Weird. Rolf Harris made two videos aimed at making children wary of sexual predators.

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Rolf Harris made two (allegedly educational) videos aimed at teaching school children to be wary of adults… 

FFS, Harris, Tavistock Institute, sex abuse incidents, primary school!



Designed as a follow-up programme to ‘Kids can say no’ (see BNFVC, Vol. 23), tackles the problem of what a teacher should do when confronted by a child’s disclosure of a sex-abuse incident. 

Shows role plays involving real teachers and focuses on how important it is for teachers to listen, to discuss the subject with parents and to liaise with the relevant authorities. 

An expert from the Tavistock Clinic, with whose help the video was made, takes part to promote the setting-up of child safety projects in schools Video aimed at helping teachers and school administrators prevent child abuse at primary school level.


And here is link to the first Harris child abuse film…..Kids can say No!
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3 Responses to “Weird. Rolf Harris made two videos aimed at making children wary of sexual predators.”

  1. Zoompad says:

    Yes, I remember those, and the swimming lessons ones as well

  2. Zoompad says:

    I’d forgotten they were for the NSPCC!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    savile also did some books for children about pervert awareness back in the seventies

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