftali Bennet:
Mark Regev:

The killing and lying must stop.
Demand your MP demand in parliament that it must stop.

Young American Jew Stands up for Palestine: 

Dear friends, 

Over 200 people have been killed in the last week, 41 of them are children. The media tells us this is due to a decades old conflict fueled by hate. This hate is a fog that conceals the real obstacle to peace — war and subjugation are profitable, so certain companies keep them alive. It’s time we tell these companies to uphold the law and divest!


I haven’t slept in the last 10 days. Friends in Gaza call me throughout the night to tell me who we’ve lost. My heart is swollen with sadness. Over 200 people have been killed, 41 are kids. I have lived through these cycles of violence my whole life. But at this moment in history there is finally a way to put an end to it, once and for all, and our global community is the key

The media talks about the current war as part of an unsolvable conflict fueled by hate. But this hate is a fog that conceals the real obstacle to peace — war and subjugation are profitable, so companies have kept them alive, for decades. That’s why the only solid way to peace is to cut the revenues that sustain the violence

The good news is the companies and investors that make Middle East peace impossible are well known. Governments have been unwilling to stop them. So it’s up to us — normal people everywhere who believe in human dignity and the sanctity of peace, to put an end to their abuses. Click the link below to call on these companies to stop profiting from repression: 

From conflict diamonds in Western Africa to oil companies in the Middle East, there have always been companies that bankroll war and persecution. In South Africa under apartheid, people like us launched a global movement and proved that when enough people stand up to abusive companies, they withdraw, and freedom becomes attainable.

In Israel and Palestine, Caterpillar and other bulldozers have demolished over 20,000 homes, making 160,000 Palestinians homeless. France’s Veolia owns and operates transport for Israeli settlers illegally living on Palestinian lands, sustaining a system of segregation. The Netherlands’ pension fund ABP allows its Israeli financial partners to fund illegal colonies in occupied Palestine. These illegal settlements breed fanatics like those who just burnt 16-year old Mohammad alive in Jerusalem. Computer giant Hewlett-Packard supplies sophisticated surveillance to control the movement of Palestinians. British G4S provides extensive security equipment that runs the Israeli occupation. And Barclays invests in military companies that produce the hardware and drones that are right now dropping bombs on kids in Gaza and are at the core of the blockade the UN has called “inhumane”. These companies can pull out their investments in an instant, but they won’t unless they feel they are publicly toxic. It’s up to us to come together, change the equation, and tell them: enough is enough! 

To many, particularly in Europe and North America, calling for withdrawing investments from companies that perpetuate human rights abuses in Israel and Palestine is described as biased and controversial. But it’s not – it’s the most potent non-violent strategy to end the cycle of violence. Today, it’s the quickest path to changing the stagnant status quo in a way that will allow all the people in the holy land to live with freedom, dignity and security. 

International momentum is building to have these companies end their human rights abuses. EU states have recently issued a potent warning about the risks of investing in this conflict. Yet they continue undaunted because nobody is holding them accountable. That’s where we come in. Many of our well known companies, pension funds, banks, and governments financially sustain this violence. We must tell these companies that we don’t want any part of this. Experts on both sides have told us that this is the best way forward. If we together get these companies to pull out, we could set off a tipping point that will bring us closer to peace: 

Our community is guided by a great feeling of love for humanity. The fog of hate has never fooled nor hindered us. That’s why we have taken courageous stances to tackle the most intractable challenges of our time. A massive campaign will make those making profits from the bombing of Gaza think twice. But more importantly, it will give my friends hope in a better world, where human solidarity trumps money. With the violence escalating uncontrollably, the time has come to look past the fog of hate and end the true cause of horror for the families on both sides.

With hope and determination,

Fadi Q

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps the Young American Jew in the vid could tell us what it is about his ‘Jewishness’ that he adheres to as a part of his ‘identity’.

    I was born in the Netherlands and have lived most of my life in Australia.
    That makes me Dutch/Australian.
    I could tell you a bit about each of those countries, and how living and loving there, has impacted on me, and maybe even, how I have impacted on them!
    As for religion, I chose my own without reference to anybody, least of all my parents.
    I could probably say a bit about that, as well.

    I applaud any society that allows freedom of choice.

    Alas, late in life, I have discovered the extent to which Secret Societies control everything anyway.

    O well, it was nice to live the illusion long enough to find spiritual freedom.

    That is eternity.

    So, back to the Young American Jew in the video.

    I understand his words (and at this point, that is all they are: words) as Palestinians are being slaughtered as we write.

    Please let us see a similar length video on what “Jewishness” means to him and his purpose in Life.
    Thank You.

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