THE HOME Office was last night under pressure to explain why a dossier containing allegations about paedophile activities at Westminster has been lost.

129 MPs!!!! 😀

It seems, as of this morning, Former Home Secretary Lord ‘Leon Brittan of Nonceville’ suddenly remembers being handed a dossier of “paedophiles operating a network within and around Westminster”…. WHAT A FUCKING STAR! ;D

He had to release the statement through his Lawyer… and not through The House of Lords. (maybe because he was arrested himself on suspicion of child abuse at Elm Guest House in 80’s, a few months ago… theres a photo of him in a pinny (just a pinny) with a naked young boy on his lap)


No particular order 

(IBTimes at the top, Mirror at the bottom…)

”Allegations about a paedophile ring operating in Westminster in the 1980s were passed to the police by then Tory home secretary Leon Brittan, it has been revealed.
Brittan, who served in Margaret Thatcher’s government, has issued a statement saying it had been decided at the time that some of the claims “could form the basis for enquiries by the police” and were forwarded to “the appropriate authorities”.
He also said that the original documents detailing allegations and passed to him by former Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in November 1983 and January 1984 “had not been retained”.


Outcry over lost dossier detailing paedophile activity at Westminster

THE HOME Office was last night under pressure to explain 

why a dossier containing allegations about paedophile 

activities at Westminster has been lost.

Labour MP John Mann told PM an over-arching inquiry into the claims was “essential”.
He said: “There’s more and more of this coming up. It goes to the heart of the establishment, and the key institutions of the country have been involved in doing nothing about it. That’s why there needs to be a full public inquiry


Home Office under fire over lost paedophile dossier
The Home Office is facing calls to explain why a 1980s dossier about alleged paedophiles at Westminster was lost or destroyed by officials.

The document was handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens.
Lord Brittan passed concerns in it to the relevant authorities, but the file itself was “not retained”.

Labour MP Simon Danczuk said on Tuesday that Lord Brittan has “questions to answer” over the missing dossier amid rumours of a high-level cover-up 


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11 Responses to “THE HOME Office was last night under pressure to explain why a dossier containing allegations about paedophile activities at Westminster has been lost.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Shirlz… Keep pushing it looks like your getting through. They can run but they can’t hide forever:D

  2. Anonymous says:

    this is a

    WHO Regional Office for Europe
    and BZgA
    Standards for
    Sexuality Education
    in Europe
    A framework
    for policy makers,
    educational and health authorities
    and specialists

    (and check out the disgusting SH!T near the bottom (THE MATRIX) – they are sexulaising YOUR KIDS FROM – ‘ 0’ UPWARDS – DIRTY FUCKS

    sorry for the language but im PISSED 

  3. Anonymous says:

    with speed like this it will be 150 years before we will get any justice .
    And plebs (us) will be told that nowdays it would not be possible , blah , blah ,blah (just like with Saville )
    Dogs are barking and caravan (full of paedos) moves on……..
    We are hundreds years behind …

  4. Anonymous says:

    There is not just a hand full of names here, it’s a full cabinet, lol.

    Who ever is involved they are all coming down and we should all be prepared for shocks, and i know the type of shock those fuckers should get, it’s called the chair.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Those that have towed the line will be protected those that have outstayed their usefulness will be handed to the slaughter
    Watch who’s names start cropping up in mainstream media.
    I have a vision of headless chickens running amock in westminster 🙂

  6. shirlz007 says:

    Justice Denied…
    Leon Brittan, Geoffrey Dickens,Jimmy Savile, Margaret Thatcher’s paedophiles and the missing Dossiers.

    As I said on AangIrfan…
    If I was going to make a ‘fictional’ movie, about British Intelligence, and The British Establishment…
    First scene, a group of 5/6 men playing golf, discussing what at first seems trivial matters… talking about Foreign Affairs, mentioning ‘The Circus’. The audience is alluded to the fact they may be British spooks.
    At the end of the round, the men are saying their goodbyes in the parking lot, talking about next weeks game… when another man innocently brings out two scruffy looking young boys (say 10 and 8), and says…
    ”here you go gents, as requested. The older one you can do as you please with, he won’t be missed… the younger I need back without any severe injuries… Im afraid he belongs to someone else. Have a good week”
    The two boys are left with the men, who are grinning and laughing… the audience is left with the casual horror of what has just been portrayed…

  7. shirlz007 says:

    ”It has been the talk of MPs in the corridors of The House of Commons; the same for Peers in The House of Lords.”

    I know what some are of you are arguing… but let me assure you… PEOPLE ARE SCARED AS HELL!!! (The Living Daylights! ;D)…

    David Cameron, Andrew Lansley and Jeremy Hunt have ALL been confronted in Commons, and ALL have dodged the call…


    The other worry is… the establishment will turn this around to benefit them..

    ”Could these revelations, and the calls for a national ‘all encompassing investigation’, be turned into a carefully orchestrated psy-op on the British public, in order to bring in a National Police Force?
    Concentrate more police powers under one organisation? Greater powers in Intelligence gathering and sharing?

    (If it is, Im partly responsible)… but Im at least considering the possibility. :/

    ” Sir Peter Fahy, of Greater Manchester Police, warned weaknesses in the system meant such failings could happen again.

    The report by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) – which was commissioned by the home secretary to find out how much police knew about Saville before he was exposed as a sex offender in 2012 – also warned that failures to share intelligence on a prolific offender could happen again.

    Sir Peter warned that having 43 separate police forces in England and Wales and no national headquarters for policing made achieving consistent national standards “all the more difficult”.

    “We can continue to criticise individual members of staff for individual failings but this ignores the complexity of these issues and the way that our system of criminal justice affects the victims of sexual offences,” he said.

    “There is little public support for a national police force as is being created in Scotland but while localism has many strengths it does make it more difficult when cases cross boundaries and when we are trying to achieve national standards.”


  8. Anonymous says:

    @8:02 pm

    “Those that have towed(sic) the line…”

    Grammar and punctuation don’t interest me one iota where truth (sites) is/are concerned but I thought you and possibly others might like to know that the correct expression is “… toed the line…” 🙂

  9. NPP says:

    Grammar lesson too. Cool. Made me smile.

    I recommend My Big Toe by physicist Tom Campbell.
    toe = theory of everything.

    Leon Brittan story 2nd on ITV 10pm, 3rd or 4th BBC 10pm.

    Lead story BBC R4 Pm at 5pm.

    In theory, why do we need inquiries? Why don’t the police do their their job, investigate and where the law is breached take action? Because pigs don’t fly?

    The public must just keep pushing along with those MPs brave enough to step up.

    This goes all over, parliament, intelligence agencies, aristocracy, church… hurting children. It is still more than most can contemplate.

    Lost dossier. As if….

    Still, yet again, what was ‘conspiracy theory’ is now on the BBC. The internet is doing this, so be aware of ATVOD.
    HUMANITY vs INSANITY – The Crane Report with Pippa King discuss UK Column (apparently too television like so must pay £250K) and ATVOD:
    Episode 18:

    Who has the time to check all this stuff eh TAP? That is why TAP is good – pools people and shares info.

  10. shirlz007 says:

    One of the most beautiful songs ever written…
    This song was written in solidarity with Palestinian children… but I think it suits the victims of Institutionalised sexual abuse (and torture)… any kind of child abuse…

    Sami Yusuf – Try Not to Cry

  11. Anonymous says:

    @9:40 pm Couldn’t agree more.

    God/Allah/Nature (don’t underestimate their collective power) is undoubtedly watching the bastard/bandit/pariah/Rothschild state of Israel very closely… obviously a major engineered malfunction to piss normal people and Humanity off big-time.

    Dresden was criminally reduced to ashes in 1945 by the Jews for being German; Israel will hopefully be reduced to ashes in 2014 by God/Allah/Nature for being Criminal.

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