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  1. shirlz007 says:

    FUCK YA’LL! Fuck getting paid… I SHOULD BE GETTING LAID FOR THIS SHIT! Hippy Chicks, truther girls and all that? :/

    This is why I don’t give a fuck about Rupert Murdoch! Id have a meal and drink with him… probably like him in a way…

    ‘A proper investigation of child abuse in high places would mean taking on the might of the CIA and its friends.’… THAT SOUNDS LIKE A CHALLENGE!!!
    …. and friends… meaning Mossad!… JEWS!
    (not that this is a ‘Jewish’ thing, or homosexual… IT’S NOT!)

    Amnesty for police and those who may have signed the official secrets act… HELL YEAH!!!
    (amnesty… like its a fucking war! against institutionised paedophilia, honest to god)


    Janner tomorrow in Mirror
    BBC exec involved in production and smuggling of child porn/snuff

  2. shirlz007 says:

    just get the fucking nonces out of the way so we can have a proper epic, Biblical, Game of Thrones battle or something! HONEST TO FUCK!
    Not that you all shouldn’t be heeping up with ISIS, Ukraine, Fracking…
    Ukraine… FUCKED! In Europe! lol… people have nooooo idea what that means for geo-politics, arms dealing, organised crime, people, organ, child… FURNITURE (im pissing myself aswell!) smuggling, ideologies in Europe… PUTIN!

    Rothschilds and Carlyle buying up Africa!
    (remember when that Simon Mann (ex SAS) got funded by Mark Thatcher (and a certain J P Archer 😉 ) to stage that coup in Equatorial Genie? Got caught and threatened with sodomy and cannibalism… yeah hilarious that weren’t it! trying to think of something funny in the midst of ‘peadogeddon’)

  3. Fred the BS Cleaner says:

    Clearly, this video was conducted BEFORE Dec 9th 2013. So WHY is WINDOWS posting a video that was filmed, recorded and edited by PUBLIC DONATIONS at The Peoples Voice? (TPV)

    Lots of strange manipulations and anomolies throughout this video… is someone trying to cover up the evidence?

    Very smelly indeed…

  4. Tapestry says:

    So you like Mark Windows then….!

  5. Fred the BS Cleaner says:

    Well, not really Henry.
    But as you can see, I’ve done a little more research on ‘Mucky’ than most…

    – Published on 15 Apr 2013 –
    Guest – Seven 4 Justice – Worked In the Music Industry, Conceptual Designer In Program Design, Idea’s Stolen By The Mainstream Media, Gang Stalked, Targeted Individual, Went Into Hiding, They Tried To Poison Her Water Supply, Report To Police On Numerous Occasions, Won Her Case, Knew About 7/7 Bombings Before It Happened, Tried To Warn People.

    Who IS this ‘Mark Windows’

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