World water monopoly is target of frackers, not gas

If only these useful idiot cops knew what they were ‘defending’. Defending the indefensible that’s what. Cops are effectively killing their own children, grandchildren, other loved ones and friends. 

Then again, they’ve got to think of their jobs and pensions, right? They’re only carrying out their orders, right? 

Agenda 21 – Water 

WATER MONOPOLY – World Bank, Bechtel, Veolia, Nestlé and other NWO corporations are pushing global privatization of our planet’s water supply making clean water unaffordable. artificially-created droughts by weather manipulation plus the intentional poisoning of wells and ground water with hydraulic fracking chemicals are methods Zionist globalists use to seize control of Earth’s clean water. 

WATER – NOW AN OWNED COMMODITY – Not a Universal Human Right

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