What’s Gordon found this morning? Are we a hybrid species?

I don’t always have time to credit the contributors to The Tap, as I’m working under pressure, sometimes with just a few minutes to put up a post.  Unlike when I started the blog in 2006, these days I have little time for research and monitoring other sites, and The Tap is almost entirely dependent on a group of readers who send in material and links they have found.  Gordon sent this one in.  

We haven’t looked into the ‘alien’ dimension for a while.  There’s enough stuff happening at more mundane levels right now with internet censorship taking off all over the place, and environmental attacks taking place –  chemtrails and bombs, GMOs and fracking, just to mention three.  

Many sources have said that one of the ways the system will engineer the compliance of humanity in ‘world’ government is to reveal other forms of life to us, and advanced technology, possibly in combination.  Here are a few examples of these phenomena.  I’m not sure my mind wants to go in this direction this morning, but Gordon’s obviously onto something, as he usually is, so I’ll put this up for readers to think about.  Does the lady talking here show why the old elites are so worried, and are so keen to try and stop our progress, which is accelerating, despite the efforts of those who run the school, medical and economic systems?  She’s very convincing.

ETs are here to help us, she believes, and Greys are totally misunderstood.

Other evidence of other levels of life that we are not told about are as follows – 
Below is an alarming video, which is really a collection of various clips of Alien or UFO sightings with commentary discussing the true origins of where many of these UFOs are really coming from. The video starts with a recording of a frantic ex Area 51 employee desperately trying to get the truth out before being silenced. The idea of Aliens being extra dimensional beings versus coming from other planets is discussed. One of the main themes however is examining evidence that the Aliens might indeed be coming from Hell and are more Demon or Fallen Angel in origin than actual aliens from other planets. There are some pretty interesting footage of live news broadcasts including prominent astronauts discuss on air their UFO sightings.
Below is the video put up by youtuber shieldoftheson:

World’s 10 Most Shocking Pictures Ever Taken (Alien Space Debris and more…)

This video shows 10 of the most mysterious and though provoking pictures ever taken. Some of these shocking photos include photos from Mars, Debris in Orbit Of Earth of Alien Origins, Sea Monsters, and more… Some of the highlights include: – The Martian Spherules (curious blueberry …

Human Evolution ALIEN Hybrids (Real X-MEN!!!)

This incredible presentation by Margaret Rodwell RN at a UFO symbosium. She explores the finding of close to 600 cases so far of what she calls “star children” and the evolution jumps in their development. These real life X-Men Children are born with super minds and incredible abilities. …

Escape from Area 51 Alien Evidence Revealed

October 16, 2013 – This revealing video testimonial from Michael Schratt at a UFO symbosium (IUFOC). Michael Schratt provides specifics regarding Dr Dan Burisch’s alleged interaction with an extraterrestrial known as “J-Rod”. This historically significant account of Human/Extraterrestial contact that allegedly 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    government importing in immigrants bringing in the worst diseases
    is this intentional ?

  2. Anonymous says:

    rothschild using foodstuffs to kill off mankind
    what does our government do ?


  3. Nollidge says:

    @ Anon 7.41:-
    This is a copy of what I posted on an earlier thread.It sould answer your question.
    “Please stop saying that “our” leaders are stupid & can’t plan ahead.The REAL masters know EXACTLY what they’re doing.Destroying the power of the U.S.A. & destroying as many of it’s people as possible.Already it’s industry has been mostly shipped to China & elsewhere,the middle class is being driven out of existence,& the Wall street bankers are busy pillaging with impunity.Floods of illegals are pouring over the wide-open southern border,blacks are being
    encouraged to play the “knock-out game” on whites,gun confiscation is in the works,United Nations armoured vehicles
    are seen in plain sight.
    how much more do you need to convince you that it’s all going to plan?.

  4. Anonymous says:


    This news is well worth a look:-

    4/ What AIPAC Doesn’t Want You to See

    6/ The Juncker Debacle »

    9/ Tony Blair, Boris Johnson, and Jim Dean bang heads »

    14/ US Ready to Strike ISIL leadership – Gen. Dempsey »

    16/ neo good picture?

    18/ Washington Post reported that 400 American drones simple “fell out of the sky,” at a cost of billions.

    & so much more


  5. Anonymous says:

    ANDREW BARTZIS is a must watch, hes got hours & hours worth of webcasts &radio shows that hes featured in on youtube. andrew claims to be able to have access to the akashic records for the past 54 million years. some of his stuff is hard to follow as he delves into timelines, timeline wars, how earth was populated, the archon control system, incarnation etc. he is now working with veronica keen , wife of the late paranormal researcher Montague keen &organising an event in ireland to clear dense dark energy. some people wont believe it so its only for the open minded i reckon. if you want to get started heres a few links. I’m not sure if theyl be clickable on certain browsers.
    andrew bartzis and lance white – our galactic history http://youtu.be/qRLaAVVs0P4 part 1
    andrew bartzis and veronica keen – adventures into reality http://youtu.be/grCX24FOpOo part 1

  6. Anonymous says:

    Veronica Keen once said everyone should listen to David Hugo Boyle. Nuff said.

  7. Anonymous says:

    veronica keen is a jewess.
    no one can read all the akashic records, my bullshit detector is going off ata furious pace

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not sure about David Boyle but I never could bear that “Monty” stuff.

    Sentimentality turns me off -it’s what’s used to manipulate us all (along with a whole bunch of other stuff).

  9. wasp says:

    Interesting Stuff Gordon, Everything always relates to Energy, as I have stated on so many occasions, I can tell you a great deal about Energy, but few would understand it so it can wait for a while. I am heavily involved in my Summer Maintenance Programme. Large House require a Lot of work, as does the garden

    @ – Nollidge Anon 7.41

    I don’t agree with you very often No_lige, but on this occasion you are correct. “EVERY THING IS PROCEEDING JUST AS PLANNED” But too many are distracted by Jews, to understand that!
    I have stated on several occasions, that the Yanks are living on borrowed time, & once the Petro -$ goes, so do they. Reality will hit them right in “The Bollocks”, but then it will be too late, they have been shafted by the enemy within, NOT THE JEWS BUT THE VATICAN. The more intelligent, & adept who have taken note of what I have stated, are up to speed, the others just haven’t got a clue, & are aptly termed “Sheeple.” The points you raised recently will be addressed shortly. I have a great deal more sense than many realise, which might well include you!

    I don’t consider myself arrogant in the least N_olige, orientating you to the correct Historical Vectors, i’ts well not to try to prove me wrong, few ever succeed. The Theist viewpont which I have adopted, is not possible to chalenge, since I equate *G* with Energy, as everything is composed of energy, which can not be created or destroyed, only changed. you can’t argue about that as it is an immutable Scientific Fact. Unfortunately many people are unaware of this fact.

    Whilst I have no doubt, that you are a genuine researcher, but misguided, I notice the Lemming Phenomena is just as rife now as it was several years ago. & the “BRAIN DEAD” are injecting many of their ill conceived theories, causing constant deviations, it appears quite obvious that there has been an infiltration of, these deviants, whose only purpose is to stifle all opposition, to anything they disagree with


  10. Anonymous says:

    Wasp….’since I equate *G* with Energy’……Wasp are you a Freemason?

  11. Anonymous says:

    Although I don’t think this is all tosh, as it is all mentioned in the Bible.
    It is another guise to move the Tap blog away from our recent scores against the Elite.
    The child abusers and Paedophiles in our Government will have a hand in this distraction.
    Anything, to draw our minds away from the unmentionables and Freemasons.

  12. shirlz007 says:

    well… this is the email I just sent Theresa May and The Home Office! (as well as a whole host of others… I included Lord Janner on the list for a laugh! :D)

    FTAO Home Secretary Theresa May and Lord James of Blackheath – Urgent Need for a National Child Abuse Inquiry.

    Mr Daniel Patrick Hurley
    8 Heysham Hall Grove,
    LA3 2RA
    Tel. – 01524 853898
    Mob. – 078949477551
    email – shirlz1@hotmail.co.uk or shirlz007@live.co.uk

    Dear Home Secretary Mrs Theresa May, and Lord James of Blackheath

    I am contacting both Mrs May, who as Home Secretary is responsible for overseeing law and order in the United Kingdom, and Lord James of Blackheath, a respected Peer in The House of Lords, because I feel there is an urgent need for both:-
    – a full transparent independent public Parliamentary inquiry
    – and a co-ordinated, resourced and ‘sophisticated’ national investigation into ‘historic’ child abuse, lead by The National Crime Agency and Serious Crime Agency
    into the mounting evidence of institutionalised and organised child abuse carried out by those within and around the British political system and establishment, which has been ignored and covered up for a period of decades.

    Prime Minister David Cameron, MP Andrew Lansley and Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, have all in recent weeks, been asked in Parliament for their support, but as of yet, none have given a precise response.

    I have contacted Prime Minister Mr David Cameron regarding the matter, as well as a number of local and national media news organisations, other Parliamentarians (my own local MP David Morris) and Peers, and a number of journalists, children’s charities and researchers.

    There is now a growing call from 124 cross party MPs, and a number of Peers from The Houses of Lords to:-
    -establish a full, public, independent inquiry
    -and to initiate a full national, ‘all encompassing’ investigation
    into the mounting evidence of institutionalised ‘VIP’ child abuse, child pornography and child ‘snuff’ rings, that have not only operated in and around Parliament and Whitehall, but also within our Security Services (MI5/MI6/Special Branch), within the ‘care system’ and various children’s homes nationwide, as well as the BBC and ‘entertainment’ industry (as was revealed regarding the late Jimmy Saville)

    Evidence suggests this paedophile network/s is extremely organised, extremely powerful, and not only reaches every part of British Society, but also internationally into Belgium, Amsterdam and other ‘child sex trafficking’ hotspots.

    Evidence also suggest this network/s has evaded exposure, and thus investigation and prosecution, because members of it have been in positions of power such as Police, Judges, MP’s, Lords, MI5 Officers and other civil servants, Diplomats, and have thus used their high level contacts and influence (often ‘Masonic’) to initiate cover-ups, and to halt and disband investigations into it’s activities.

  13. shirlz007 says:

    I would like to allude Home Secretary Mrs May to following:-

    – The Paedophile Information Exchange, which had many top political members, supporters and funders (including the Security Services), and is now rumoured to have been used by MI5/Special Branch to blackmail senior figures of the establishment

    -The case of late Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens, who in 1981, used Parliamentary privilege to name Sir Peter Hayman, the deputy director of MI6, as a member of PIE and an active paedophile. In 1983 Mr Dickens gave the Home Office (then Home Secretary Leon Brittan in person) a dossier of what he claimed was evidence of a paedophile network of “big, big names, people in positions of power, influence and responsibility”. The Home Office says the dossier no longer exists.

    – The case of late Jimmy Saville, now regarded as Britain’s most prolific paedophile and sex attacker, who was extremely close to members of the establishment, including former Prime Ministers Edward Heath, Margaret Thatcher as well Prince Charles and other Royalty. Evidence suggests Mr Saville was protected by top police officers (both in London, and Yorkshire and elsewhere throughout the UK), but also Security Services.

    -The ‘dirt’ book. It has been revealed that the chief whip kept a little black ‘dirt book’ which contained information about MPs, and this was used as a method of political control.
    Tim Fortescue, who was Ted Heath’s chief whip from 1970-73, said:
    ”For anyone with any sense, who was in trouble, would come to the whips and tell them the truth, and say now, I’m in a jam, can you help? It might be debt, it might be…..erm……erm, a scandal involving small boys, or any kind of scandal in which, erm er, a member seemed likely to be mixed up in, they’d come and ask if we could help and if we could, we did. And we would do everything we can because we would store up brownie points……., and if I mean, that sounds a pretty, pretty nasty reason, but it’s one of the reasons because if we could get a chap out of trouble then, he will do as we ask forever more.”

    -Operation Ore/Operation Avalanche. A joint international FBI/National Criminal Intelligence Service Operation, in which a number of Tony Blair’s Government (Serving Ministers) where allegedly implicated in downloading and purchasing online child pornography (it is rumoured Mr Tony Blair put a 100 year gagging order on the list).

    – The case of HM Custom and Exercise Officers seizing a child pornography tapes in 1983, one of which allegedly shows a Former Cabinet Minister in the presence of individuals sexually abuse young children.

    -The case of Police failing to investigate the alleged rape of woman by a former Conservative Cabinet Minister

  14. shirlz007 says:

    Myself, and many others familiar with the grave allegations, are proposing and calling for a full public transparent inquiry into these allegations, and one all encompassing investigation headed by SOCA and The National Crime Agency, accountable to Parliament. The resources, and expertise already exist within our Law Enforcement for such an endeavour (mainly The Serious Organised Crime Agency)

    What is now widely believed to have been going on in the British political system for the past decades is absolutely horrifying, and with evidence and eye-witness accounts of MI5/Special Branch and other members of British ‘Intelligence’ Services, being not only complicit in cover-ups, but actually implicated in organising and facilitating such criminality as a means of ‘blackmail’ and ‘control’, it becomes an issue of national security and a threat to our ‘democracy’.

    Myself and many others familiar with the subject, feel this is the just the tip of the iceberg, as persistent rumours and mounting emerging evidence, detail other ‘institutionalised’ child abuse cases, that are believed to be linked and which have been covered up by those within the ‘establishment’.
    -Haut de la Garenne (Jersey) – Former Detective Lenny Harper was the main whistle blower in the alleged abuse and child murder that reportedly had links to Jimmy Saville and other prominent paedophiles (political, police, judicial and celebrity). A lwyer for the one of the victims has recently said he believes ‘The Jersey Inquiry’ should be incorporated in to a ‘National Inquiry’
    -Elm Guest House and Grafton Boys Home (London) – Operation Fernbridge
    -Hackney and Islignton care homes (London) – Operation Orchid
    -Bryn Estyn (North Wales) – Operation Pallial
    -Kincora boys home (Northern Ireland) – which was described by Ken Livingstone in his book, as having links to MI5 Security for ‘blackmail’ purposes of prominent figures which are known to have attended and allegedly abuse children
    – Leicester and Derbyshire Paedophile networks, which are reported to have links to North Wales, and are again believed to have been protected by police and security services.

    Again, I would like to allude Mrs May that evidence now suggests this is an international network, with known British Businessmen (Warrick Spinks etc.) known to have had links to child sex trafficking and child ‘snuff’ in Amsterdam, Prague, and Belgium. There are many others which I unfortunately cannot think of at this time.

    I have spent the last few years researching these allegations, and there are many blogs, journalists and investigators I can point you to, if you feel you want to pursue this grave matter further with me.

  15. shirlz007 says:

    I would like to point Mrs May to the following online articles, that have been thoroughly and credibly researched, and which attempt to give a ‘child abuse timeline’ using decades of research and mainstream media articles featured from the past…







    The following article by Sonia Poulton, featured in The Express (Feb 2014) sums up the persistent rumours that have dominated the recent media, and the growing evidence that paedophilia and child abuse has not only been rampant among some circles of Parliament, but more importantly has been protected by our Security Services (MI5 and Special Branch). The article also highlights the believes that:-
    -Freemasonry has been instrumental in covering up such abuse (as was proven in the case of Bryn Estyn in North Wales),
    -but also a growing belief that ‘Ritualistic Satanic Abuse’ is also more prevalent and common that previously imagined (even by some of those tasked with investigating such claims).

    To summarise in short for you Mrs May… myself, many other researchers and investigators, a growing number of Parliamentarians and Peers, many former and serving police, social workers etc… but most importantly the surviving victims who have as of yet still not seen any justice for the horrific and brutal crimes committed against them, are now calling for a national investigation to expose past and present child sex abuse, child sex trafficking and child murder. The mounting evidence is irrefutable, and what is needed is for an independent inquiry, and one ‘all encompassing’ and resourced investigation, which will also help prevent such crimes taking place in the future.

    Kind regards
    Daniel Hurley

  16. shirlz007 says:

    … more productive than getting into silly, childish, arguments on here! 😀

  17. Anonymous says:

    Re: 8:24 pm.

    Your correct in stating that much of this is stated in the bible Gen; 3:1-7. Gen: 6:2-5. Notice also Gen: 4:12. Gen:4:14. Gen: 6:4-5 Gen: 6:17 the phrase “in the earth” not “On The Earth” and that’s exactly where we see these ETs EDs beings coming from. See the late Milton William Cooper’s book “Behold A Pale Horse”. But more interestingly is the information from The Book Of Enoch chapter 6 through 10 we read of The Watchers (EDs) who came down from the heavens onto Mt Hermon.

    After The Watchers transgression of interbreeding with humans producing giants (Nephilim) and teaching them war, music, abortion murder, cannibalism and miscegenation of animals, birds and fish they were found guilty and confined to the/in earth and unable to return the the heavens. The Book Of Jubilees in another excellent source of information.

    The post was never intended to detract but to inform exactly what is and has being going on in and on the earth for millenniums. The elite are fully aware of these beings but worse through their negative energies have encouraged and brought them to the fore from hell.

    Scripture talks of a great deception that will be brought upon mankind in these end times. That time is just around the corner and all hell will be let loose upon the earth. These ETs (The fallen watchers) will again come upon the world after a cataclysmic event proclaiming themselves to be saviours of the world. Nothing could further from the truth! Their ultimate purpose in the annihilation of mankind and the destruction of the earth.

    Thankfully, Jesus Christ son of God will return to earth with 10 thousand of His angels (the good EDs) and sort things out and set His reign for a thousand years after which comes the consummation of days (The Great White Throne Judgement)and the end of time.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Re: Wasp.

    Good to see you back though, somewhat briefly, and if you live in the Borders give me a shout re; Henry and I’ll come over and give you a hand with the maintenance for the price of a cuppa and a blether.

    Like yourself I’m a theist and see the world in a different light. Energy and its source is a fascinating subject but have you considered what came before it “Sound and its vibration.”
    Anyway, I look forward to what you have to say. The heavier the better.


  19. wasp says:

    Thank you for the offer Gordon, however, I don’t live in the Borders. Summer when or if we get it I always set aside for maintenance work, been doing it for years, & of course the garden, last year, however, I was able to do far more Blogging, courtesy of Chemtrail / HAARP Combo.

    Your point regarding Vibration & Sound, however, is still Energy, nothing can exist if energy isn’t involved.

    Energy can not be created or destroyed, it can only be Transformed.

    Sound is just a different form of Energy.
    You can of course get Energy from Sound, but then it must be Energy for this to be possible, because energy can not be created, or destroyed, only transformed into other forms of energy. The is as I have stated an immutable scientific fact.

    Forms of Energy:- HEAT, LIGHT, SOUND, MOTION.
    We then can consider other categories,

    Potential Energy , is the stored energy, of a system, which may be Gravitational,Chemical, Mechanical,or Nuclear.

    Kinetic Energy, is the energy of motion of objects, from animals to planets, the vibration of atoms by sound waves or thermal heat energy, the electromagnetic energy of movement of light waves, or the flow of electrons in electricity.

    This can be difficult to understand in some cases, but there are no exceptions. It is not Possible to challenge this information, thats why when I put ( *G* = Energy ), no one can say it isn’t so, & is not because of any MASONIC INFLUENCE, I may have learnt.

    Hi Tap as a general comment
    I have never closed my mind to any information, the more you learn about things, the less you realise you know, but
    the easier it becomes to dismiss, that which doesn’t fit in with the general trend, even if this involves the negation of biased popularly accepted theories. JUST BECAUSE THE MAJORITY BELIEVE THEM, IT DOESN’T NECESSARILY MEAN THEY ARE CORRECT. If your readers knew anything about History & Science, they wouldn’t need to constantly make fools of themselves. By only having at best, scant knowledge, those Smart Arses, who think they know it all, & constantly say I give disinformation, I will show you their knowledge barely scratches the surface. One of the most beautiful theories I ever learnt years ago was discovered by one of the Greatest Scientists, a Physicist who was also an outstanding Mathematician, I refer to James Clark Maxwell, many of you have probably never even heard of him. The work he carried out showed Electricity & Magnetism are interchangeable, & formulated equations to explain this Natural Law. You don’t need to understand the Mathematics to appreciate how important this is. I will return to this in later Posts. Tesla Took over where he left off, so to speak. you will notice I used the word discovered, because he was only representing mathematically that which already existed in Nature.




  20. Anonymous says:

    hi henry a very small website this morning carried proof that the 3 kidnapped jewish teenagers were taken and killed by other jews
    see it here

  21. NPP says:

    Off subject: Anti-Fracking victory:

    Big Victory as Court Upholds Small Towns’ Right to Ban Fracking:


  22. Anonymous says:

    Footage from 1992 shows Harris and Savile together

    Harris kisses SoViles ring!!!



  23. Anonymous says:

    I agree with wasp about energy.

    It cannot be destroyed it transforms to different types. Usually the initial source of energy is an orderly state with higher ‘potential’ which will ‘decay’ into other less efficient forms of energy.

    Sounds like a few people I know :/

    From ‘order’ to ‘chaos’….and possibly back?

    I think we also have a ‘soul/spirit’ energy which follows the same laws as all other energy. Just because we can’t measure it or have an equation for it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, perhaps its such a ‘pure’ ordered state of energy our ‘decaying’ relm can’t even fathom its existence.

    Is the ‘light’ in death, really the gates of heaven or could it be the ‘big bang’ of creation, the ‘spark of life’ scattering of your spirit energy into a state of chaos to curb an evolved soul.

    Its an ‘out there’ thought but it seems to fit the puzzle somewhat. Call me crazy I don’t mind, I’d rather be crazy than stupid.


  24. NPP says:


    Previously on TAP a comment suggested greys could not be future humans?

    I recalled that the Roswell aliens were said to be future humans…. that ‘we’ ‘forgot’ how to reproduce i.e. we messed with our food, our own biology, we became infertile….

    Micheal Schratt, who I previously watched as a flying craft technology observer specialist, quotes Dan Burish,
    “I have never met an alien, but met an extraterrestrial.”

    An extraterrestrial is a future human being.

    A ‘true’ alien bears no such human lineage.

    Interesting idea.

    The average bod in the street would think this is all sci fi bollocks.

    What if it is true?

    On BBC R4 this evening the first headline was Leon Britten, child abuse etc….
    This child abuse and Leon & co. stuff has been on the net for years and suddenly it is lead story on BBC R4 PM programme.

    What are we following today on the net that next year will be the lead BBC story?

  25. shirlz007 says:

    129 MPs!!!! 😀

    It seems, as of this morning, Former Home Secretary Lord ‘Leon Brittan of Nonceville’ suddenly remembers being handed a dossier of “paedophiles operating a network within and around Westminster”…. WHAT A FUCKING STAR! ;D

    He had to release the statement through his Lawyer… and not through The House of Lords. (maybe because he was arrested himself on suspicion of child abuse at Elm Guest House in 80’s, a few months ago… theres a photo of him in a pinny (just a pinny) with a naked young boy on his lap)

    IT IS THE MAINSTREAM NOW FUCKERS!!! No particular order (IBTimes at the top, Mirror at the bottom…)

    ”Allegations about a paedophile ring operating in Westminster in the 1980s were passed to the police by then Tory home secretary Leon Brittan, it has been revealed.
    Brittan, who served in Margaret Thatcher’s government, has issued a statement saying it had been decided at the time that some of the claims “could form the basis for enquiries by the police” and were forwarded to “the appropriate authorities”.
    He also said that the original documents detailing allegations and passed to him by former Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in November 1983 and January 1984 “had not been retained”.

    Outcry over lost dossier detailing paedophile activity at Westminster

    THE HOME Office was last night under pressure to explain why a dossier containing allegations about paedophile activities at Westminster has been lost.
    Labour MP John Mann told PM an over-arching inquiry into the claims was “essential”.
    He said: “There’s more and more of this coming up. It goes to the heart of the establishment, and the key institutions of the country have been involved in doing nothing about it. That’s why there needs to be a full public inquiry






    Home Office under fire over lost paedophile dossier
    The Home Office is facing calls to explain why a 1980s dossier about alleged paedophiles at Westminster was lost or destroyed by officials.

    The document was handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.
    Lord Brittan passed concerns in it to the relevant authorities, but the file itself was “not retained”.

    Labour MP Simon Danczuk said on Tuesday that Lord Brittan has “questions to answer” over the missing dossier amid rumours of a high-level cover-up

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well if the greys are us in the future do they get their skin colour from the lack of sunlight due to the chemtrailing that will eventually block all sunlight out altogether I wonder, as with the eye lenses due to our eyes becoming use to dark conditions and light sensitive.
    As for non reproductive that would have something to do with the present agenda to make people infertile through foods, water, vacinations and promoting same sex marriage then.
    Short stature due to lack of nutrients in GM and processed foods and telepathic comunication develops due to diminished vocal cords through being silenced.
    Well it all makes sense now, I can quite believe it.
    If they aren’t us in the future we’ll sure as hell be not that different from them.

  27. Anonymous says:

    This is going to sound bizarre but it is true..
    A few weeks ago I woke up in the night with a feeling of traveling at great speed. That feeling you get in your stomach when traveling in a car that excellerates to high speed quickly pushing you back into your seat. It was a physical feeling which was still present when I woke up. I had just been dreaming I had been taken up into space on a space ship, the thrust on take up threw me back into the seat and I closed my eyes as the force went straight to my stomach. We then stopped suddenly in space motionless for a few moments then returned back to Earth. It was just a pleasure trip – a few humans were invited to go on if they wanted, by aliens that resembled humans quite closely.
    I have to say the dream was very vivid and seemed real and I was disappointed when I awoke and realised it was only a dream, although I was happier when the spinning in my stomach ceased.
    However; after watching these videos I am now questioning whether it was a dream. If it wasn’t – wow! what an experience I’d happily go again is all I can say

  28. Anonymous says:

    Alien Agenda IV: Alien Ultimatum or Final Warning ?
    by Preston Jamesaliens-nordic

    Has a Final Warning been delivered by a benevolent Alien ET group that the Super-elite Oligarchs running Planet Earth must quickly clean house or suffer a Final Judgment/Cosmic Reset?
    Several top inside sources, including Veterans Today Senior Editor Gordon Duff have claimed that a very serious message was delivered to Super-elite Oligarchs



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