The US Truth Movement is infiltrated by Zionist agents and trolls

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Zionists have hijacked the US government as well as governments across the globe and American tax payers are the ones who have funded Zionist crimes in the US as well as elsewhere in the planet and people worldwide are blaming America for the crimes Zionists have waged.

Zionist owned Mainstream media and social media are covering up Zionist crime.  Zionists also harm people by suppressing the truth via tyranny and oppression and infiltration.    

The US Truth Movement is infiltrated by Zionist agents and trolls.  And certain websites while dispensing 80 to 90% of truth most of the time can indeed resort to Zionist propaganda amounting to at least 10 to 20%. Some do this because Mossad is pointing a gun to their head (not because they are hateful or they want to be deceitful).  Others do it due to the fear that Zionists will murder them or destroy their families and/or their livelihood.  There are others who would rather sacrifice the truth for money and would simply put up with what Zionists do even if it’s going to harm them and their families and future generations of people globally.

And some do it because they are hateful and deceitful like the Zionists themselves and they are 100% Zionist backed and these websites and people who run them provide 100% controlled opposition and they are America hating, White hating Zionist agents who (1) act as “anti-Israel” friends of Muslims or (2) act as pro-White friends of American Patriots and America’s Constitution. Both these groups are infiltrators who are doing the bid for the Zionists while sabotaging the interests of White people and other patriotic minorities as well as Christians and Muslims.

The two websites that have been proven as 100% Zionist run who continue to deceive White people as well as Muslims are the websites: “The Ugly Truth” run by the Zionist agent Mark Glenn and “The American Free Press” owned by a Zionist lawyer who was a former CIA and run by Michael Collins Piper who calls himself a journalist.

It was an individual known as Professor James Fetzer who really exposed these two people Mark Glenn and Michael Collins Piper as being fraudulent which was a huge service to the community of honest truth seekers and to the truth itself. Although I disagree with Professor Fetzer on certain things what he did to expose these two people is something to be admired.

When it comes to Zionist infiltration there are still some people and websites we can trust 100% because they are not for sale. Philip Giraldi, Ted Pike, Grant Smith, Dr Rebecca Carley, Karen Tostado, Rick Adams: the radio host and the Nodisinfo website are few such examples.

Nodisinfo is the ultimate website for the un-compromised truth with regard to the past events as well as ongoing Zionist terror or Zionist hoaxes and the website that has no agenda other than exposing the worst threat to mankind.

Through Zionists owned media outlets Zionists have shaped our perception of people, political parties, countries etc.  They have told us to hate Germans, Russians, North Koreans and individuals like Dr David Duke and former Iranian President Dr Ahmadinejad  (who happen to be two very fine gentlemen) and Russian President Vladamir Putin (a great leader and a statesman as we can see him today).  We also have been told that the Jobbik Party of Hungary is bad and that they are “anti-Semitic”!  

And we are supposed to take all these judgements made by Zionists seriously and obey their childish and unreasonable demands by mistreating people and countries who have done no harm to any one.   

It is time for all people to get along with one another from across the planet and have kind words to say and have a silent prayer to bless!

On behalf of freedom of all people we will celebrate the dreams of people and their homeland when it comes to Wales, Norway, Hungary, Russia, North Korea and Sri Lanka as well as encourage people’s uprising against tyranny and oppression:

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2 Responses to “The US Truth Movement is infiltrated by Zionist agents and trolls”

  1. Somewhere in Europe says:

    Yep. Absolutely agree that the web is infiltrated with paid shills to distribute disinfo. But then the comment on Ahmadinejad being a very fine gentleman?????? There’s a huge question mark over this chap for me.

    Anybody trying to convince me that they’re 100% the real deal and pointing the fingers at others seems like they’re trying to control me and my thinking. They might be telling the truth but they should leave it to their readers to make up their own mind.
    If I have something that I share with others I don’t care if they believe me or not. I leave it up to them to make up their own minds.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NO surprise there, seeing as the UK ZOG is infested with Zionists and paedophiles.

    David Cameron’s senior adviser on internet porn filters has appeared at crown court accused of child indecency offences.

    Patrick Rock [he looks like one of THEM ] is charged with three counts of making indecent photographs of children and one count of possessing indecent images of children.

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